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bit Generations Pt. 1 (of 2) May 28, 2016

A series of seven GBA titles released over the course of two weeks, the bit Generations games are aesthetically-driven and simple-but-pleasant little games. The first part of the article covers Series 1 (dotstream, BOUNDISH, and DIALHEX), which are on the more traditional side of things, with game elements that will be familiar to most.

Mortal Kombat May 24, 2016

A little late coming, but we've updated our Mortal Kombat article with coverage of Mortal Kombat X, as well as adding the new character bios to the first page.

Inventory: Mortal Kombat Klones May 24, 2016

Beyond giving us ten games and several spin-offs, Mortal Kombat also inspired a legion of clones, rip-offs, and homages. This article covers over thirty of these titles - any 2D fighter featuring digitized live action or CGI characters, or otherwise featuring extreme amounts of violence - including Time Killers, Way of the Warriors, and more!

Croc May 20, 2016

Argonaut, developer of the SNES Starfox games, pitched Nintendo an idea for a 3D platformer starring Yoshi. They struck it down. Frustrated, the team broke ties, continued to develop the game anyway, and created their own character: the wide-eyed crocodile Croc. While deriviative, it was a good alternative for those who wanted an N64-style 3D platformer, but didn't own an N64.

Omikron: The Nomad Soul May 19, 2016

The first game from well known developer David Cage, Omikron features David Bowie in the role of a central plot-moving character who interacts directly with the player, looking like and voiced by Bowie himself, and even contributed to aspects of its design and aesthetics.

F-Zero (Part 2 of 2) May 2, 2016

The second (and final) part of our F-Zero article covers the beautiful F-Zero GX/AX, plus the remaining two Game Boy Advance games, which tied into an anime from around the same time.

Post Mortem / Still Life May 11, 2016

A trilogy of mystery adventure games from Micro惻s, the stories mix together mystical elements, psychic flashes, and utterly tone deaf comedy in a way that somehow works.

Red Comrades Save the Galaxy May 9, 2016

A classic Russian comedy adventure game, the first in a series of nine, that has recently been translated into English and released on Steam. It's about Communists from 1918 thwarting an alien invasion, and it's goofy as hell.

Dolphin Blue May 8, 2016

It's Metal Slug meets anime Waterworld in this 2.5D run-and-gun released for the Atomiswave arcade board in 2003.

The Count Lucanor May 4, 2016

A loose take on the Spanish stories, done entirely in the style of a Studio Ghibli film (their comparison) and sprite based adventure games, with a bit of class from a classical soundtrack remade with chiptunes.

F-Zero (Part 1 of 2) May 2, 2016

Even though F-Zero is part of Nintendo's long list of franchises that are only dug out from their vault for new Smash Bros. characters and trophies, it used to be one of the big names identified with Nintendo in the 16- and 64-bit days. As one of Nintendo's launch titles for the Super NES, it was a showcase of the system's capabilities as much as it was a sharply designed game, and essentially codified what people would get and expect from a futuristic racer - insane speeds, rocket engines, crazy jumps, and murderous race tracks.

Actual Sunlight May 1, 2016

A darkly autobiographic tale of young man struggling with life, there are few games as beautifully, grossly human as this.

King & Balloon Apr 29, 2016

An early variation on Namco's Galaga, where you fittingly protect a king from attacking balloons.

ROM Hacker Interview: Red Comet Apr 26, 2016

Bobby Vandiver, better known as Red Comet, is an accomplished ROM hacking and the man behind Twilight Translations. He's released a number of English fan translation patches for games, including several Dragon Ball Z titles, two Gundam titles, and the beat-em-up Streets of Rage 3.

Cosmic Smash Apr 26, 2016

Sega's high minded, artistic title with an abstract technological aesthetic, even though it's really just "squash meets Breakout".

Techno Cop Apr 23, 2016

This driving/shooting game by Gremlin Graphics had the questionable honor of introducing explicit gore to home consoles, years before it became a big issue with Mortal Kombat.

Tattoo Assassins Apr 21, 2016

Data East's pinball division tried to make their own Mortal Kombat II ripoff with Tattoo Assassins. We say "tried" because the game technically never came out, but it's still a testament to the absurd excess of the 90s fighting game market.

Baraduke Apr 19, 2016

Gamers were shocked when Samus Aran revealed herself to be a woman at the end of Metroid, but technically Namco's arcade space shooter Baraduke beat Nintendo to the punch.

Ancient Domains of Mystery Apr 17, 2016

Ancient Domains of Mystery seems like a standard cRPG, and has many things in common with the genre: overworld map with towns and dungeons, quests, karma system. But the game is also a traditional roguelike with the level of complexity and difficulty similar to that of NetHack.

500-Word Indies: Cast of the Seven Godsends Apr 17, 2016

Developed by Italy's indie game scene, Cast of the Seven Godsends emulates arcade classics like Rygar and Magician Lord, though with visuals that resemble a high-res Amiga game.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (4/7) Apr 17, 2016

In world 4, Googoo and Sese enter a realm above the clouds - but that doesn't mean the obligatory underwater and fortress stages are missing here.

The Dark Spire Apr 13, 2016

A first person dungeon crawler for the DS that directly replicates the feeling of the classic Wizardry titles, though with a stylish visual makeover.

JJ Squawkers Apr 12, 2016

An eccentric arcade side-scroller from Athena featuring two crow brothers and their fight against evil.

Mamono Hunter Yōko: Dai 7 no Keishō Apr 9, 2016

Based off the 90s anime OVA, this Mega Drive action game is reminiscent of Valis, though playing it feels like navigating an alien world that's hostile to your every move.

Your Weeky Kusoge: Family Dog Apr 9, 2016

In the early 90s, there were a number of "adult" cartoon sitcoms after the early success of The Simpsons. These were all terrible (except The Critic) but one of them, Family Dog, had such high expectations that it got an SNES game tie-in. Like the cartoon, it is quite substandard.

Pony Island Apr 6, 2016

A super creepy game about a piece of software that seems to be possessed by the devil. Not actually (technically) about ponies.

The Stanley Parable Apr 4, 2016

It's easy to get the impression that The Stanley Parable just wants to mess with you, but it's actually making a lot of clever points about the nature and meaning of interactive storytelling... while also trying to mess with you. A lot.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (3/7) Apr 4, 2016

Things get a little tricky in world 3, so we're resorting to use of the expensive transformation that essentially breaks the game.

Seicross Apr 2, 2016

An unusual sidescrolling shooter where aliens chase you on hoverbikes across a vaguely Tron-like landscape.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (2/7) Apr 2, 2016

In world 2 we try out some more transformations and meet a few very familiar obstacles. In preservation news: We've now determined who's going to dump the game, but there'll be a bit of a delay since we've decided to try out some old leads for another undumped cart before shipping it across the Pacific.

Jazzpunk Apr 1, 2016

No April Fool's Day joke this year (no lies!) but instead we're featuring this comical first person quasi-adventure game, which flirts with dadaist humor, but misses the mark as often as it hits.

Read Only Memories Mar 30, 2016

A recent indie cyberpunk adventure game, heavily influenced by the likes of Snatcher.

Inventories: Platforming games before Super Mario Bros. #03 - Joust, Pitfall!, etc. Mar 29, 2015

Tracing the history of the platformer genre before Super Mario Bros. Featuring Joust, Jungle King, Donkey Kong Junior, Springer, and Pitfall!

Double Dragon Mar 28, 2016

The brawl is almost over. Left standing are only a variety of spin-offs and crossovers, both official and unofficial, inmidst a rubble of misguided media tie-ins.

Magic Kid Googoo: Annotated Longplay (1/7) Mar 27, 2016

An unlicensed, rare and (so far) undumped Famicom game that was only published in Korea. Hopefully the bad video quality here will be obsolete soon, but until we manage to arrange the game's preservation, this longplay will be the most comprehensive footage you can find. Turn on annotations for explanations about the gameplay, development background info, and more.

GameClub 199X Home Video: Sonic CD Mar 27, 2016

We try something the same but different today as we talk over a playthrough of SEGA's lesser regarded Sonic the Hedgehog sequel. Joining KaL and Bobinator is Muteki, a near Academic level student of the Sonic games.

Your Weeky Kusoge: Operation: Body Count Mar 26, 2016

A terrible Wolfenstein 3D clone from Capstone that puts you against an army of Islamic terrorists.

Segata Sanshiro Shinken Yuugi Mar 25, 2016

Sega Saturn shiro! The tough guy Saturn spokesman may have sacrificed his life (in the ads, of course) to save Sega from their evil competitors, but his triumphant spirit lives on in this collection of minigames.

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