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Hebereke (Series Introduction)

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The early 90s were a period when every software house, from the famous to the obscure, needed to have some

Rage of the Dragons

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Rage of the Dragons was created under rather unusual circumstances. It was the joint production of a Mexican studio, Evoga, who

Double Dragon (Mobile)

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The Double Dragon mobile port was developed by Brizo Interactive, the same team which worked on the Zeebo port. While it shares

Burning Rangers

Video games that let you take the role of a fire fighter are not very common, let alone fire fighters


Tass Times in Tonetown

Tass Times in Tonetown was destined to become a cult classic. Set in a bizarre alternate universe rooted in 1980s

Legend of Kage 2, The

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Taito apparently didn’t consider Demon Sword to be a true sequel, because here we are, over 20 years later, with


This entry is part 1 of 5 in the series Darius

CHECK ORIGINAL ARTICLE COMPARISONS Amidst the clutter of sci-fi arcade shooters in the mid-1980s, companies needed to make their games

HG101 Digest Vol. 2: Taito Arcade Classics

Cover artwork by Rusty Shackles Warning! A new HG101 book is approaching fast! The second HG101 digest comes in at 98

Kohan II: Kings of War

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How does it feel to kill a god, Melchior? My muscles ache. Nothing more. The fully 3D Kohan II is a study

Darius Twin

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The third Darius entry, Darius Twin, was released exclusively for the SNES. It’s an average but technically competent entry on

Super Nova

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Darius Force (known as Super Nova in the West) might be one of the series’ lesser-known titles, but it’s a


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The transition to 3D graphics presented itself as a massive roadblock to the side-scrolling shoot-em-up genre, which had 2D gameplay

Darius Gaiden

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Despite arguably kicking off the golden age of gaming in 1978 with Space Invaders, Taito’s own golden age didn’t begin

Compile Shoot-em-up Docs

Design Documents Fanzine

Puyo Pop Fever

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After Compile went bankrupt, with Sega in control of the Puyo franchise, they eventually had to make an entry in