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Tecmo Knight / Wild Fang Jan 24, 2015

Absurdly violent arcade beat-'em-up where you can summon a tiger, a giant and a dragon to ride on and take out huge enemies as a tiny knight, made by Tecmo (who would have guessed?) shortly after the original Ninja Gaiden.

Dark Half Jan 22, 2015

Control both an evil overlord and the hero sent to kill him in this darkly innovative Super Famicom RPG from Westone/Enix.

Now Available! The Unofficial Guide to Konami Shooters! Jan 21, 2015

Our latest book has been released! Including reviews of Gradius, Parodius, TwinBee, Otomedius, Xexex, Space Manbow, Axelay, and many more. Paperback and Kindle available at Amazon, for retail price $25.00 (and on other European sites too), and PDF available at Sellfy! of $4.99!

Your Weekly Kusoge: China Warrior Jan 21, 2015

This early PC Engine/Turbografx-16 title shows of the system's ability to handle large sprites, at the expense of a playable game.

Silent Dragon Jan 20, 2015

This slightly-above-average beat-em-up from the developers of Double Dragon 3 is just weird enough to be worth checking out.

Floor 13 Jan 19, 2015

A resource management sim for the PC/Amiga where you control an immoral, corrupt bureaucrat who orders assassinations, spreads disinformation and works with only the interest of his political party in mind.

Ninja Gaiden Jan 17, 2015

It's been a while since our Ninja Gaiden article has been up-to-date, but now we can finally give you our view of Ninja Gaiden 3 and Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z. Not much good news, unfortunately. Also new is coverage of some mobile ports and spin-offs, as well as smaller text tweaks and additional screenshots throughout.

S.C.A.T. Jan 14, 2015

Although we previously covered this game as part of a larger "Natsume NES games" article, we've decided to expand each game into single articles, starting with the side-scrolling shooter S.C.A.T. (AKA Final Mission and Action in New York), which was heavily influenced by Capcom's Forgotten Worlds.

YWK+: Jacob Buczynski's Games Jan 14, 2015

What was originally supposed to be a Your Weekly Kusoge entry on the infamous Revenge of the Sunfish turned into a broader view at this man's strange creations.

HG101 Holiday Special 2014 now available! Jan 13, 2015

Initially created as a thanks for our Patreon donors, this 114 page book (available as a free PDF for donors and as a paperback for everyone) includes a random assortment of articles, including assorted Taito and Namco arcade titles, a few recent Shin Megami Tensei games, and a sneak preview of the upcoming Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 2

Brandish Jan 13, 2015

XSeed has finally released the PSP port of Falcom's Brandish in English, so we've rewritten and updated the article to reflect these improvements. The dizzying nature of previous Brandish releases made them difficult to enjoy, but the improvements to the PSP port make it far more palatable, and it comes highly recommended.

Syvalion Jan 10, 2015

Guide a metallic dragon through randomly generated mazes in this sci-fi arcade title from the creator of Bubble Bobble.

News: HG101 Sega Classics Vol. 1 book part of the latest Storybundle! Jan 9, 2015

Our book is available as part of the latest Storybundle, including several excellent video game related book bundled together and distributed digitally for a low price! Additionally, this version has been revised to reflect the new 3DS games. A revised physical edition will be issued soon!

Gigandes Jan 9, 2015

A fairly decent arcade shooter with a multidirectional firing gimmick, from the little known East Technology.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Makai Hakkenden Shada Jan 8, 2015

Data East takes a swing and a miss at their attempt to clone in Ys in this PC Engine RPG.

SpaceStation Silicon Valley Jan 5, 2015

A unique N64 title by DMA Design, where you play as a microchip to take over a variety of ridiculous robotic animals for all kinds of silly shenanigans.

GameClub 199X Episode 37: Zork Jan 4, 2015

Everyone's got their light sources ready to explore the ruins of an ancient empire lying far underground. Let's just hope no Grue shows up.

Castle of the Winds Jan 4, 2015

As a new entry in our unofficial series "indie games before that even was a name" (we used to know them as "shareware" back when these were made), we present you a duo of Windows dungeon crawlers from the era when Windows wasn't even a standalone operating system yet.

Wolfenstein: The New Order Jan 3, 2015

Our expansive Wolfenstein article has been updated with the new 2014 entry, Wolfenstein: The New Order, developed by former members of Starbreeze Studios, responsible for Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay and The Darkness.

Henry Hatsworth in the Puzzling Adventure Jan 2, 2015

One of the very few Western-developed portable games from the DS generation that isn't a shovelware/licensed cash-in, this is a weird, off-the-wall combination of a 2D action-platformer and a puzzle game, starring the most British hero in existence. It came out during that short period of time when Electronic Arts was doing really cool, really experimental stuff, before they realized that it didn't make them enough money.

Moon Cresta / Terra Cresta Jan 1, 2015

Nichibutsu's Moon Cresta and its successor Terra Cresta are well regarded classic arcade shooters in Japan, but barely noticed outside the country.

Shovel Knight Dec 28, 2014

The retro indie title of the year, which takes elements of Mega Man, Zelda 2, Castlevania and Super Mario Bros., and distills them into something uniquely modern.

GameClub 199X First Strike Episode 5: Ziggurat and Lethal League Dec 24, 2014

It's that time again, and this time we have not one, but TWO games to talk about! This First Strike is so big it's been broken into two parts, covering both Ziggurat and Lethal League.

Gremlins Dec 24, 2014

Back when we posted coverage of Sunsoft's Gremlins 2 titles, we promised more gremlin goodness for Christmas, and here it is. Except "goodness" may not always be the mot juste. (Spoiler: The NES game is still the best.) But have fun, anyway...

500-Word Indies: Never Alone Dec 23, 2014

A cooperative puzzle platformer about a little Inupiat girl and her companion white fox who communicates with spirits.

Cadash Dec 22, 2014

Explore a great underground kingdom as a fighter, wizard, priest or ninja in this multiplayer action-RPG hybrid from Taito.

Freedom Planet Dec 21, 2014

This indie title looks like a Sonic fangame, but it's actually an excellent homage to classic Genesis-era games like Rocket Knight Adventures, Ristar and Gunstar Heroes, along with gorgeous pixel art graphics and a standout soundtrack.

Grid Seeker Dec 20, 2014

Taito's take on a Raiden-esque shooter lacks the quirkiness of their earlier shooters and the technical refinement of their later ones, but it still a fairly quality game.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Dick Tracy (NES) Dec 17, 2014

The 1990 movie starring Warren Beatty and Madonna based on the 1930s comic strip spawned several mediocre-to-bad video game tie-ins, the NES one here being the worst.

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