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Detective Grimoire Jan 19, 2017

A detective story inspired by the Ace Attorney games, that started as a Flash game and evolved into a commercial release with a unique art style.

Owlboy Jan 17, 2017

A beautiful pixel-based indie game, ten years in the making, that's sort of like a side-scrolling Zelda, but with a stronger emotional core.

Top 47,858 Episode 32: Startropics, Knights of the Crystallion Jan 14, 2017

Join the HG101 castaways for a discussion about Nintendo's own Zelda ripoff and an Amiga game where people live in a giant ribcage.

Guacamelee Jan 14, 2017

An incredibly well done indie Metroidvania, with a fresh Mexican theme and better combat and platforming than most other types in the subgenre.

Ubik Jan 12, 2017

A clumsy but intriguing adaptation of the Phillip K. Dick story of the same, developed by Cryo.

Darkside Story Jan 10, 2017

A Korean PC beat-em-up where you manage your character's hunger and emotions to pummel your enemies in new and exciting ways.

Crows: The Battle Action Jan 7, 2017

An expensive Saturn beat-em-up based on the long-running "delinquent" manga by Hiroshi Takahashi, featuring some odd super deformed characters.

Top 47,858 Episode 31: Deus Ex, Gomola Speed Jan 5, 2017

Join the HG101 lads for a discussion about the first Deus Ex and the PC-Engine's best snake game.

English fan translation for 46 Okunen Monogatari released! Jan 4, 2017

An English fan translation for the PC98 predecessor to the SNES cult classic E.V.O.: Search for Eden has been released. Be sure to check out, along with the original HG101 article!

Drill Dozer Jan 4, 2017

A late release for the Game Boy Advance, and one of the handful non-Pokemon titles from Game Freak, this action game stars a cutesy pink haired girl and her destructive drill tank.

Compile Shoot-Em-ups - Design Documents and Booklet Jan 2, 2017

To accompany the HG101 Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups Vol. 1, which reviews all of Compile's shooters, here is a series of scans of design documents and pamphlets that cover various games, along with a rare music CD.

Top 47,858 Episode 30: Devil May Cry, Ape Escape, Octopus Jan 1, 2017

Join the HG101 posse and special guest Nick Des Barres (AKA NickRox) for a discussion about the first DMC game, a Game and Watch classic, and Apes A-Poppin!

Saturday Morning RPG Dec 31, 2016

An indie RPG tribute to the 80s and all of its ridiculous cultural excess, complete with a power ballad by the guy who did the soundtrack for The Transformers: The Movie.

Ninja Crusaders Dec 31, 2016

One of the many ninja-themed games of the 8-bit era, this two-player side-scroller from NMK isn't quite Ninja Gaiden, or even Shadow of the Ninja, but is decent for those looking for a good challenge.

Dinosaurs For Hire Dec 29, 2016

The late 80s/early 90s comic book about a group of mercenary dinos was translated into a fun-but-not-amazing run-and-gun for the Genesis.

Top 47,858 Episode 29: Night Warriors, Little Samson Dec 25, 2016

Join the HG101 posse and special guest Nick Des Barres for a discussion about the Darksalkers sequel and Taito's brutally difficult NES swan song.

500 Word Indies: 140 Dec 25, 2016

A short, trippy rhythm-based platformer from developers who worked on indie hits Limbo and Inside

500 Word Indies: Downwell Dec 25, 2016

Take a trip down an infinitely deep well, destroying everything that gets in your way, in this modern indie classics.

500 Word Indies: Hyper Princess Pitch Dec 25, 2016

Control the daughter of the Goddess of Explosions as she takes on Mecha Santa's hideout in this Robotron-style freeware classic.

Top 47,858 Episode 28: Maniac Mansion, Shenmue, Illbleed Dec 21, 2016

Join the HG101 gang and special guest Caitlin Oliver for a discussion about Lucasfilm Games' adventure masterpiece and two titans of the Dreamcast canon. Three more games are added to the Top 47,858 Games of All Time.

Gaiares Dec 20, 2016

An early Genesis shooter from Telenet, which features a rad customization system where you can steal weapons from enemies.

Maldita Castilla / Cursed Castilla EX Dec 18, 2016

Locomalito's homage to Ghosts n' Goblins goes commercial with an EX edition, released on consoles and computers, that includes some new levels and other enhancements that make it worth your cash.

HG101 Presents Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 2 is now available! Dec 11, 2016

Our other latest book is now available on Amazon (and Amazon UK and other European Amazon sites). Discover the golden age of Sega classics with games like Zaxxon, Pengo, and Ninja Princess, along with cult favorites like Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Aurail, Bonanza Bros., and more! Check out the table of contents here. Also available as a PDF!

HG101 Presents The Guide to Shoot-Em-Ups Vol. 1 is now available! Dec 9, 2016

Our latest book is now available on Amazon (and Amazon UK and other European Amazon sites). Explore the world of shoot-em-ups by Compile, Technosoft, Hudson, Irem, and many others! Check out the table of contents here. Also available as a PDF!

The HG101 and Sonic & Sega Fan Jam 2016 Fanbook is now available! Dec 14, 2016

Created for the Sonic & Sega Fan Jam, this 76 page book features several Sega reviews and introductions to some of Sega's long-running series, plus two covers: one designed in the classic SMS grid style and one featuring Sonic and other Sega pals! Check out the table of contents here. Also available as a PDF!

Danganronpa 3 (Anime) Dec 16, 2016

The developers are choosing to soft-reboot the Danganronpa plotline with the third entry, so they decided to finish off the storylines of the first two games in anime form....confusingly named Danganronpa 3. (The new game will be called Danganronpa V3.) The video game references section has also been updated (spoilers for Danganronpa contained within).

onEscapee Dec 14, 2016

A cinematic platformer in the vein of Another World, released very late in the life of the Amiga, and recently ported to mobile platforms.

500 Word Indies: Space Mouse Dec 12, 2016

A second in a series of remakes of early 1980s Japanese PC games, Space Mouse is simple, but cute and exciting.

Wendy: Every Witch Way Dec 10, 2016

A surprisingly decent licensed platformer for the Game Boy Color, from the developers of Shantae.

Top 47,858 Episode 27: Turrican, Blazing Lazers, No One Can Stop Mr. Domino, Wendy Every Witch Way, Lethal Enforcers Dec 9, 2016

Join the HG101 and Dogs Bower as they discuss a gauntlet of games nominated in five-star iTunes reviews. We had to play them, and you have to listen! Five more games are added to the Top 47,858 Games of All Time.

Tsugunai Dec 4, 2016

An early PS2 RPG from Atlus, where you control a ghost who possesses various bodies. Mostly known for its fantastic Yasunori Mitsuda soundtrack.

Top 47,858 Episode 26: Crystalis, Shadow Man, Rats! Dec 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Hobo Millionaires as they discuss the finer points of voodoo warriorship, then play a dandy little jig on their insect flute!

Top 47,858 Episode 25: Dead or Alive 3, The Pandora Directive, Scorched Earth Dec 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Jerkbags as they discuss banana splits, crappy detectives, and mutually assured destruction.

Anodyne Dec 4, 2016

An indie game from 2013, similar to Zelda, that almost defies all conventions and labels, yet sticks so close to established and effective formulas.

Blue Revolver Dec 1, 2016

An excellent indie shoot-em-up that channels Dodonpachi and other Cave bullet hell shooters, with refined mechanics and a sense of style all its own.

Top 47,858 Episode 24: Commander Keen, God Hand, Glover Nov 20, 2016

Join the HG101 Rude Dudes With Tudes as they discuss football-helmeted space avengers, fiery-armed cowboy punks, and a glove that slaps a ball.

Top 47,858 Episode 23: Golden Axe, Metroid Nov 10, 2016

Join the HG101 Space Police as they discuss how cool footsteps sound and how satisfying it is to smash the pommel of your battleaxe into the Bad Brothers' smarmy Karnov-wannabe faces.

Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 Now Available in German! Nov 3, 2016

Hardcore Gaming 101 gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch! Mit „Hardcore Gaming 101 presents: Sega Arcade Classics (Deutsche Edition)“ kommt das erste Buch der Hardcore Gaming 101 Reihe jetzt auch nach Deutschland. Lasst euch in die Spielhallen der 80er und 90er entführen und erfahrt mehr über die bekannten und weniger bekannten Spiele des ehemaligen Konsolenherstellers!

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