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NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

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NEED: EXTRA COVERS Despite numerous cameos and references throughout the years, NiGHTS did not receive a sequel until 2008, with

Return to Castle Wolfenstein

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The Wolfenstein series was not heard from for almost six years, until id Software announced that a brand new game would be

Virtua Fighter

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After Street Fighter II took the arcades by storm in 1991, the fighting game genre changed forever. Its basic control layout, its

Franko: The Crazy Revenge

In the early 90s, the success of games like Final Fight, Golden Axe and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in the

Double Dragon (Zeebo)

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Since it was only released as a digital download for a console that was available exclusively in Brazil, there’s not

Ultima IV: Quest Of The Avatar

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It is a warm and happy day outside, but you find yourself unable to enjoy it, being beset by a

Ultima III: Exodus

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From the depths of Hell, he comes for vengeance! Such were the only words to escape the lips of the

Ultima II: Revenge of the Enchantress

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The world rejoiced! A great hero had come from seemingly out of nowhere to battle the wizard lord Mondain and

Final Fight 3

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This is more like it – Final Fight 3 (dubbed Final Fight Tough in Japan) is another SNES sequel that, this time, actually improves

Final Fight 2

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Capcom felt fit to give a SNES-only sequel to Final Fight, especially given that their home port of the original was

Tecmo Knight

Tecmo is one of the more bizarre semi-famous Japanese game companies. Back in the golden age of console gaming, they


Marvel Land

Marvel Land is Namco’s attempt at a comical platformer, in the vein of Super Mario Bros. It stars Prince Paco, a dragon child,

Dangun Feveron

Since their arrival on the scene with DonPachi in 1995, Japanese video game developer Cave has satiated their relatively small but rabid

NiGHTS into Dreams…

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Sega’s approach to the Saturn was somewhat baffling, to say the least. In America and Europe, the Genesis stood its

Zombie Raid

There’s no genre more cathartic than the simple arcade light gun shooter, a sort of game which merely requires you