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Inventories: Arcades in Video Games Part 3 May 24, 2015

Find out which arcade games yakuza like to play and see if anyone was able to top the arcades of Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue in the new millennium.

Lemmings May 23, 2015

DMA Design's classic puzzle game has you guiding a group of mindless rodents through tricks, traps, and other assorted dangers. Includes a look at all of the (many many) ports of the original game, plus its numerous successors, official and otherwise.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Goat Simulator May 21, 2015

Live the life of a goat (kind of) in this intentionally goofy, largely nonsensical viral sensation.

Demolish Fist May 19, 2015

Something of a rarity, especially when it was relesed in 2003, Demolish Fist is a 3D arcade beat-em-up developed by Dimps, who later went to work on Street Fighter IV.

Introducing HG101 Digest Vol. 1: Strider and Bionic Commando May 18, 2015

Introducing HG101 Digest Vol. 1, featuring Bionic Commando, Strider, and several other features! Coming June 2015!

Support Hardcore Gaming 101! May 17, 2015

Hardcore Gaming 101 only thrives thanks to all of your support. In case you tuned in just recently or haven't thought about it in a while, here's a reminder of the ways you can help us out.

Inventories: Arcades in Video Games Part 2 May 16, 2015

Our coverage of arcade machines inside of games goes on, as we reach the CD and 3D era to meet the first few examples of fully functional virtual game centers. We've also added a few more entries based on feedback on the first page, so you might want to skim over it again to discover new stuff!

Psychic 5 / Esper Bōkentai May 15, 2015

A pair of 1987 games by NMK starring a group of kids with different abilities and extremely floaty moon jump physics.

Mad Max / Outlander May 14, 2015

With the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, we're taking a look back at the two Mad Max video games - an official one for the NES, and Outlander for the Genesis/SNES, which had to drop the name and references when the publisher failed to secure the license.

Loren the Amazon Princess May 12, 2015

This fantasy visual novel / RPG from Italy may give a somewhat generic first impression, but holds a few surprises for those willing to engage in it.

GI Joe (NES) May 11, 2015

Two NES games developed by KID based on the line of action figures/cartoons, that both work out pretty well due to their multiple playable characters.

Inventories: Arcades in Video Games May 9, 2015

Finished? But we're only just gearing up for running down the whole history of video game arcades... within video games. In this first page of a four-part series, we show you all the places to leave your virtual quarters, spanning the decade from 1984 to 1994. Stay tuned for more on this channel next week!

Bubble Ring Fling May 8, 2015

Relive your childhood memories (at least if you're kind of old) of Tomy's Waterfuls and similar toys in addition to playing a terrific free-to-play physics puzzle game on your smartphone.

Ittle Dew May 7, 2015

A goofy The Legend of Zelda parody with focus on the dungeon puzzles.

Game Club 199X: Steel Empire May 6, 2015

The HG101 gang straps into a one-man fighter plane to take on the entire Motorhead Empire, because shoot-em-ups! They also discuss Hot-B's unique, steampunky Genesis-MD classic. If you haven't already, also check out our article on the game.

Over Horizon May 6, 2015

Alongside Steel Empire, the community also played Hot-B's earlier shoot-em-up for the NES. It isn't the focus of the podcast, but Sotenga has you covered with a complete article for the game.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Star Wars: Masters of Teräs Käsi May 4, 2015

May the 4th be... ah, you've heard it a million times today. Have an article on that terrible Star Wars fighting game. The Dark Side made them do this!

Jumping Flash! May 3, 2015

This early PS1 3D platformer predates Super Mario 64, but stands out as one of the better titles in the system's early years. Also includes coverage of Geograph Seal, the X68000 predecessor developed by the same team.

The Samaritan Paradox Apr 30, 2015

A recent point and click conspiracy thriller that recalls a Stieg Larsson or Dan Brown novel.

Hardcore Gaming 101 slowly crawls towards the 21st century on tumblr! Apr 30, 2015

We haven't always been the quickest when it comes to adapting to all that social media circus, but now we finally got an official tumblr blog. So if tumblr is your choice of following stuff, you can now follow site updates over there. Check it out!

Traps 'n' Treasures Apr 27, 2015

A pirate-themed Amiga exclusive sidescroller with pretty pixel art.

Game Dev Tycoon Apr 25, 2015

One of the few games that simulate running a game developer studio. Famous-infamous for a marketing stunt involving a rigged crack to play a prank on software pirates.

Your Weekly Kusoge: The Flintstones: Bedrock Bowling Apr 24, 2015

This slapped together late PS1-era licensed title is a weird racing game, set in the context of "bowling".

500 Word Indies: Destruction Carnival Apr 22, 2015

An explode-em-up from the age of early Windows game maker Klik N' Play.

The Banner Saga Apr 20, 2015

A kickstarted, well-crafted strategy RPG / interactive novel inspired by Norse mythology, made by former Bioware developers.

Burai Fighter Apr 18, 2015

Rather excellent NES shoot-em-up from KID, who later developed Low-G-Man, the GI Joe games, and Kickmaster.

Let's explore the history of mobile phone games! Apr 17, 2015

These days, there is much talk about the difficulty of preserving video game history (with terrible organizations like the ESA trying to throw more sticks between the legs of struggling archivists), but there are huge swaths of games already lost, including many early mobile phone games. Many of them might be gone forever simply because no one bothered to preserve or even remember them. They might not be the most complex area of the medium, but there are (or were) quite a lot of interesting, quirky or just neat-looking titles among them. That's why HG101 staffer Sam Derboo will highlight another old mobile game on Twitter every day from now on, ranging from single screenshots to mini history lessons. We'll retweet a bunch of them on the @HG_101 account too, but if you want to make sure you get to see them all, check out @samderboo on Twitter.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Musya Apr 15, 2015

An SNES action game from Seta, Musya is the kind of game that has some talent and good ideas behind it, but is so much less than the sum of its parts

Go! Go! Nippon Apr 15, 2015

Live the otaku dream as you join two sisters to explore Tokyo in this well meaning visual novel.

Xenogears Apr 12, 2015

Square channels Evangelion in this mecha-themed sci-fi JRPG for the PS1. Stand tall and shake the heavens!

Axiom Verge Apr 8, 2015

Metroidvanias are common among the indie gaming scene, but few pay such loving homage to the 8 and 16-bit games of yore as Axiom Verge.

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