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500-Word Indies: The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Nov 19, 2014

A stunningly beautiful mystery adventure, which tries some new ideas in pairing a narrative experience with gameplay.

The NewZealand Story Nov 17, 2014

Play as Tiki the kiwi in this cutesy (and oddly frustrating) platformer classic from Taito.

New Feature: Random Articles Nov 17, 2014

Hardcore Gaming 101 has so much content by now, that stuff easily gets lost in the endless catalog indices. Not anymore. In our neverending quest to send you down ever deeper rabbit holes, we implemented a random selector. Each article now has a 1-in-1000 chance to appear just to the right every time someone loads up the main page.

Spinal Breakers Nov 15, 2014

Play as devoted future soldier Captain Waffle as he wages a war throughout history against zombie robot-infested countries in this Cabal-clone from Video System.

The Ninja Kids Nov 13, 2014

Four goofy looking ninja kids band together to fight The Satan in this comical beat-em-up from Taito.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Where's Waldo (NES) Nov 13, 2014

A game based off the Where's Waldo series of books is a terrible idea, but that didn't stop a bunch of folks from trying. Here's one of the worst!

Kabuki Z Nov 11, 2014

Slice through the Japanese underworld in this violent arcade game from Taito/Kaneko.

Wizardry in Japan Nov 10, 2014

We conclude our Wizardry coverage (for now) with a brief overview of all those Japanese games, a closer look at the ill-fated (at least in English speaking territories) MMO installment, and a few odds and ends on mobile phones and other media.

Spotlight: Ultima Nov 10, 2014

You're through reading all about Wizardry? Why not check out our older article on the OTHER big venerable CRPG series. With newly refreshed layout to maximize your reading pleasure!

King of Dragon Pass Nov 9, 2014

Rule the Dragon Pass in this unique choose your own adventure/turn based strategy hybrid from the late 90s

500-Word Indies: Lifeless Planet Nov 7, 2014

An explorational 3D platformer on a seemingly abandoned alien world.

Martial Champion Nov 6, 2014

Konami tries their hand at a Street Fighter II clone, with decidedly average results.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Hana no Star Kaidou Nov 6, 2014

Control a duo of aspiring musicians as they bumble around town, beat up fans, and stumble into pits in this reprehensible Famicom game.

Sentient Nov 4, 2014

The first (and only) social space station survival simulation adventure, an incredibly ambitious title that collapses upon its own weight.

Wizardry 8 Nov 3, 2014

Sir-Tech's final contribution to the Wizardry franchise, before it would go Japan only for a long time. Also featuring a few games that are not Wizardry 8, but easily could have been in an alternate universe...

Nosferatu Oct 31, 2014

A triple feature of three very different horror games - a British microcomputer isometric adventure, a Super Famicom cinematic platformer and a 21st century first person shooter - all united by one name.

Porky Pig's Haunted Holiday Oct 30, 2014

Porky Pig may be one of the more underappreciated Looney Tunes characters, but some time around Halloween 1995, he got his very own SNES platformer for the spooky occasion.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Vampire Rain Oct 29, 2014

It's raining vampires! Well, actually it's just a failed stealth game featuring vampires...

CarnEvil Oct 28, 2014

Ridiculously over the top lightgun shooter about an evil carnival.

Sunsoft Gremlins 2 games Oct 28, 2014

A NES top-down action game and a Game Boy platformer starring the little monsters. (And yes, we're aware the films are actually set on Christmas - look forward for more Gremlin goodness around that time!)

Blackwell Oct 26, 2014

Halloween is about to rear its delightfully ugly head again, so until the 31st, we're gonna have a lot of content about spooky games for you. We're starting out mildly, with Dave Gilbert's recently completed point-and-click adventure cycle starring New York ghost counselor / paranormal investigator Rosa Blackwell and her ghost companion from the '20s, Joey Mallone.

Yumimi Mix Oct 25, 2014

Game Arts' cutesy Mega CD visual novel tells the incredulous story of interdimensional horse lovers.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Cyberdillo Oct 22, 2014

Live out your fantasies as a cybernetic armadillo in this insane, nightmarish FPS.

64th Street: A Detective Story Oct 21, 2014

Solve crimes by bashing some heads in this Jaleco beat-em-up, obstensibly set in the 1930s, except with cyborgs for some reason..

Boppin' Oct 19, 2014

An unusual Puzzle Bobble-type game on the Amiga and IBM PC, with unique visual stylings, tons of classic video game references, and completely inappropriate violence.

Puzzle Boy Oct 18, 2014

Atlus' series of Sokoban-style puzzle games starring vegetables, better known in English as Kwirk, Spud's Adventure and Amazing Tater.

Charlie Ninja Oct 16, 2014

Two wacky ninjas fight through an array of American stereotypes in this zany arcade game from Mitchell.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Dark Tower Oct 15, 2014

This hacked together Bubble Bobble clone features a nerd hero fighting against sprite rips from Ghosts n' Goblins.

Psychic War Oct 14, 2014

We've updated this article to include more information on this early sci-fi JRPG, one of the first of its kind to make it to North America.

In case you missed it: Japanese Game Expo Photos 1991-1992 and 1993-1994 Oct 14, 2014

Here's some old stuff from our blog! Glorious photos from various Japanese industry events, scanned from contemporaneous Korean magazines.

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