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Follow Hardcore Gaming 101 on Steam! Sep 23, 2014

Now you also can follow our recommendations directly on our Steam Curator list. Click on the link above or type Hardcore Gaming 101 in the curator search. You can also join our Steam community group (easier to find as hardcoregaming_101 if you go through the Steam client).

Smash TV / Total Carnage Sep 22, 2014

Midway reworks the classic dual joystick shooter Robotron 2084 into two spiritual successors, a satirical game show and a comical war blastathon.

Torin's Passage Sep 20, 2014

Al Lowe takes a break from raunchy lounge lizards to design this family friend fantasy adventure, which once again bests Sierra's own flagship series.

The Black Cauldron Sep 20, 2014

This early Sierra game, based off the Disney animated film, one ups the company's own Kings Quest series with branching paths, less frustrating gameplay, and an easy to use interface.

The Amazing Adventures of ANSiDude Sep 20, 2014

The days of games made under the DOS video mode restrictions are long gone, but The Amazing Adventures of ANSiDude is one of the weirder ones.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Smashing Drive Sep 17, 2014

"Smashing Drive will make you the devil's slave!", says the in-game lyrics. That's only part of this baffling racing game's "appeal".

Hoccer Sep 17, 2014

While billed on the flyer as "The Sport of the 21st Century," Hoccer is a fast-paced action game where the goal is to murder everyone.

Wizardry Sep 15, 2014

We're finally starting our retrospective on (mostly) the North American arm of the massive ancient dungeon crawler RPG franchise. This first part takes a look at how the series came into being, it's impact on the world and of course the first games.

System Shock Sep 14, 2014

Explore infested space stations and jack into cyberspace to defeat the evil AI SHODAN in these two FPS/RPG classics, the predecessors to Bioshock.

Now available! Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Castlevania Sep 13, 2014

Welcome to the hell house! Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Castlevania includes 158 pages with full reviews of over thirty Castlevania titles - starting from the 1986 Nintendo original up to the 2014 Lords of Shadow 2 - plus reviews of clone games, soundtracks, books, trivia, and more! Now available on Amazon US and most other Amazon sites.

First Strike - Five Nights at Freddy's Sep 13, 2014

In the latest episode of our indie game podcast, Guru Larry returns to join KaL Yoshika and Snarboo in discussing the latest Youtube jumpscare sensation about a bunch of creepy animatronics in an amusement venue. Also check out our short review of the game from a few weeks back.

Fighting Layer Sep 11, 2014

Arika, developers of the Street Fighter EX series, try their hand at an original 2.5D fighting game, one featuring ninjas and sharks.

Blog: HG101 State of the Union - September 2014 Sep 10, 2014

Updates on the Castlevania and Konami Shooter book, plus a summary of all of the articles from the past month.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Superman Returns: Fortress of Solitude Sep 10, 2014

Play as the heroic Superman as he fights evil by...playing Sudoku.

Game Club 199X Episode 33: Game Center CX2 Sep 10, 2014

You really stepped in it this time, dum-dum! HG101 tackles the recently fan-translated RGC2 and interviews lead translator Aaron Tokunaga.

Mega Man: Classic Series Sep 8, 2014

This week we present the final (for now) part in our huge Mega Man feature, including a dozen mobile games, the fan-game-turned-official-product Street Fighter x Mega Man, a shameless rip-off and all those cross media tie-ins.

Inventories: 1980s Video Game Heroines Sep 5, 2014

More than 75 games from the 1980s featuring women in starring or supporting roles.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Sonic's Schoolhouse Sep 3, 2014

Join Sonic the Hedgehog as he does a poor job teaching you English and math!

Mega Man: Classic Series Sep 1, 2014

Licensed games: Tiger Handhelds, the infamous DOS games, the WonderSwan stint and a bunch of surprising Taiwanese contributions.

Mercenary Kings Aug 30, 2014

Metal Slug meets Borderlands in this mission-based action game with gorgeous spritework.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Aug 29, 2014

This Ukranian developed FPS takes place in a completely nihilistic nuclear wasteland, where death and failure are commonplace.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Spanish for Everyone Aug 27, 2014

This innocuous looking DS shovelware title is actually full of drug smugglers, prostitutes, lots of casual racism, and talking bulls.

The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers: Volume 1 is now available! Aug 25, 2014

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first volume of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers book, featuring 526 pages packed with interviews, is now available for purchase on Amazon and the CreateSpace e-Store.

Mega Man: Classic Series Aug 25, 2014

Everyone's favorite underpants-wearing robot has finally gotten sick of platforming and tries out a bunch of other genres, from board games to soccer, kart racing and FMV shenanigans.

500-Word Indies: Five Nights at Freddy's Aug 24, 2014

Jump into the role of a nightshift maintenance man who has to take care of the creepy animatronics at an amusement venue, in the latest Youtube Let's Play darling.

Game Club 199X - First Strike: Freedom Planet Aug 24, 2014

A new series by the Game Club 199X crew, where we play through a recent indie game as thoroughly as possible, then discuss our gut reactions on it right afterwards. This episode: The vaguely Sonic-esque platformer Freedom Planet. (Also check out the earlier sneak peak episode on Gone Home.)

Gokinjo Boukentai Aug 23, 2014

Join up with your cat and fight demons in a modern Japanese town in this cutesy Super Famicom RPG with character designs by famed manga artist Masumi Sudou.

Patholigic Remake on Kickstarter Aug 23, 2014

A remake of the fantastic survival game Pathologic is due to launch on Kickstarter (see the above video). If you've never heard of Pathologic, read our lengthy feature on it..

500-Word Indies: Darkness Aug 21, 2014

Another Indiana Jones wannabe arrives on the Commodore 64 scene.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Gokuu Densetsu: Magic Beast Warriors Aug 20, 2014

Digitized, rubber suit wearing weirdos reenact the legend of the Monkey King in this early PS1 fighting game.

Steel Empire Aug 17, 2014

The classic Genesis steampunk shooter gets a modern update with this 3DS downloadable title.

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