HG101 Presents: Wrestling with Pixels

Cover artwork by Rusty Shackles

Authored by Audun Sorlie

Over 300 games across two dozen machines, pachinko machines in the smokiest parlors of Osaka, that handheld Tiger Electronics game you got for your birthday that you hate and love at the same time, every game was played on original hardware and explored. Cancelled games unearthed, a legend who turned the genre on its head and development stories shared, this is the complete journey into the world of professional wrestling video games!

Wrestling With Pixels is the definitive guide to wrestling video games! From the late 70s until present day, the match up of pixels and polygons have been many, and like a good wrestling match, the twists and turns must are just as plenty. Step into the ring and feel the megabits!

Paperback (Color):

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Included features are:

-Reviews for over 300 wrestling games from 1983 – 2017, across both North America and Japan, including Fire Pro Wrestling, New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Wrestle Angels, Kinnikuman, WWE SmackDown, and more!
-LCD games, and pinball and pachinko machines
-Cancelled wrestling games
-Wrestlers inspired by video games
-A catalog of wrestling-themed characters in other video games
-Interview with Goichi “Suda 51” Suda

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