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Your Weekly Kusoge: Dick Tracy (NES) Dec 17, 2014

The 1989 movie starring Warren Beauty and Madonna based on the 1930s comic strip spawned several mediocre-to-bad video game tie-ins, the NES one here being the worst.

Guzzler Dec 17, 2014

A Pac Man-a-like from Tehkan, the company that eventually became Tecmo.

500-Word Indies: Black Heart Dec 15, 2014

A cartoonish, ridiculously violent but unique free fighting game created in MUGEN.

Spotlight: Oniken Dec 15, 2014

In the years since we reviewed the NES style indie action platformer, it's been revised and expanded a few more times and was also released on Steam, so our article is expanded as well with an account of what has changed, including some comparison screenshots.

Eternal Daughter Dec 14, 2014

An early Metroidvania from Derek Yu, creator of Aquaria and Spelunky, this was the standout indie title before indie games were in.

Motörhead Dec 14, 2014

From the same mindset that brought you Michael Jackson's Moonwalker comes this Amiga/Atari ST beat-em-up, starring the lead of the famed heavy metal band.

Book Review - Videogames: In the Beginning Dec 13, 2014

Following the recent passing of one of the industry's great innovators, we take a look at his account of how the world's first home video game console came to be, and more. If you're interested in the book, you can currently get it in the StoryBundle Video Game 1.0 Rewind Bundle ($12 and upwards tier). Among many other books, it also includes Generation Xbox, which we've reviewed a while ago, and Jordan Mechner's journal that informed our Prince of Persia article. At the time of this writing, the bundle is only up for 5 more days and StoryBundle promises it will never return, so don't dawdle when making up your mind if you want it.

Boogie Wings Dec 12, 2014

Also known as The Great Ragtime Show, Data East's wildly innovative shooter gives you control of a biplane and a hook, along with many other vehicles to control.

Liquid Kids Dec 12, 2014

Also known as Mizubaku Daibouken, Taito's pseudo follow-up to The NewZealand Story stars a water-bubble chucking platypus.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Taboo: The Sixth Sense Dec 11, 2014

This self-proclaimed "time machine on Nintendo" fortune telling "game" from Rare tries to do something unique, but feels like a huge scam.

Cho Ren Sha 68k Dec 8, 2014

A doujin shooter originating on the X68000 with quality that surpasses many commercially released titles.

Dungeon Magic Dec 7, 2014

Also known as LightBringer, this fantasy isometric brawler from Taito has some light RPG elements, and predates the Capcom Dungeons and Dragons games by a bit.

500-Word Indies: The Inner World Dec 7, 2014

A charming point-and-click with excellent art by German outfit Studio Fizbin.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Beast Wrestler Dec 4, 2014

Telenet's Genesis wrestling game is fairly terrible, though it has some remarkably monster designs.

Hardcore Gaming 101 GOGmix! Dec 4, 2014

Analogous to our Steam Curator List (which you should totally follow if you don't already do so) we now also curate an official GOGmix on GOG.com. We're still in the process of filling it with recommendations from our back catalog of articles, but soon you'll also find a bunch of games you cannot get on Steam. Disclaimer: If the affiliate thing works, we get a small share when you buy anything through our links to GOG.com, but there is nothing in it for us to promote specific games.

Goblins Dec 4, 2014

Years ago published in the Guide to Classic Graphic Adventures, now finally on the site. Coktel Vision's series of insane puzzle adventures where you coordinate a bunch of wacky goblins through imaginative environments. The first three games are available as a bundle on GOG.com (affiliate link).

Woodruff and the Schnibble of Azimuth Dec 4, 2014

Woodruff is often lumped in with the Goblins games because of the similar visual style, but it's actually it's very own thing, drawing influence from many SciFi classics to mash them together into Dadaist absurdity.

Bio Force Ape Dec 2, 2014

Seta's unreleased NES game, starring a wrestling ape, that grew to legendary status thanks to a ridiculous hoax.

Metal Black Dec 1, 2014

Taito's classic shooter is soaked in atmosphere, with one of the best introduction stages in the genre. (And some really damn cool explosions.)

News: Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Gold Edition and Kindle Edition Now Available! Nov 30, 2014

The Gold edition printing, previously only for Kickstarter backers, is now publicly available! Additionally, the Kindle version has been released for only $9.99! Details and more discounts can be found here.

Arabian Magic Nov 30, 2014

Brawl through an Arabian setting in this beat-em-up from Taito.

Christine Love Games: Analogue: A Hate Story / Hate Plus Nov 29, 2014

The third (and final) part of our week long special concludes with a look at the two Hate games, where you explore the logs of a long lost South Korean colonization spaceship.

Christine Love Games: Don't Take It Personally Babe, It Just Ain't Your Story Nov 26, 2014

The followup to Digital: A Love Story is a radically different title, a very meta visual novel about a high school English teacher helping his students in their personal lives.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Ring Cycle Nov 26, 2014

A messy Action RPG based on Wagner's epic opera The Ring of the Nibelung and probably late British designer legend Mike Singleton's worst game ever.

Christine Love Games: Digital: A Love Story Nov 24, 2014

We'll be covering Christine Love's visual novel games all this week. First up: the retro BBS scouring Digital: A Love Story.

Chimera Beast Nov 23, 2014

A recently unearthed Jaleco arcade shooter, which is essentially a cosmic horror story where you play as a Lovecraftian atrocity instead of fighting against it.

Chatan Yarakuu Shanku ・The Karate Tournament Nov 22, 2014

A fighting game in the style of Karate Champ, directed by man behind Strider.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Master Chu and the Drunkard Hu Nov 22, 2014

Color Dreams, an unlicensed NES publisher/developer, was the mark of anti-quality, thanks to games like this, an import from Asian publisher Sachen.

500-Word Indies: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Nov 19, 2014

A stunningly beautiful mystery adventure, which tries some new ideas in pairing a narrative experience with gameplay.

The NewZealand Story Nov 17, 2014

Play as Tiki the kiwi in this cutesy (and oddly frustrating) platformer classic from Taito.

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