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Image Fight Aug 31, 2016

This vertical shooter series from Irem is cited as an inspiration for Radiant Silvergun, owing to its large and versatile arsenal.

Bleed Aug 31, 2016

An indie side-scrolling shooter focused on killing all sorts of classic videogame baddies in the flashiest way possible.

Punky Skunk Aug 23, 2016

A relic from the 16-bit mascot platformer days somehow ended up on the PS1, and despite the grownworthy title and character, it's actually not too bad.

Thomas Was Alone Aug 23, 2016

One of the indie darlings from a few years back, Thomas Was Alone is a minimalist platforming puzzle game that takes place inside a computer, accompanied by narration that gives thoughts and personality to simple geometric shapes.

Virocop Aug 23, 2016

Graftgold's 1995 Amiga shooter lets you play as a virtual character entering a whole slew of fictional games.

500-Word Indies: Cinderella Escape! R12 Aug 23, 2016

A bizarro Japanese indie block-pushing fetish game (that's not Catherine).

Mega Man Legends Aug 22, 2016

The final part of our Mega Man Legends feature details the tragically canceled third game, along with the numerous cameos and media spinoffs, plus a look at its purported spiritual successor, Red Ash.

Go! Go! Mile Smile Aug 20, 2016

Go! Go! Mile Smile puts you in control of a group of freshly-hatched chickens, and hearkens back to the maze games of the early 1980s while still bringing something new to the table.

Time Twist Aug 18, 2016

One of the last games for the Famicom Disk System, this absolutely crazy adventure game has you traveling through time to save Joan d'Arc, escape a German concentration camp, work as a slave on a plantation, and match wits with a demonically possessed baby Jesus.

Infinite Space Aug 17, 2016

Infinite Space is a title from the Nintendo DS' days of experimentation, alongside such mechanic creating oddities like The World Ends With You, and it plays like no other title in the system's library, or anything in most every other genre.

Top 47,858 Episode 12: FTL, Full Throttle, Final Fight, Sewer Shark Aug 15, 2016

Join the HG101 Partyologists as they discuss the finer points of roving street gangs, roving biker gangs, roving slaver gangs, and Sewer Shark.

Mega Man Legends Aug 15, 2016

The second (of three) parts in our Mega Man Legends feature examines the second (and technically final) game of the series, as well as its spinoff, The Misadventures of Tron Bonne, assorted mobile ports, and a Taiwan-exclusive entry, Adventure to Save the Planet.

Twin Caliber Aug 14, 2016

This EU-exclusive PS2 rail shooter uses the two analog sticks of the Dual Shock controller to let you wield two weapons at once against a zombie horde.

Lost Kingdoms Aug 12, 2016

A duo of Gamecube RPGs from FromSoftware, both utilizing a unique card-based system.

Mega Man Legends Aug 8, 2016

Mega Man's first foray into 3D isn't entirely accurate to its earlier games, but it does create its own charming little world. Part 1 of 3 covers the series' influences, the main characters, and the first game. The first game was also nominated as one of our 200 Best Video Games of All Time.

Motoko-chan no Wonder Kitchen Aug 7, 2016

An SFC title designed to sell mayonnaise, this silly cutesy game is only kinda-sorta about cooking and more about goofing around.

VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action Aug 3, 2016

A modern visual novel that weaves a science fiction story through the stories of bar patrons, in the style of classic PC88 titles like Snatcher.

The Way Aug 2, 2016

An indie tribute to cinematic platformers like Another World and Flashback, with some truly fantastic pixelwork.

Dark Sceptre July 29, 2016

We're back with more coverage of ambitious Spectrum games, but this one actually lives up to its promise. No wonder - it was made by the legendary Mike Singleton.

Now available! HG101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classics July 27, 2016

Are you a bad enough dude to buy this book? Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classic covers the diverse library from the underrated Japanese developer, including golden era classics like BurgerTime and Karate Champ; eccentricities like Karnov and Trio the Punch; outstanding genre pieces like Desert Assault and Night Slashers; licensed titles like RoboCop and Captain America and the Avengers; and cult classics like Boogie Wings and Windjammers. Also included is an extensive examination of their popular competitive puzzle game, Magical Drop, and of course, the ninja-fighting, president-saving Bad Dudes and its pseudo-sequel Two Crude Dudes. Check it out on Amazon!

One Finger Death Punch Jul 28, 2016

One of the most clever twists on the beat-em-up formula ever created, involving one button, some stick figures, and a whole lot of violence.

Dark Seal Jul 25, 2016

To go alongside the upcoming release of the Data East Arcade Classics book, here's a pair of isometric fantasy beat-em-ups (also known as Gate of Doom and Wizard Fire) that take influence from role-playing games.

Divekick Jul 24, 2016

What started as a bunch of in-jokes for the fighting game community eventually blossomed into this simple yet incredibly fun title.

Valhalla Jul 22, 2016

Another British adventure game obscurity from the early years of the ZX Spectrum, Valhalla is more notable for the high ambitions of its four man development team rather than the actual result.

Nazo Puyo Jul 20, 2016

Our renewed Puyo Puyo article finally continues, with a prolific set of spin-off titles that focus on predefined conundrums to solve in place of the multiplayer antics of the mainline series.

Synnergist Jul 16, 2016

A cyberpunk FMV/point-and-click adventure that is technically a fascinating mess, but more often than not its shortcomings work accidentally in its favor.

ROM Hack Interview: FuSoYa Jul 16, 2016

An interview with the ROM hacker behind Lunar Magic, the level design program for Super Mario World.

500-Word Indies: Spirits of Xanadu Jul 16, 2016

A sci-fi horror exploration game, for those who can't get enough of System Shock or Dead Space.

Vectorman Jul 13, 2016

An action-platformer that is not only a worthy competitor to Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country trilogy, but also a game that perfectly encapsulates what 90s Sega was all about.

Warlocked Jul 10, 2016

A real time strategy game developed for the Game Boy Color, that's not only surprisingly good, but one of the best exclusive games on the platform.

Top 47,858 Episode 10: Crash Bandicoot 2, Ikaruga, NewZealand Story, Zoo Keeper Jul 10, 2016

Join the HG101 Alternative Rockers as they discuss bandicoot husbandry, orangey-black projectiles, and Mario's enduring bromance with Dogs Bower.

Fallout Jul 6, 2016

An exhaustive look at the legendary post-apocalyptic RPG series, begun by Black Isle Studios and continued by Bethesda, including its spin-offs and cancelled titles.

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