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Metal Fangs

Metal Fangs (メタルファング) Developer: Victor Interactive Software Platform: Mega Drive Release Date: 1993 This article is part of our Japanese


Rabbit (羅媚斗) Release Date: 1997 Developer: Aorn Platforms: Arcade, Saturn This article is part of our Japanese Obscurities feature. We

Solitaire Conspiracy, The

Mike Bithell has been doing well for himself. He’s found a lot of success with Thomas was Alone and has

Nemuru Mayu

Nemuru Mayu (眠ル繭) Release Date: 1999 Platform: PlayStation Developer: Asmik Ace This article is part of our Japanese Obscurities feature.


So some Warhammer 40k loving Polish guy named Łukasz Piskorz made a game about a guy in a white suit


As the indie game scene has grown, there’s been a growing diversity in niches being covered. With Microsoft removing Solitaire

Retro Game Super Translation Selection II Bonus Content

Hello there! My name is Hanenashi Error, and I’m the author of the Retro Game Super Translation series. The goal

The Ridiculous Chronology of the River City/Kunio-kun Series

We’re finishing up HG101 Presents The Guide to Beat-Em-Ups Vol. 1, which focuses on the works of Technos, Capcom, and

Genji Tsuushin Agedama

Genji Tsuushin Agedama (ゲンジ通信あげだま ) Developer: NEC Home Electronics Platform: PC Engine Release date: 1991 This article is part of

Post Void

You are a being who was peacefully living in the void, taking in all that never ending nothingness, loving every

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