Mega Man X3
Box Shot
Mega Man X3
Platform: Super Nintendo
Publisher: Capcom
Designer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Published Date 1995
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star

Ah, Mega Man, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways... Umm... 3000, 3001, 3002......hehehe anyways, I'm pretty sure that everyone has played MMX1&2. X1&2 were great Mega Man spin-offs with an alternate storyline. X2 fixed all the problems X1 had, so whats new in X3? Actually...nothing, but its still great!!!

A few months or so after all the Craziness in MMX2, a guy named Dr. Doppler (Inventor of the Doppler Effect :) has gained control of the robots, and built a place called "Reploid City". Well, any Reploids could live peacefully here...but after awhile, the violence started again. At the current moment, it seems that Doppler is behind it. But we all know the truth, right?

Just like the other X Games, this one starts you in an Intro Stage: Maverick Hunter HQ. Mega Man and Zero rush in to save the place from a Maverick attack. Midway thru the Stage, X gets captured, and then you get to play as Zero! That brings me to a neato addition to this game: You get to play as Zero. Zero is basically a stronger version of Mega Man, and he has a sword (You use it by Charging to full power) which destroys almost all enemies in a single swing! Power, however, has its limits. For one, Zero has only one life, and if he dies, there's no way to get him back. Second: You can only call on him once per stage. I never use Zero much anyways cuz I keep forgetting about him.

After you rescue X and complete the intro, you are brought to the Stage Select! As usual, some bosses are weak against other bosses' weapons, blah blah know the deal. (Hint: go to Crush Crawfish first, then Neon Tiger). This game is, so far, the hardest Mega Man game I played. You'll almost always die in the game, and the final boss is UNBEATABLE!!! Well, I never beat him anyways.

The graphics are fine by me, even though they look just like they did in MMX2. There are all these explosions and stuff, ya know? And in the Blizzard Buffalo Stage, there's this part where this wind darkens the screen (it doesn't actually affect anything). That C4 graphics chip, or whatever it was, is still here, however it is STILL used very little. I only found like 2-3 mini-bosses that used the C4 (The C4, BTW, is something that allows Capcom to make wire-framed bosses, why they do that is beyond me. I actually think its just some advertising ploy.) The music is typical Mega Man fare, that is.... IT'S GREAT!!!..... Well, sometimes, in some areas there is music I'd rather not live with (Blizzard Buffalo) and in other areas there are tunes I wish were repeated throughout the whole game (Gravity Beetle) but on a whole, the music is fine by me.

Do you really need me to talk about the play control? It's the same as in MMX2, which is to say, pretty much perfect? Good. On the whole, this is a rather fun game, complete with typical Mega Man fare, and the gameplay that made Mega Man GREAT!!!. Any Mega Man Fan (or any Action Gamer or any gamer at all) GET THIS GAME!!! Well, OK, so I'm exagerrating a bit.....Still, get this one. It's kinda rare though.