Wrestling with Pixels Complete Preview PDF Available for Kickstarter and Patreon Backers!

It’s been a very (very, very) long road, but Wrestling with Pixels is finally almost complete! If you’re a Kickstarter backer, you can find a link to the nearly complete PDF here, and if you’re an HG101 Patreon at the $5+ tier, you can find your copy here.

What needs to be done? It’s going through another round of copy edits to pick out any errors, a few lesser quality box shots need to be swapped, the list of Kickstarter backers needs to be added….and that’s basically about it. The finalized version should be available for Patreons and Kickstarters in a couple of weeks.

The digital version will go on sale publicly on February 15th (both Kindle and PDF). To allow time for printing and shipping for the original Kickstarter campaign, the paperback will be available publicly in March 2020, at which point the $20 Patreon backer copies will be going out as well.

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