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By the time Pokémon made it to American shores in late 1998, it was an instant multimedia franchise. Having been released in

Into The Breach

Six years after the mega hit FTL, Subset Games finally released a new game, and what a game it was.

Chasm: The Rift

Ambiguous alien fiends known as the Time Strikers have begun an invasion of present-day earth (circa 1997) from across the

-kyōfu no sekai- WORLD OF HORROR

Junji Ito might be one of the most original and memorable creators in the world of horror today. Working since

Amerzone: The Explorer’s Legacy

Before creating the Syberia franchise, Benoît Sokal cut his teeth in the world of game development with Amerzone. Based on

Night Raid

Although shooters have been a fixture in video games since almost their inception, the bullet hell shooter didn’t exist until

Cocona World

Cocona World is a cutesy adventure game starring a little witch, the titular Cocona, who needs your help to become

Alien 3 (Genesis / SMS / GG / NES)

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  During heavily promoted build up to Alien 3’s premiere, a video game was produced as part of its marketing

Alien 3 (SNES)

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After Probe’s first take on Alien 3, things started to look up in 1993. Fans would be treated to three

Alien 3 (Game Boy)

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 While still published by LJN, the Game Boy version of Alien 3 is brought to us courtesy of Bits Studios

Alien 3: The Gun

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When Alien 3 came out in theaters, many hated it for its lack of distinct characters and how, compared to

Coffee Crisis

There are tons of indie games inspired by 8- and 16-bit games – a few of them go so far

Way of the Passive Fist

If there’s any genre that’s recieved a resurrection thanks to the efforts of indie developers, it’d be the beat-em-up. Once


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Board games like chess and checkers have enamored players for centuries, with strategy positioning being essential in defeating your opponent.

Archon II: Adept

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In an era where a lot of publishers, particularly the larger players, tend to be relatively risk-averse, it’s refreshing to