Submissions are open again!

Hello! It’s time to re-open HG101 submissions for 2021! Are you interested in contributing? We cover a wide variety of topics, but here’s the kind of stuff we’re looking for:

-Interesting and obscure 80s and 90s arcade games, There’s a lot of titles in MAME that still aren’t very well covered, so we’d like to give them the spotlight! Particularly platformers, beat-em-ups, and shoot-em-ups.

-The same goes for Japan-only Mega Drive, PC Engine, or Super Famicom games.

-We love Sega, Capcom, Taito, and Namco too – anything by these developers, particularly arcade games, are also very welcome.

-Oddball Japanese PlayStation titles. There was tons of originality in this scene and still plenty of unique titles to uncover.

-Visual novels and Japanese adventure games, ranging from stuff from the mid-80s all the way up to present day. Titles like the remaining Science Adventure titles (outside of Steins;Gate) or earlier games like Ever17 and its ilk. We also need a ground-up re-write of our old Phoenix Wright/Ace Attorney article.

-A bulk of the games we cover are from the USA, Japan or the United Kingdom, but we’d love to cover games from other countries that are currently lacking English coverage. These primarily include computer titles from European counties like Spain, France, Germany, Poland, and Russia, or Asian territories like Korea and China.

-90s FPS games. A lot of these are forgotten outside of the big ones, but we’d still like to feature them. Games like No Ones Lives Forever, Hexen/Heretic, and any large number of otherwise forgotten titles.

-More 80s and 90s IBM PC/DOS stuff in general. We’ve got most adventure games and point-and-clicks covered, but anything else interesting would be grand.

-Indie Metroidvanias, platformers and (especially) shoot-em-ups.

If you’re interested in contributing, drop me a line at Make sure that you’ve read the submission guidelines and are able to supply all necessary images. Submissions are paid for at the rate of $15 per 500 words, paid at the time of publication. Thanks!

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