Mega Man 7
Box Shot
Mega Man 7
Platform: Super Nintendo
Publisher: Capcom
Designer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Published Date 1995
Reviewed by: Kurt Kalata

Apparently the people at Capcom weren't satisified with the look and feel of the Mega Man X games for the SNES. "What is people want the classic, cutesy Mega Man, of days long ago?", the designers probably asked when proposing this project. So, Capcom took a veering from the more futuristic and serious sidestory and went back to the original line of games. This game is Mega Man 7.

If you're an obsessed Mega Man freak like me, you'd know that Dr. Wily was finally and captured and put in jail after Mega Man 6. Well, Dr. Wily has a back-up plan and using a remote control, sends a bunch of robots to break him out of jail. As the Blue Bomber, you must stop him!

Much like Mega Man X, the game begins with a little introduction stage. Mega Man is riding along with his robot sister Roll in a car being driven by a new character name Auto. After hopping off, Mega Man finds Dr. Light just to time to witness Wily's escape. After a bit of jumping, Mega Man will come across a mysterious new robot. After a quickie fight, you discover that his name is Bass and he's also after Dr. Wily. You also meet his dog companion Treble for a quick bit before he takes off. Not to spoil anything, but Bass and Treble are really working for Dr.'s a ruse you can just kind of see through (though not as bad as the ridiculously obvious Dr. X of Mega Man 6.)

With that stage completed, you can choose from four robot masters to fight: Freeze Man, Junk Man, Burst Man, and Cloud Man. Yep, I said four robot masters. Instead of giving you eight at a time like previous games, it splits it up. After these four jokers get destroyed, you play through an intermittent stage (set in a robot museum) and then are allowed to choose the next four bosses (Turbo Man, Shade Man, Spring Man, and Slash Man.)

Mega Man's a bit bigger than he was in Mega Man X and the NES games, but it doesn't feel cramped like you'd think. It's sort of like how Super Castlevania IV compares to the other NES Castlevania's bigger but still the same. Since you don't have a dash attack, you have to slide like the NES games. You also can't scale walls any more. For this reason, the game seems to have a slower pace than the X games... something I kinda liked.

There are plenty of hidden things in Mega Man 7 as well. The bosses no longer give you the various Rush accessories... Instead, you find them in tough to reach places or in a secret area. You start off with the standard Rush Coil, but you can find the Rush Jet and a new item called Rush Search (that searches for hidden items and locations.) You can also get a jet pack like Mega Man 6 by collecting four letters to spell RUSH. Little things like this make it interesting to hunt through trying to find every little thing. There are even hidden routes through a few of the levels.

This is also the first big screen Mega Man game to let you buy things (Mega Man IV for the Gameboy originally introduced this.) Auto the robot can make you stuff if you can supply him with enough bolts. Energy Tanks, extra men, and various other parts can be bought. Also hidden somewhere is Auto's Mega Bolt that not only introduces new items for him to produce, but reduces the price of all existing items by half.

The main thing I have to complain about though, is the lack of originality. Mega Man X changed the series in a way so that it didn't seem so stale on the 16-bit platforms. As good as Mega Man 5 and 6 were, you can't say that it didn't start to feel the same. Well, Mega Man 7 produces that same feeling of deja vu. Some parts are even directly ripped from other games...the dinosaur that you ride, jumping and running over spikes is just like the grasshoppers in Mega Man 4. The platforms that move on rails and occasionally flip over are right from Guts Man in Mega Man 1. And even an area where you're chased by lava down a shaft is ripped from Quick Man in Mega Man 2. It just seems that the designers lost some originality, especially with some of the generic bosses (Cloud Man's stage is just like Air Man, right up to many of the bad guys.)

The graphics are okay...they could've been done much better though. Again comparing it to Mega Man X, it all seems rather plain. The music's the same sorta cutesy-ish stuff you'd expect, although some of the tunes are quite cool (especially the intro stage.) And Mega Man controls as nicely as he always did.

On a whole, Mega Man 7 seems to be a step down from the likes of Mega Man X. Why couldn't there be a power-up that lets you charge all weapons instead of just the Mega Buster? Why do the graphics pale in comparison to a game that's older? In spite of this, Mega Man 7 does have enough neat extras to make it an enjoyable Mega Man title. All of the secrets are quite good and well hidden, plus at least SOME of the bosses are cool (I happen to like Shade Man, who's somewhat like a vampire.) If you've grown tired of the NES Mega Mans, stay away, but you'll enjoy it quite a bit if you're a fan.