HG101 Digest Vol. 1: Strider and Bionic Commando

Hardcore Gaming 101 Digest Vol. 1: Strider and Bionic Commando

Cover artwork by Rusty Shackles

Introducing the first HG101 digest! This series is smaller than our other books, coming in at 74 pages, covering a variety of different topics rather than focusing on one large one. However, we are still aiming to keep some connection between them. In this edition, we’re examining Strider and Bionic Commando, two of Capcom’s most beloved franchises. To complement these, we’re also looking at a handful of Strider clones, and other games with grappling hooks and swinging, particularly the oddball Umihara Kawase series. There will also be two recurring columns: an Inventory focusing on Western-developed computer games that were ported to the Famicom but not re-imported back to America, and capsule reviews of 80 Japanese PlayStation games. Future releases will have similar Inventory columns, and cover more import games for various systems.

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The contents are based on the following articles from the site, rewritten and reedited with even more insight and information!

Bionic Commando
Umihara Kawase
Faussete Amour
Ninja Five-O
Ganbare Natsuki-san
Hook Worlds
Osman / Cannon Dancer
Run Saber
Moon Diver
Japanese Famicom Ports of Western Computer Games
80 Japanese PlayStation Games

Interior Preview


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