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HG101 Digest Vol. 2: Taito Arcade Classics Featured in the Latest Storybundle! July 6, 2016

HG101 Digest Vol. 2: Taito Arcade Classics is part of the latest Storybundle! For $12, you can grab a digital copy of this, as well as Boss Fights Books: Spelunky by developer Derek Yu, How to Talk About Videogames by Ian Bogost, GameMaker Language by Benjamin Anderson, and more great video game writing!

Dark Seal Jul 25, 2016

To go alongside the upcoming release of the Data East Arcade Classics book, here's a pair of isometric fantasy beat-em-ups (also known as Gate of Doom and Wizard Fire) that take influence from role-playing games.

Divekick Jul 24, 2016

What started as a bunch of in-jokes for the fighting game community eventually blossomed into this simple yet incredibly fun title.

Valhalla Jul 22, 2016

Another British adventure game obscurity from the early years of the ZX Spectrum, Valhalla is more notable for the high ambitions of its four man development team rather than the actual result.

Nazo Puyo Jul 20, 2016

Our renewed Puyo Puyo article finally continues, with a prolific set of spin-off titles that focus on predefined conundrums to solve in place of the multiplayer antics of the mainline series.

Synnergist Jul 16, 2016

A cyberpunk FMV/point-and-click adventure that is technically a fascinating mess, but more often than not its shortcomings work accidentally in its favor.

ROM Hack Interview: FuSoYa Jul 16, 2016

An interview with the ROM hacker behind Lunar Magic, the level design program for Super Mario World.

500-Word Indies: Spirits of Xanadu Jul 16, 2016

A sci-fi horror exploration game, for those who can't get enough of System Shock or Dead Space.

Vectorman Jul 13, 2016

An action-platformer that is not only a worthy competitor to Nintendo's Donkey Kong Country trilogy, but also a game that perfectly encapsulates what 90s Sega was all about.

Warlocked Jul 10, 2016

A real time strategy game developed for the Game Boy Color, that's not only surprisingly good, but one of the best exclusive games on the platform.

Top 47,858 Episode 10: Crash Bandicoot 2, Ikaruga, NewZealand Story, Zoo Keeper Jul 10, 2016

Join the HG101 Alternative Rockers as they discuss bandicoot husbandry, orangey-black projectiles, and Mario's enduring bromance with Dogs Bower.

Fallout Jul 6, 2016

An exhaustive look at the legendary post-apocalyptic RPG series, begun by Black Isle Studios and continued by Bethesda, including its spin-offs and cancelled titles.

Pepper's Adventures in Time Jul 4, 2016

A cute and clever educational point-and-click game from Sierra, where you play a young girl and her dog, traveling back in time and fixing things that have gone astray in colonial America.

Broforce Jul 4, 2016

Do you love America? Do you love movies where muscular, poorly acting men shoot evil in the face? If you said yes to one of these two questions, you are going to love Broforce.

Pharaoh Rebirth Jul 3, 2016

An excellent Metroidvania from long-standing doujin studio Krobon, featuring a rabbit archaeologist exploring a pyramid.

Banner Saga 2 Jul 3, 2016

The follow-up to the tactical indie hit is technically more of the same, but that's not really a bad thing.

Paladin's Quest / Lennus Jun 29, 2016

A duo of grindy SNES JRPGs by Copya System, with some bizarre art design that's unlike anything the genre has seen before, and a characteristically strange translation.

Kaze no NOTAM Jun 28, 2016

A hot-air balloon simulator from Artdink, a minor developer perhaps best known for making experimental games that initially received a lukewarm reception, like Aquanaut's Holiday and Tail of the Sun. Kaze no NOTAM clearly falls within that same category of games, for better or for worse.

Samurai Shodown Slash Jun 22, 2016

An infinite runner for mobile platforms starring some of the characters from SNK's seminal fighting series. It was only released in Korea, though service has been disabled and is no longer playable.

Podcast: HG101's Top 47,858 Games Of All Time Jun 22, 2016

The adventures of Game Club 199X continue as the crew tackle their greatest challenge yet! The GC9X Super Fighting Animal Team discuss the games you nominate on Twitter, and then, using a series of complicated algorithms and dark sciences, give them a very official, very final ranking on a rapidly growing list. You too can nominate three games of your choice on Twitter at @GC9X! Will you be the one to nominate the greatest game of all time?

Dark Earth Jun 19, 2016

A post-apocalyptic steampunk RPG that had the misfortune of launching against larger titles like Fallout and Final Fantasy VII, this French-developed title has clumsy combat but a fascinating game world.

Your Weeky Kusoge: Quiver Jun 19, 2016

In the running of the sad title of "most mediocre Doom clone", Quiver was developed for low-spec systems, even though Doom could run comfortably on a low end 486.

Cosmic Cavern 3671 on Steam Greenlight Jun 18, 2016

The realm of early Japanese computer gaming is not widely documented, especially on the English internet, but it's something that we at HG101 take huge interest in. So that's why it's worth checking out Cosmic Cavern 3671, which was recently posted on Steam Greenlight.

Racing Lagoon Jun 15, 2016

Developed during Square's daring PS1 days, Racing Lagoon is a combination of an arcade racer and an RPG, inspired by the popular anime/manga series Initial D.

bit Generations Pt. 2 Jun 12, 2016

The second (and final, for now) part of this article covering the old school/artsy GBA games covers COLORIS, ORBITAL, DIGIDRIVE, and Soundvoyager.

Life is Strange Jun 10, 2016

Starring a young woman with the power to rewind time, Life is Strange's point-and-click DNA is easy to spot, but it turns all of these toward telling a story that's more about longing, regret, and ordinary life, than fighting an Evil Empire.

Video: Meeting with a Book Collector Jun 10, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. A meeting with a collector of almost every video game book ever. Includes a look through his absolutely massive library of stuff.

Video: A Look at the Japanese Game Preservation Society Jun 10, 2016

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. A look at the Japanese Game Preservation Society's laboratory in Tokyo, as guided by Joseph Redon. This organization works to preserve Japan's software, which, like software from all over the globe, was initially distributed on rather fragile medium.

Tumblepop Jun 7, 2016

A goofy, rainbow-colored single screen platformer from Data East, Tumblepop combines two popular arcade titles from the early 90s, Pang and Snow Bros. Also includes reviews of its spiritual sequels, Diet Go Go and Joe & Mac Returns.

Gone Home Jun 6, 2016

Causing a flurry of controversy when it was released in 2013, Gone Home is an emotionally impactful exploratory adventure game, one that kicked off the subgenre semi-derisively known as the "walking simulator".

Demon Front Jun 3, 2016

Taiwan-based developer IGS is primarily known for their PolyGame Master arcade hardware, and along with it, a whole slew of Final Fight-style beat-em-ups. Demon Front, release on 2002, veers away from that direction though, and instead pays homage/rips off SNK's Metal Slug.

Gangsters: Organized Crime Jun 1, 2016

This overlooked strategy game is essentially "SimCapone", a gangland simulator as deep and palatable as a barrel of bootleg rum. Also followed up by a less ambitious sequel.

Coming soon! HG101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classics May 31, 2016

Are you a bad enough dude to buy this book? Hardcore Gaming 101 Presents: Data East Arcade Classic covers the diverse library from the underrated Japanese developer, including golden era classics like BurgerTime and Karate Champ; eccentricities like Karnov and Trio the Punch; outstanding genre pieces like Desert Assault and Night Slashers; licensed titles like RoboCop and Captain America and the Avengers; and cult classics like Boogie Wings and Windjammers. Also included is an extensive examination of their popular competitive puzzle game, Magical Drop, and of course, the ninja-fighting, president-saving Bad Dudes and its pseudo-sequel Two Crude Dudes. Coming July 2016!

Famicom Bunko: Hajimari no Mori May 30, 2016

Released in 1999 exclusively through the Nintendo Power download service for the Super Famicom, this adventure game seems like a simple summer love story, but it also makes very poignant commentary about the preservation of the environment and Japan's cultural traditions.

bit Generations Pt. 1 (of 2) May 28, 2016

A series of seven GBA titles released over the course of two weeks, the bit Generations games are aesthetically-driven and simple-but-pleasant little games. The first part of the article covers Series 1 (dotstream, BOUNDISH, and DIALHEX), which are on the more traditional side of things, with game elements that will be familiar to most.

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