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Mercenary Kings Aug 29, 2014

Metal Slug meets Borderlands in this mission-based action game with gorgeous spritework.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Aug 29, 2014

This Ukranian developed FPS takes place in a completely nihilistic nuclear wasteland, where death and failure are commonplace.

Coming Soon! Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Castlevania Aug 27, 2014

Welcome to the hell house! Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Castlevania includes 158 pages with full reviews of over thirty Castlevania titles - starting from the 1986 Nintendo original up to the 2014 Lords of Shadow 2 - plus reviews of clone games, soundtracks, books, trivia, and more! Coming in late September.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Spanish for Everyone Aug 27, 2014

This innocuous looking DS shovelware title is actually full of drug smugglers, prostitutes, lots of casual racism, and talking bulls.

The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers: Volume 1 is now available! Aug 25, 2014

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the first volume of The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers book, featuring 526 pages packed with interviews, is now available for purchase on Amazon and the CreateSpace e-Store.

Mega Man: Classic Series Aug 25, 2014

Everyone's favorite underpants-wearing robot has finally gotten sick of platforming and tries out a bunch of other genres, from board games to soccer, kart racing and FMV shenanigans.

500-Word Indies: Five Nights at Freddy's Aug 24, 2014

Jump into the role of a nightshift maintenance man who has to take care of the creepy animatronics at an amusement venue, in the latest Youtube Let's Play darling.

Game Club 199X - First Strike: Freedom Planet Aug 24, 2014

A new series by the Game Club 199X crew, where we play through a recent indie game as thoroughly as possible, then discuss our gut reactions on it right afterwards. This episode: The vaguely Sonic-esque platformer Freedom Planet. (Also check out the earlier sneak peak episode on Gone Home.)

Gokinjo Boukentai Aug 23, 2014

Join up with your cat and fight demons in a modern Japanese town in this cutesy Super Famicom RPG with character designs by famed manga artist Masumi Sudou.

Patholigic Remake on Kickstarter Aug 23, 2014

A remake of the fantastic survival game Pathologic is due to launch on Kickstarter (see the above video). If you've never heard of Pathologic, read our lengthy feature on it..

500-Word Indies: Darkness Aug 21, 2014

Another Indiana Jones wannabe arrives on the Commodore 64 scene.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Gokuu Densetsu: Magic Beast Warriors Aug 20, 2014

Digitized, rubber suit wearing weirdos reenact the legend of the Monkey King in this early PS1 fighting game.

Site Update: New Alternate Layout Aug 19, 2014

One of the most frequent complaints about the site is the unusual color scheme, which not few readers tend to find straining to their eyes. To those we can now finally offer a solution. If you take a look at the site header menu above, you will find it has been extended by two buttons - the right one allows switching to black text on a bright background. Please understand that it doesn't yet work on all pages as some are still built with completely different HTML code, but it should be active for about 90% of the site. If you happen to run into any other issues with it, please notify us on the forums or on Facebook.

Mega Man: Classic Series Aug 18, 2014

This week: Some more compilations and Powered Up, the extended PSP remake of the original.

Steel Empire Aug 17, 2014

The classic Genesis steampunk shooter gets a modern update with this 3DS downloadable title.

Amazing Princess Sarah Aug 16, 2014

Yes, it goes way overboard with the titillation, but it's also a well-designed sidescrolling platformer by the creator of Akane the Kunoichi.

High Rise Aug 15, 2014

This forgotten old puzzle game may look a lot like a kind of Tetris clone on first glance, but it actually predates Pajitnov's masterpiece and plays quite differently.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Muscle March Aug 13, 2014

Welcome this parade of beefy dudes (and one dudette and a polar bear) into your Wii in this ridiculous title from Namco-Bandai.

Mitchell Corporation arcade games available to license Aug 13, 2014

A diverse selection of Mitchell Corporation's arcade back catalogue is up for grabs, to license and re-release on modern systems, including the phenomenal Cannon Dancer / Osman.

GC9X Post Mortem - ESwat Aug 13, 2014

KaL, Snarboo and extra special guest Larry Bundy tackle a dual sampler of SEGA's classic Genesis title ESWAT City Under Siege and the slightly lesser but still quite decent ESWAT arcade.

Tomba! Aug 12, 2014

Two PS1 cult classic platformers developed by a Capcom alum, starring a pink haired feral child and his revenge against evil pigs.

Mega Man: Classic Series Aug 11, 2014

The Blue Bomber makes some rare visits to Sega consoles and the NES games get reissued on PlayStation.

Best of PC Engine / Sega CD Music Part 18 Aug 10, 2014

Tracks from Batman Returns, Chuck Rock and Emerald Dragon.

Freescape Aug 7, 2014

The world's first proprietary 3D game engine and its games, hailing from the UK.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Midgard Aug 6, 2014

Western PC gamers of the late 1990s, you thought you had it bad with all those incompetent Diablo clones? You don't know what your Japanese comrades got.

Youkai Club Aug 5, 2014

This Famicom action-platformer from Jaleco aspires to the heights of Castlevania, but never quite reaches it.

Mega Man: Classic Series Aug 4, 2014

This Mega Man Monday, we're covering the two standalone boss rushes that originated in the arcades.

500-Word Indies: Nidhogg Aug 2, 2014

The fast-paced alternative fighting game with pseudo-retro graphics has been a critics' darling ever since it's been first shown in 2010, but what do we think?

Nayuta no Kiseki Aug 1, 2014

Falcom creates another great action-RPG to stand up next to their Ys series.

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