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The Summer Video Game Story Bundle June 24, 2015

HG101 Presents: Castlevania is part of the latest Storybundle! For $12, you can grab a digital copy of this, as well as The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers, all 12 issues of the fantastic Scroll magazine, a Boss Fights Book on Bible Adventures, and lots more great video game writing!

Batman (Sunsoft) June 21, 2015

With the release of Arkham Knight, why not check out some of the earlier Batman titles? Though not the first Batman games, SunSoft's games were developed to tie in with the 1989 movie, and were much better than Ocean's earlier efforts. This article includes the NES, Genesis, Game Boy and PC Engine versions of Batman: The Video Game, along with Revenge/Return of the Joker for the NES, Genesis and Game Boy.

Seven Cities of Gold / Heart of Africa June 21, 2015

More old home computer stuff with two seminal exploration adventures by 1980s game designer legend Danielle Berry.

Alter Ego June 20, 2015

Live out an entire virtual life, told in little "choose your own adventure" episodes. One of the foundational works of slow life simulation games, created by actual psychologist Peter J. Favaro.

Time Killers / Bloodstorm June 18, 2015

A super kusoge article, covering both stupidly exploitative (and terribly playing) fighting games from Strata, with terrible art and awful pretty much everything else. Also, according to urban legend, one of these games was responsible for getting Johnny Cage fired!

HG101 at Too Many Games 2015 June 16, 2015

Are you going to Too Many Games, the video game convention on Oaks, PA from June 26-38? If so, cool! I'll be there at a table, selling books and assorted video game stuff. Feel free to stop by and chat about old video games!

Marvel Land June 15, 2015

A fairly decent amusement park-themed platformer from Namco. Most well known for its Genesis port, which was one of the better games of its type, until Sonic came around.

Spotlight: EarthBound / Mother June 15, 2015

The original NES version of EarthBound has been officially released in the West for the very first time. It's available right now on the Wii U Virtual Console! Be sure to catch up on the history of the series with our in-depth article.

Freedom Force June 14, 2015

An early NES Zapper game from Sunsoft, one of the better ones too. A US exclusive too, since the accessory was more widely supported there than in Japan.

Murder on the Zinderneuf June 13, 2015

A murder mystery on a blimp in the 1930s, where the entire case is generated randomly with each new session, inspired by the board game Clue. One of the first games published by Electronic Arts, back when their name still meant something.

500-Word Indies: Infinite Stairs June 12, 2015

A super simple yet super addictive smartphone tapping game about - you've guessed it - climbing an infinite set of stairs.

Westerado June 10, 2015

An indie wild western-themed action-RPG published by Adult Swim Games where you set off to avenge your family's murder. The killer is randomized too, for multiple playthroughs!

Bio Menace June 8, 2015

A mutant fighting action game for DOS from Apogee. Commander Keen approved!

Your Weekly Kusoge: JFK Reloaded June 8, 2015

This "educational" recreation of the presidential assassination exists more or less just to stir controversy.

Dwarf Fortress June 4, 2015

A ridiculously elaborate fantasy world simulation presented in ASCII graphics, where you go questing as a lone adventurer or build your own dwarven civilization.

Dragonsphere June 3, 2015

One of the handful of adventure games published by Microprose, this fantasy game is most definitely inspired by King's Quest, but has a twist that makes it worth checking out. Available free on Good Old Games.

Return of the Phantom June 3, 2015

Another Microprose adventure game, this one casts you as a modern day detective, who travels back in time and tries to solve the mystery of the Phantom of the Opera.

Inventories: Arcades in Video Games Part 4 June 1, 2015

Our long list of arcades and arcade machines within video games is concluded with all the more recent examples of the past decade, from 2006's Contact to 2015's Splatoon. Also included is a fun bonus gallery of consoles and handhelds within video games.

HG101 State of the Union: June 2015     May 31, 2015

Now that the HG101 Digest Vol. 1 is completed, check out some of the other books we have planned for the remainder of the year, plus a recap of this month's articles and a quick preview of articles coming in June!

Your Weekly Kusoge: Heavy Shreddin' May 31, 2015

Tear the slopes in this barely-xtreme NES snowboarding game.

Brute Force May 30, 2015

A rather awkward alternative take on gangbusting arcade beat-em-ups of the early 1990s featuring unusually heavy weaponry.

Now available! HG101 Digest Vol. 1: Strider and Bionic Commando May 28, 2015

Now available! HG101 Digest Vol. 1, featuring Bionic Commando, Strider, and several other topics! Now available at Amazon US, Amazon UK, and Sellfy!

Super Time Force May 27, 2015

Manipulate time and fight alongside clones of yourself in this awesome run-and-gun from Capybara.

Inventories: Arcades in Video Games Part 3 May 24, 2015

Find out which arcade games yakuza like to play and see if anyone was able to top the arcades of Final Fantasy VII and Shenmue in the new millennium.

Lemmings May 23, 2015

DMA Design's classic puzzle game has you guiding a group of mindless rodents through tricks, traps, and other assorted dangers. Includes a look at all of the (many many) ports of the original game, plus its numerous successors, official and otherwise.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Goat Simulator May 21, 2015

Live the life of a goat (kind of) in this intentionally goofy, largely nonsensical viral sensation.

Demolish Fist May 19, 2015

Something of a rarity, especially when it was relesed in 2003, Demolish Fist is a 3D arcade beat-em-up developed by Dimps, who later went to work on Street Fighter IV.

Support Hardcore Gaming 101! May 17, 2015

Hardcore Gaming 101 only thrives thanks to all of your support. In case you tuned in just recently or haven't thought about it in a while, here's a reminder of the ways you can help us out.

Inventories: Arcades in Video Games Part 2 May 16, 2015

Our coverage of arcade machines inside of games goes on, as we reach the CD and 3D era to meet the first few examples of fully functional virtual game centers. We've also added a few more entries based on feedback on the first page, so you might want to skim over it again to discover new stuff!

Psychic 5 / Esper Bōkentai May 15, 2015

A pair of 1987 games by NMK starring a group of kids with different abilities and extremely floaty moon jump physics.

Mad Max / Outlander May 14, 2015

With the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, we're taking a look back at the two Mad Max video games - an official one for the NES, and Outlander for the Genesis/SNES, which had to drop the name and references when the publisher failed to secure the license.

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