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Boppin' Oct 19, 2014

An unusual Puzzle Bobble-type game on the Amiga and IBM PC, with unique visual stylings, tons of classic video game references, and completely inappropriate violence.

Puzzle Boy Oct 18, 2014

Atlus' series of Sokoban-style puzzle games starring vegetables, better known in English as Kwirk, Spud's Adventure and Amazing Tater.

Charlie Ninja Oct 16, 2014

Two wacky ninjas fight through an array of American stereotypes in this zany arcade game from Mitchell.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Dark Tower Oct 15, 2014

This hacked together Bubble Bobble clone features a nerd hero fighting against sprite rips from Ghosts n' Goblins.

Psychic War Oct 14, 2014

We've updated this article to include more information on this early sci-fi JRPG, one of the first of its kind to make it to North America.

In case you missed it: Japanese Game Expo Photos 1991-1992 and 1993-1994 Oct 14, 2014

Here's some old stuff from our blog! Glorious photos from various Japanese industry events, scanned from contemporaneous Korean magazines.

Wizardry: Crusaders of the Dark Savant and Nemesis Oct 13, 2014

Wizardry enters the 1990s - one is D.W. Bradley's final masterpiece for Sir-Tech, the other a mediocre Myst-ish spin-off.

Christopher Columbus is an Idiot Oct 13, 2014

Happy Columbus Day! Fumble your way towards the New World as the universe's most moronic explorer in HG101's own perpetually unfinished (but still playable) point-and-click adventure game.

Blog: HG101 State of the Union - October 2014 Oct 13, 2014

Updates on the Sega Classics Vol. 2 book and extra discounts for Patreon contributors, plus a summary of all of the articles from the past month.

Super Meat Boy Oct 12, 2014

Perfect your platforming skills in this kinda-gross indie gaming classic.

Lucky & Wild Oct 10, 2014

Live out your buddy cop movie fantasies with this two player light gun/racing hybrid from Namco.

500-Word Indies: Oneiric Gardens Oct 10, 2014

Awkward little free walk-'em-up in an incoherent, dreamlike world.

Game Club 199X - XCOM: UFO Defense Oct 9, 2014

It's nighttime in the big city. A convenience store clerk takes a penny, does not leave a penny. A flying saucer lands and a bunch of floating guys in capes come out. It's the HG101 podcast with your host, Snarboo.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Dianshi Mali Oct 8, 2014

Push Start to Rich in this shady bootleg Famicom slot machine simulator by "Namco Corporation".

Iron Horse Oct 7, 2014

Take down a group of train-robbing outlaws in this Western-themed arcade game from Konami.

Deae Tonosama Appare Ichiban Oct 5, 2014

Fight a legion of aliens invading feudal Japan in a campy run-and-gun similar to Choaniki.

Pier Solar and the Great Architects Oct 4, 2014

The ambitious Genesis indie RPG finally makes its way to more accessible platforms with a questionable "HD" conversion (but no worries - the original graphics are available as well).

Rogue Legacy Oct 2, 2014

Rogue is reimagined as a Metroidvania with this indie side-scrolling slasher.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Miracle Design Kart Racers Oct 1, 2014

Not two, not three, but four almost identical kart racers, all crappy, released under different names.

Danganronpa Sep 30, 2014

Japan's latest murder mystery sensation, starring sadistic teddy bears, surreal visuals, and comically morbid death scenes.

Wizardry: Heart of the Maelstrom and Bane of the Cosmic Forge Sep 29, 2014

The first two of three Wizardry games by D.W. Bradley, who managed to restore the aged series back to glory and was considered one of the big CRPG masterminds of the early 1990s.

Phozon Sep 28, 2014

An early 80s action game from Namco based on creating chemical compounds. It's more fun than it sounds!

SWAT (Sega) Sep 28, 2014

This Sega developed (but Bally Midway distributed in the US) arcade game has nothing to do with beating terrorists, and everything to do with beating down alien invasions as a tiny dude riding a flying surfboard.

Gigas Sep 28, 2014

Sega somewhat shamelessly apes another popular game with this Arkanoid clone.

Heavy Metal (Sega) Sep 28, 2014

Nothing to do with either the magazine, movie or even the music genre, this is an early arcade shooter from Sega.

Elemental Master Sep 25, 2014

An overhead fantasy metal shooter for the Genesis from the same guys as Thunder Force.

Your Weekly Kusoge: King's Quest V (NES) Sep 24, 2014

Sierra's classic point-and-adventure game ended up on the NES, with less than optimal results.

Follow Hardcore Gaming 101 on Steam! Sep 23, 2014

Now you also can follow our recommendations directly on our Steam Curator list. Click on the link above or type Hardcore Gaming 101 in the curator search. You can also join our Steam community group (easier to find as hardcoregaming_101 if you go through the Steam client).

Smash TV / Total Carnage Sep 22, 2014

Midway reworks the classic dual joystick shooter Robotron 2084 into two spiritual successors, a satirical game show and a comical war blastathon.

Torin's Passage Sep 20, 2014

Al Lowe takes a break from raunchy lounge lizards to design this family friend fantasy adventure, which once again bests Sierra's own flagship series.

The Black Cauldron Sep 20, 2014

This early Sierra game, based off the Disney animated film, one ups the company's own Kings Quest series with branching paths, less frustrating gameplay, and an easy to use interface.

The Amazing Adventures of ANSiDude Sep 20, 2014

The days of games made under the DOS video mode restrictions are long gone, but The Amazing Adventures of ANSiDude is one of the weirder ones.

Your Weekly Kusoge: Smashing Drive Sep 17, 2014

"Smashing Drive will make you the devil's slave!", says the in-game lyrics. That's only part of this baffling racing game's "appeal".

Hoccer Sep 17, 2014

While billed on the flyer as "The Sport of the 21st Century," Hoccer is a fast-paced action game where the goal is to murder everyone.

System Shock Sep 14, 2014

Explore infested space stations and jack into cyberspace to defeat the evil AI SHODAN in these two FPS/RPG classics, the predecessors to Bioshock.

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