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Bahamut Lagoon Jul 22, 2014

One of Square's oft-overlooked SFC titles pairs up gorgeous dragons with tactical strategy.

Mega Man: Classic Series Jul 21, 2014

Good old NES Mega Man got revived for two more games on modern consoles.

Spotlight Article: Ys Jul 20, 2014

Our long running 16 page Ys article has been updated to include a review of the Vita title, Memories of Celceta, plus revamped and/or totally rewritten reviews for Ys IV, Ys V (owing to the recent fan translation), Ys VI, and Ys Origin, amongst other small additions.

Best of PC Engine / Sega CD Music Part 17 Jul 20, 2014

Tracks from Wolfchild, Valis II and Heavy Nova.

Chulip Jul 19, 2014

This offbeat PlayStation 2 game focuses on a young boy spreading love through a town of weirdos by kissing them all. Developed by one of the successors of Love-de-Lic, this article features interviews with the creators, as well as a full rundown of all of the characters.

iOS Shooters - Other Shooters Jul 19, 2014

Finally introducing the last "subgenre" for the article, which is not so much a genre but just a category to lump stuff in that doesn't fit anywhere else. This update also includes coverage of a few retro game compilations that happen to contain shooters.

Heiankyo Alien Jul 17, 2014

Also known in some places as Digger, this early maze game spawned the "trap-em-up" genre, the predecessor to worldwide hits like Lode Runner.

Book Release: Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman Jul 16, 2014

Rob Strangman, he of the OPCFG, West Mansion, and Ghoul Realm, as well as author of the site's Monster Party and Splatterhouse articles, has released a heavily revised version of his adventures in video gaming. Includes interviews with several gaming luminaries!

Your Weekly Kusoge: Lunar: Dragon Song Jul 16, 2014

Our sporadic column celebrating pieces of garbage briefly resurfaces to savage this massively disappointing excuse of RPG masquerading under the name of a beloved series.

Spotlight Article: Fantasy Zone Jul 16, 2014

Our Fantasy Zone article has been updated to include the recent 3DS titles. Let us console each other as more awesome Sega ports remain solelt in Japan, especially for such an offbeat, goofy shooter as this series.

Mega Man: Classic Series Jul 14, 2014

Is it still Monday in your time zone? We don't care, for us it's still Mega Monday, so we bring you many more bits (up to 32, in fact) of classic Mega Man madness!

500-Word Indies: Gunpoint Jul 12, 2014

After a long hiatus, our quick indie reviews return. This time with a nifty side-scrolling stealth game from last year.

Megumi Rescue / Flying Hero Jul 9, 2014

Rescue civilians from burning buildings by bouncing on a trampoline in these two titles - one Mark III, the other Famicom - developed by Aicom.

Update: Q*bert Jul 9, 2014

Just about a month after we posted our big Q*bert retrospective, the orange noser returns with a new adventure. This time with hexagons!

Mega Man: Classic Series Jul 7, 2014

It's another Mega Man Monday! See how Dr. Wily finally gets put behind bars for his crimes against humanity in the final two NES installments. (Spoilers: not for long.)

Spotlight: Fire Emblem Jul 6, 2014

The Fire Emblem article finally gets updated with coverage of the second remake for NDS, along with the most recent entry in the series, Fire Emblem Awakening.

One Must Fall Jul 4, 2014

One of the better Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat clones during the mid-90s, One Must Fall 2097 controlled well, looked decent, had some great music, and an original concept (fighting robots).

Best of PC Engine / Sega CD Music Part 16 Jul 4, 2014

Music samples from Valis (PC Engine), Nexzr and Puggsy.

Mega Man: Classic Series Jun 30, 2014

The second part of our Mega retrospective covers the arguable high point of the series (the third game) before beginning its descent into the doldrums (the fourth one).

Blog Post: Konami Shooters in Hayate the Combat Butler (DS) Jun 29, 2014

Five minigames from classic Konami games are stuck in this otherwise banal licensed DS visual novel.

Spotlight: Golden Axe Jun 22, 2014

Sega's hack-'n-slash series - now updated with the revised content from the book.

Mega Man: Classic Series Jun 22, 2014

First part of a monster retrospective on all games featuring the Blue Bomber in his original classic design. Stay tuned for many more updates!

Kid Chameleon Jun 22, 2014

An early title from Sega Technical Institute featuring a cool 90s kid taking on a virtual reality arcade cabinet by wearing various helmets, changing him into different forms.

Xargon: The Mystery of the Blue Builders Jun 22, 2014

IBM PC platformer from Epic Megagames during the heydey of 90s shareware, and the followup to the slightly more well known Jill of the Jungle series.

Best of PC Engine / Sega CD Music Part 15 Jun 22, 2014

Ys IV: Dawn of Ys, Popful Mail and Ultraverse Prime.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots Jun 22, 2014

Rise of the Robots is not the only crappy fighting game featuring giant robots.

Q*Bert Jun 5, 2014

The famed cube jumping, gibberish swearing bouncy thing gets the full HG101 rundown, with many obscure sequels and tons of clones listed.

Destiny of an Emperor / Tenchi wo Kurau Jun 5, 2014

Based off a manga based off Romance of the Three Kingdoms, this RPG series from Capcom (and others) spawned many Japan-only entries.

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