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by John Szczepaniak - November 5, 2015

Heisei 3rd Year (1991) Hudson Computer Designers School Graduation Album
平成3年度 ハドソン·コンピュータ·デザイナーズ·スクール 卒業アルバム
卒業制作取扱説明書 = Graduation Manual / 非売品 = Not For Sale / 祝= celebrate / 修了 = completion

Discussion with head of Japan's Game Preservation Society, Joseph Redon
16 October 2013, at an undisclosed location in Tokyo

These images are from a game CD for the PC Engine CD-ROM2, made by students at Hudson's Hokkaido game design school. The disc was never meant for public release, but is a fascinating treasure trove of historical information. In the game, players are able to walk around the Hudson school and chat with various game development staff and teachers. In a way, it's a collection of mini-interviews from the time.

The images formed the basis of an interview with Japan's Game Preservation Society in Volume 2 of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers. Given its focus on the mysterious Hudson school game disc which Joseph had procured, I decided to keep it aside for the Hudson chapter in Volume 2. We started our interview looking at an unreleased PC Engine game developed at the Hudson Computer Designers School in Hokkaido. It was made by students as part of their studies. Almost the entire game is shown as a slideshow of screenshots as shown in this video. Joseph later provided me with 96 images taken from the game. This provides a valuable resource in terms of Hudson staff names and roles, plus their photos (which I hope will be used on sites like MobyGames and Wikipedia). For a fun game, type the names you see on these pages into MobyGames, some of them have worked on prominent Hudson and Konami series!

The full interview with Joseph can be read in the book itself (Amazon links below), and details the background of the school and this particular rare game. In the meantime, please enjoy all 96 of the images which I was given. This constitutes a large portion of the game's content, and is found nowhere else online. Most of what is not shown is discussion text with the various staff, but given the volume and language barrier, didn't seem worth trying to acquire. I do not own the copyright to these images, so please feel free to use them on sites like MobyGames to provide profile photos for various developers. (There's a photo of Bomberman's creator, Shinichi Nakamoto if you scroll down.)


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