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Donna: Avenger of Blood

You might not expect much from Donna: Avenger of Blood at first glance. A freeware Adventure Game Studios production with


Psychosis, released in 1990 for the TurboGrafx-16 and developed by a company named Dual, has a different set-up than most

Demon’s World

Toaplan was best known for their vertical shoot-em-ups in the vein of Fire Shark and Batsugun, but they were capable

Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana

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Despite being their most famous franchise, Falcom has often taken its time to expand the core entries of the Ys

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 74 – Deathtrap Dungeon, Neverending Nightmare

DIRECT DOWNLOAD Join the HG101 gang as they freak out to a deathrap nightmare, oh yeah. Patreon bonus for this

Command and Conquer Generals

Command and Conquer is considered to be among the definitive franchises of the real time strategy genre. From its origins

“Ii desu tomo” – Golbez’s Famous Line

In Retro Game Super Translation Selection, there’s a section explaining the famous “You spoony bard!” quote from Final Fantasy IV,

F-Zero Climax

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GP Legend, now out of beta Suzak must have nabbed a two-game contract with Nintendo – even though GP Legends was kind

Rock ‘n Rage

Rock ‘n Rage is a comedic, music- themed run-and-gun, featuring characters that teeter perilously close to infringing territory. During a

Bubsy 3D: Bubsy Visits the James Turrell Retrospective

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In the years after Bubsy 3D, the character and series had since become a joke among video gamers, especially thanks

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare

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American Nightmare is a very different game than the original Alan Wake, but also very much the same. This short

Alan Wake

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How do you follow up on a massive success? How do you follow up on a game that changed the

Top 47,858 Games of All Time Episode 73 – Legacy of Kain – Soul Reaver, Chiller, Splatterhouse (Patreon bonus)

DIRECT DOWNLOAD Join the HG101 gang as they reave souls and discuss what may be the worst coin-op ever made.

Heiankyo Alien 3671

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Heiankyo Alien was resurrected for a 2017 release on Steam by Mindware, the same developer that put out Cosmic Cavern

F-Zero GX/AX

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After completely dominating the market for nearly a decade, Nintendo entered a long struggle to properly get its consoles backed