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GameClub 199X Episode 47: Daikatana Nov 27, 2015

No, not THAT Daikatana! The HG101 cultural daredevils try out a port nobody played of a game nobody liked. But hey, stick around for the longest conversation about the Game Boy Color ever recorded!

GameClub 199X Home Video: KaL Plays Factory: The Industrial Devolution Nov 26, 2015

Another hard day at The Factory making Elmo Cereal for KaL and Bobinator. When this obscure Macintosh game was released in 1993, the publisher Softstream went bankrupt almost immediately after, but in 1995 the original creator Patrick Calahan went and re-released it himself as shareware.

Captain Tomaday Nov 25, 2015

A goofy TwinBee-esque shooter from Visco, starring an anthropomorphic tomato as a superhero.

Video: An Interview with Yoshiro Kimura Nov 25, 2015

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. An interview with Yoshiro Kimura (of Love de Lic, who worked on Rule of Rose, Chulip, and more).

Video: An Interview with Enix programmer Toru Hidaka Nov 25, 2015

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. An interview with Toru Hidaka, a programmer who worked primarily with Enix. Also shows how graphics were drawn on the PC-88 with Hidaka-san's tools.

Christine Love Twine Games Nov 25, 2015

We covered the bulk of Christine Love's work about a year ago - this is a little update to add a few smaller interactive stories made in the Twine engine, Even Cowgirls Bleed and Magical Maiden Madison.

Top Hunter Nov 23, 2015

A colorful two player action game for the Neo Geo, sort of like Treasure by way of SNK.

Time Travel to 1999: Konami World Nov 23, 2015

I found some old files on a CD-R from Konami World, a website I started back in 1999 and never remotely finished, nor made public. So, I've uploaded it here. Remember the internet circa the late 90s! FRAMES WARNING.

P.O.W. - Prisoners of War Nov 20, 2015

More SNK beat-em-up coverage, this one provides you with some additional firepower as it makes you escape from an armed prison camp.

Robo Army Nov 18, 2015

SNK's Neo Geo beat-em-up Robo Army sits comfortably between the disaster of 1990?'s Ninja Combat and 1991?'s cult favorite Mutation Nation both chronologically and in quality.

Burning Fight Nov 16, 2015

Another beat-em-up from SNK, this one is marginally better than Gang Wars, though it doesn't really do anything better than Final Fight already did.

GameClub 199X Home Video: Bob Plays Gekido Nov 15, 2015

Hey, did you know that our GC9X crew does Let's Plays of many obscure and forgotten games on the GC9X Home Video channel? The latest has Bobinator fighting his way through this awkard 3D brawler on the original PlayStation, vocally supported by Mr. Argent and KaL.

Gang Wars Nov 15, 2015

We'll be spending the next week covering SNK/ADK beat-em-ups, so here's the first one, Gang Wars, which borrows liberally from films like The Warriors, anything featuring Jackie Chan, and assorted other martial arts movies.

Nippon Safes Inc. and The Big Red Adventure Nov 15, 2015

Two adventure games from Italian developer Dynabite, starring three protagonists, and each focusing on caricatures of Japanese and Russian culture. These games were originally featured in the HG101 adventure game book, but the reviews were pretty short, and were not posted on the site. These reviews here are totally new and much more in-depth, including explaining some of the Italian cultural references.

Video: Compile Design Documents - Guardian Legend, MUSHA, and Aleste Gaiden. Nov 15, 2015

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. Some shots of design documents and design sketches for various Compile shooters, like The Guardian Legend (NES), MUSHA (Genesis), and Aleste Gaiden (MSX2).

Total Conversion: Tomb Raider vs Tomb Raider Anniversary Nov 12, 2015

As Xbox One users are playing the new Rise of the Tomb Raider, we take a look back at the series' roots instead and examine how Crystal Dynamics interpreted them in 2007 when they created Tomb Raider Anniversary.

Evil Hazard Nov 11, 2015

Evil Hazard looks like a typical indie 8-bit style side-scroller at a glance, but offers a very challenging experience despite being a little rough around the edges.

Mommy's Best Action Pack Nov 8, 2015

Four action games from Mommy's Best Games, previously only available on the XBLIG, are now available on Steam - Weapon of Choice, Shoot1up, Explosionade and Game Type. All are inspired by classic side-scrollers and shoot-em-ups, with uniquely bizarre visual stylings and silly dialogue.

Fighter and Attacker Nov 8, 2015

A fairly average shooter from Namco, mostly known for its large selection of ships, and hardcore rave music courtesy of Shinji Hosoe and and Takayuki Aihara.

Shantae Nov 5, 2015

Wayforward's series about a purple haired half-genie takes pages out of several classic action-platformers like Castlevania II: Simon's Quest and Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap.

Heisei 3rd Year (1991) Hudson Computer Designers School Graduation Album Nov 5, 2015

A game CD for the PC Engine CD-ROM2, made by students at Hudson's Hokkaido game design school. The disc was never meant for public release, but is a fascinating treasure trove of historical information. In the game, players are able to walk around the Hudson school and chat with various game development staff and teachers. In a way, it's a collection of mini-interviews from the time.

Video: An Interview with Michitaka Tsuruta, creator of Bomb Jack and Solomon's Key Nov 5, 2015

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. An interview with Michitaka Tsuruta, creator of Bomb Jack and Solomony's Key for Tecmo. Includes shots of the design documents and sketches.

Video: A Look at Yuzo Koshiro's Studio Nov 5, 2015

From the Untold History of Japanese Game Developers DVD. A chat with Yuzo Koshiro, composer of many, many games from the early 80s until present, including Revenge of Shinobi, the Streets of Rage series, Etrian Odyssey, and more. Includes a look at his studio, along with some early doujin games he worked on, as well as a pitch and some footage of an undeveloped Streets of Rage sequel.

Now Available! The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers Volume 2 Nov 4, 2015

The second volume is a series of exclusive interviews from the old days of Japanese game development. Topics include T&E Soft, Hudson, Sein Soft / Xainsoft / Zainsoft, the creator of Bomb Jack, Westone, NCS and Masaya, Human Entertainment, Irem, Nazca, and Granzella, and more! Available on Amazon (B&W) and Createspace (color).

Hardcore Gaming 101 As Mock Magazine Cover Nov 4, 2015

Ever wonder what Hardcore Gaming 101 would look like as a 90s gaming magazine? We've got your answer right here! It's just a little mock cover, but you can actually click through to the articles and other pages. We're going to update this frequently, so you could even use it as an alternate entry point to the site if you feel like it. Have fun!

Your Weekly Kusoge: Arabian Nights Nov 3, 2015

Not even pioneering episodic direct to download games could save this failed attempt by schlocky French developer Silmarils at supplanting the failed Prince of Persia 3D.

Spotlight: Prince of Persia Nov 3, 2015

Matching our coverage of Arabian Nights, we polished up the Prince of Persia article, putting a bit more substance to parts we formerly only glanced over.

Video Review: Ninja Spirit Nov 2, 2015

Mostly known for its excellent Turbografx-16 port, Irem's high flying ninja game has a great sense of style and tons of cool weapons. Read the written review here.

Darklands Nov 2, 2015

A highly complex and serious RPG / medieval adventuring simulation set in Germany.

Drac's Night Out Nov 1, 2015

Our Halloween week coverage wraps up with a look at this unreleased NES game from Parker Brothers, starring the Belmont's famous nemesis.

Laser Ghost Oct 30, 2015

Sega's shooting gallery Ghostbusters parody included a set of mirrors that made it seem like you were shooting lasers through your viewfinder.

Golly! Ghost! Oct 30, 2015

A ticket redemption light gun game from Namco, which uses some cool technical tricks to impose digital ghosts on top of a diorama of a house.

Mad Panic Coaster Oct 28, 2015

This obscure Japan-only PS1 game sends you riding through over a dozen crazy, totally unsafe roller coaster rides.

Pathologic Classic HD Oct 28, 2015

The full remake of everyone's favorite dystopian mindfuck from Russia is still in the works, but to bridge the wait there's a HD remaster of the original coming out tomorrow, so we added a small update to our article.

Coming Soon: HG101 Presents: The 200 Best Video Games of All Time Oct 27, 2015

Every website or magazine has their own "Best Video Games of All Times" list - here is ours! From early arcade classics to 3D action games, from text adventures to interactive cinema, this book includes 200 of the best video games ever released, covering over three decades of gaming history, created by developers all over the world. Coming in November!

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