A Guide to Japanese RPGs Reprint, plus PC Engine: The Box Art Collection now available!

A Guide to Japanese Role Playing Games is now back in print! Previous prints have sold out pretty quickly so grab it before it runs out and you’ll need to wait a few more months for it to get back in stock. But also!

PC Engine: The Box Art Collection is now available as well! I wrote this book too, which includes overviews of nearly 340 PC Engine games, along with a detailed history of the console. We’ve covered its incredibly diverse library, ranging from the usual PCE suspects like shoot-em-ups and RPGs, along with other more unusual titles like war strategy sims, adventure games, anime tie-ins, mahjong games, and plenty of others. There’s quite a bit here that doesn’t have much English coverage otherwise, so I hope you can learn something new and interesting alongside the box art and screenshots! Pictured above is my own personal copy, which is the limited edition featuring a slipcover and artwork by Wil Overton.

Along with this, I also ordered a copy of I’m Too Young To Die: The Ultimate Guide to First-Person Shooters 1992–2002, Bitmap Books’ look at the so-called boomer shooters, which were popularized with Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, though these were built on the back of earlier first person games. I’ve been playing a lot of 90s PC games lately, and this is an excellent accompaniment to all of those games I read about back in PC Gamer at the time but never quite got the chance to play. Definitely worth grabbing!

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