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HG101 200 Best Games of All Time book in latest Storybundle! Nov 20, 2016

Our 200 Best Games of All Time book is available in the latest Storybundle! Also included is the full download of the Pico-8 fantasy console for playing/developing retro-styled game, Boss Fight Book's Super Mario Bros. 3, the Worlds of Power spoof Souls of Darkness, and gooteck's Fighting Game Fundamentals! Follow the hashtag #200BestGamesHG101 on Twitter for pictures from our collection, and follow HG_101 on Twitter to keep an eye out for contests!

Top 47,858 Episode 26: Crystalis, Shadow Man, Rats! Dec 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Hobo Millionaires as they discuss the finer points of voodoo warriorship, then play a dandy little jig on their insect flute!

Top 47,858 Episode 25: Dead or Alive 3, The Pandora Directive, Scorched Earth Dec 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Jerkbags as they discuss banana splits, crappy detectives, and mutually assured destruction.

Anodyne Dec 4, 2016

An indie game from 2013, similar to Zelda, that almost defies all conventions and labels, yet sticks so close to established and effective formulas

Blue Revolver Dec 1, 2016

An excellent indie shoot-em-up that channels Dodonpachi and other Cave bullet hell shooters, with refined mechanics and a sense of style all its own.

Top 47,858 Episode 24: Commander Keen, God Hand, Glover Nov 20, 2016

Join the HG101 Rude Dudes With Tudes as they discuss football-helmeted space avengers, fiery-armed cowboy punks, and a glove that slaps a ball.

Top 47,858 Episode 23: Golden Axe, Metroid Nov 10, 2016

Join the HG101 Space Police as they discuss how cool footsteps sound and how satisfying it is to smash the pommel of your battleaxe into the Bad Brothers' smarmy Karnov-wannabe faces.

Ogre Battle Nov 9, 2016

The legendary SRPG series from Quest, designed and written by Yasumi Matsuno and with music by Hitoshi Sakimoro and Masaharu Iwata, this article also covers the hugely influential Tactics Ogre spinoff.

Xexyz Nov 9, 2016

In this unpronouncable NES cult classic, developer Atlus nimbly combines platforming, non-linear exploration, and shoot-em-up sequences for a wholly unique adventure.

Mystical Fighter Nov 9, 2016

A Genesis brawler where you control a Kabuki team as they beat up the sinister Darkside Kabukimaster.

Randal's Monday Nov 9, 2016

A point and click adventure from Daedalic, with a Groundhog's Day-esque scenario where the hero relives the worst Monday ever, and tries to set things right.

Puzzle Link Nov 9, 2016

A series of puzzlers for the Neo Geo Pocket that recalls games like Puzzle Bobble and Magical Drop.

Crimzon Clover Nov 9, 2016

An indie shoot-em-up, first released though traditional doujin channels then later worldwide on Steam/GOG, that has the class and finesse to stand up next to Cave's best.

500 Word Indies: Manos: The Hand of Fate Nov 9, 2016

An 8-bit tribute to the Z-grade "classic" made famous by MST3K.

500 Word Indies: Soul Gambler Nov 9, 2016

A comic book-style visual novel about a man who's made a Faustian bargain.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Deus Ex Go Nov 6, 2016

The Deus Ex article has been updated to include a review of the recent sequel, Mankind Divided, as well as the mobile puzzle game Deus Ex Go.

Top 47,858 Episode 22: Bangai-O, Jurassic Park, Bugs Bunny in Rabbit Rampage Nov 4, 2016

Join the HG101 Join the HG101 Baggy Pants Players as they discuss fruit values, prehistoric misdirection, and the finer points of wabbit hunting.

Rampart Nov 3, 2016

Atari's classic arcade game is some kind of cross between Tetris and a very early tower defense, and even that description doesn't feel entirely accurate.

Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 1 Now Available in German! Nov 3, 2016

Hardcore Gaming 101 gibt es jetzt auch auf Deutsch! Mit „Hardcore Gaming 101 presents: Sega Arcade Classics (Deutsche Edition)“ kommt das erste Buch der Hardcore Gaming 101 Reihe jetzt auch nach Deutschland. Lasst euch in die Spielhallen der 80er und 90er entführen und erfahrt mehr über die bekannten und weniger bekannten Spiele des ehemaligen Konsolenherstellers!

Top 47,858 Episode 21: GoldenEye 007, Gekibo: Gekisha Boy Nov 2, 2016

Join the HG101 Real American Heroes as they do some bonding with Oddjob and Papa Shango in the Stack.

Midnight Mutants Oct 31, 2016

One of the only action-adventure games on the Atari 7800, starring an ersatz Grandpa Munster..

The HG101 and Sonic & Sega Fan Jam 2016 Fanbook Oct 30, 2016

The Sonic & Sega Fan Jam is less than two weeks away, on Saturday November 12, in Savannah, GA. Check out our exclusive fan book available at this convention, featuring several Sega reviews and a cover designed in the classic SMS grid style!

Chiller Oct 30, 2016

The extremely violent and sadistic light gun shooter by Exidy, which received an unlicensed NES port. Please note that there are violent and disturbing images on this page, so proceed with caution.

Downfall (remake) Oct 29, 2016

In February 2016, Harvester Games released a remake of their horror game Downfall. Reimagined in The Cat Lady format, the game is now presented at a side-scroller point-of-view and uses the keyboard exclusively. While the remake follows the same general narrative as the original, the script, the graphics, the music and the mechanics have been entirely reworked from the ground up.

Mystic Riders Oct 27, 2016

Our Halloween week coverage continues with this witchy shoot-em-up, one of Irem's lesser known titles.

Deep Fear Oct 25, 2016

Our Halloween week coverage kicks off with Deep Fear, Sega's attempt to make "Resident Evil in an underwater lab".

Her Story Oct 23, 2016

This indie darling from 2015 has you pouring over hours of FMV footage to piece together a murder mystery.

Top 47,858 Episode 20: Kwirk, Last Battle, Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf Oct 21, 2016

Join the HG101 Acclaim Power Team as they talk about sassy tomatoes, head-s'plosions, and the worst possible way to play Desert Strike.

Super Spy Hunter Oct 21, 2016

Sunsoft's NES sorta-sequel to Midway's classic arcade game isn't TECHNICALLY a Spy Hunter game - it's an unrelated title in Japan that's conceptually extremely similar - but it's a fantastic game that's better suited for its legacy than its actual follow-ups.

America Daitouryou Senkyo Oct 19, 2016

With the terrifying American 2016 Presidential Election finally in its last weeks, let's look back to the more innocent times of 1988, when a Japanese developer was kind enough to make a simulation game for the Famicom about the democratic process.

Kat's Run: Zen-Nippon K Car Senshuken Oct 17, 2016

An SFC racing game from Atlus that's a mish-mash of various concepts that don't quite gel together.

Black Oct 15, 2016

A take on first person shooters from Criterion, the developers of the Burnout series, often described in PR and reviews as "gun porn".

Top 47,858 Episode 19: Devil's Crush, Ganso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken Oct 14, 2016

Join the HG101 FPS Lore Mythologists as they talk all over video pinball, "lose buttons," and the creepy peccadilloes of kusoge programmers.

New Patreon Tiers Oct 12, 2016

We've updated our Patreon tiers in order to give some more bonuses to our readers. Donate $2 per month and you'll get your name in print in our upcoming books! Plus previews of everything we've been working on, including Sega Arcade Classics Vol. 2, The Guide to Shoot-em-ups Vol. 1, and more!

Top 47,858 Episode 18: Mega Man 3, Team Buddies Oct 12, 2016

Join the HG101 Hostmasters General they kill the robot fish, kill the robot frog, and then they fly off on their robot dog.

Party Hard Oct 12, 2016

A darkly comic game where you play a man who's had it with their neighbor's loud partying, and pledges to stop them once and for all.

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