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Psycho Chaser Mar 22, 2015

An overhead auto-scrolling run-and-gun from Sting for the PCE, with some great music and cool designs.

Metal Stoker Mar 20, 2015

A fun HuCard PC Engine run-and-gun from Sankido and Face, where you cause destruction with a walking tank.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Orb 3D Mar 20, 2015

One of the least sucky games from Hi-Tech Expressions includes 3D glasses to demonstrate the Pulfrich effect, but neglected to build a compelling game around it.

Skeleton Krew Mar 17, 2015

Core's grimdark 90s run-and-gun isn't great, but it does have some great graphic design and some excellent music.

Chew Man Fu Mar 15, 2015

A simple but fun action puzzle game for the Turbografx-16, fairly similar to Pengo.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Pictionary Mar 15, 2015

LJN tried to create a video game version of Pictionary, undone by the sketchy controls and minigames only very loosely connected to the core concept.

Game Club 199X: Monster World IV Mar 12, 2015

The HG101 Ship of Podcastin' Fools sets sail for Monster World, yet again, to pile layers of criticism on one of the best Genesis/Mega Drive games of all time.

Bucky O'Hare Mar 12, 2015

Another cartoon/toy franchise from the era of the TMNT craze concludes our renewed Konami beat-'em-up coverage, but we also added coverage of the NES game, which is a different beast entirely and was made by future Treasure people.

DreadOut Mar 10, 2015

Fatal Frame meets Southeast Asia in this hunt for creepy ghosts from Indonesian folklore. Take on the supernatural with your smartphone camera!

The Adventures of Bayou Billy Mar 8, 2015

Konami's oldest brawler for the NES that also features shooting and driving sequences and is totally not Crocodile Dundee.

Batman Returns (SNES/NES) Mar 6, 2015

Continuing with our renewed Konami brawler coverage, we present you another licensed one, the tie-in to the weird Burton movie. (This only includes the games developed by Konami, not the Sega games and sublicensed computer titles.)

Your Weekly Kusoge: Metal Morph March 5, 2015

Origin developed a number of legendary PC titles, but their console output was not so great, as evidenced by this lousy SNES side-scroller/rail-shooter hybrid.

Battletoads Mar 2, 2015

Rare's answer to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles took the characters into a wide variety of genres, with an impressive amount of cartoonish abilities, but were often undermined by their extraordinary difficulty.

Gaiapolis Mar 1, 2015

Odd, vertically scrolling fantasy hack-'n-slash by Konami with some light RPG elements.

Metamorphic Force Mar 1, 2015

Another Konami beat-'em-up, about a squad of fighters who transform into anthropomorphic animal warriors.

S.P.Y.: Special Project Y Feb 28, 2015

One of Konami's earliest beat-'em-ups, which still hadn't quite settled down on the formula and also dabbles in a number of other genres. It's not a licensed title this time, but it really wants to be James Bond.

The Simpsons Feb 27, 2015

More beat-'em-up goodness by Konami! The Simpsons have seen a lot of rotten video game tie-ins in their early run, but this 4-player extravaganza is actually pretty awesome, perfectly capturing the tone of the series while still managing to be a fun brawler at the same time.

X-Men Feb 27, 2015

And here's some beat-'em-up not-quite-as-goodness by Konami! X-Men is still an alright game, but not quite up to the standard of the company's other licensed titles of the time, and mostly confused kids by not adopting the look of the contemporaneous cartoon show.

What games are all about Feb 27, 2015

If you clicked some of the quick info box links in the articles this month, you might already have seen this new feature slowly building up, but now it's official: Just like the genres last month, you can now browse for themes by looking at screenshots. You want to see which games take place on tropical islands, or let you swing around with a grappling hook? Which games were never published? No problem! And if you don't care, then just go to hell!

500 Word Indies: Muri Feb 26, 2015

A retro throwback to DOS-era sidescrollers, complete with PC speaker-type sound effects.

Game Center 199X First Strike Episode 7: HuniePop, The Blue Flamingo & Obey Feb 26, 2015

This time we're covering the slightly controversial erotic match 3 game HuniePop. We also take a quick look at the stop motion shmup The Blue Flamingo and an early access strategic mind game with rabbits, Obey.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Ninja Clowns Feb 25, 2015

Ninjas! Clowns! They go together terribly in this wretched arcade beat-em-up from Strata.

Violent Storm Feb 23, 2015

Another gang busting beat-'em-up by Konami, this is often lumped in with the Crime Fighters series on those grounds (as did our old article), but it is actually very distinct from the other two.

Crime Fighters / Vendetta Feb 23, 2015

Over the course of the next few weeks, we're going to completely replace most of our coverage on classic Konami beat-'em-ups with newly written standalone articles, starting with this pair of overly stereotypical '80s/'90s street gang brawlers.

Game Club 199X: Obitus Feb 22, 2015

If you're following the iTunes/RSS feed, you might have seen this about a week ago. If not: After last month's text-only offering, we're back to games with pretty pictures and sound. But still forced to draw maps to be able to do anything. The HG101 Podcast Warriors take on Psygosis's 1991 multi-platform RPG/adventure Obitus.

Brain Lord Feb 21, 2015

An excellent (and sadly overlooked) SNES action-RPG developed by the same team as 7th Saga and Mystic Ark.

Update: Pre-Street Fighter II Fighting Games Feb 19, 2015

We've expanded our big genre overview with four more titles that are not necessarily great, but historically interesting: Chop Suey, Knight Games, Nekketsu Judo and Panza Kick Boxing. Not entirely new but previously unannounced at this space is the coverage for the early IBM PC title Bushido.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Man Enough Feb 18, 2015

This attempt at a dating sim, featuring very embrassed looking real life digitized models, is about the worst you could hope for.

Last Alert Feb 16, 2015

One of the early Turbografx-16 CD-ROMs, this Telenet run-and-gun can't quite measure up to the best, but it's still pretty fun. Plus the English voice acting is famously laughable.

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