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Mystic Defender

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Many places on the Internet refer to Mystic Defender as the sequel to SpellCaster. Technically, this isn’t exactly true. It


It’s been four years since Dave Gilbert last directed a game with the fantastic Blackwell Epiphany. Since, Wadjet Eye has

Organ Trail

Sure, MECC’s The Oregon Trail was a landmark edutainment title teaching kids the harsh realities of American pioneers making the

Night of the Rabbit, The

An ongoing theme among Daedalic’s work are games about stories. The Dark Eye: Memoria, The Whispered World and its sequel


With the resurgence of interest in exploration-focused “Metroidvania” platformers, from original titles like Axiom Verge, Hollow Knight and Shantae to

Wacky Wheels

Super Mario Kart was a pretty popular game when it hit the SNES in 1992, although the flood of licensed

Ninja Emaki

Capcom’s 1985 release Commando basically defined the overhead run-and-gun arcade genre, with many other similar games (particularly Ikari Warriors) also re-using

Low Road, The

Way back in 2003 in the blossoming days of Flash gaming, a single man in his early 20s and his

Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection

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Zwei II (also known as Zwei: The Ilvard Insurrection for its English release) was released seven years after the original,

Choujin Sentai Jetman

This game is featured in our new NES Cult Classics book! Please check it out! With Mighty Morphin Power Rangers


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For some reason, in the early Nineties several games with cavemen heroes were made: Joe & Mac, Bonk’s Adventure, Chuck

Prehistorik 2

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Prehistorik came back two years later, as hungry as ever, in this improved sequel that owes much to collect-a-thon console

Prehistorik Man

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Prehistorik Man‘s console adventure (published by Kemco in Japan as P-Man) is technically a remake of the second game, but

Prehistorik (2013)

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Prehistorik was once again resurrected for PCs, Steam and Apple devices in 2013 by French companies. It was published by

Fire Emblem: Fates

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Three years after the success of Awakening’s launch, Nintendo and Intelligent Systems released Fire Emblem: Fates in 2015 in Japan