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In the early and mid-90s, an all out war was brewing between arcade titans Capcom and SNK. SNK was Capcom’s

King of Fighters Kyo, The

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The King of Fighters Kyo is an interesting game; it’s technically an RPG, although it has more in common with

Athena: Awakening from an Ordinary Life

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Athena has never been SNK’s most consistently portrayed character – she was a warrior goddess at first, then a pop


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The NES era saw video games become more complex and larger in scope, but it also meant the beginning of

Legendary Axe II, The

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In 1990, Victor Musical Industries decided that the next Legendary Axe title should be based around almost-naked barbarians instead of almost-naked cavemen.

Breath of Fire V: Dragon Quarter

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The first thing one notices when playing Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter – the numeral “V” was dropped in the American release

Big Bang Beat: 1st Impression

As of 2007, the 2D fighting game was in pretty poor shape. Capcom, the guys who popularized the whole bit,

Magic of Scheherazade, The

A variety of beloved fantasy series debuts appeared on the NES. Final Fantasy, Square’s supposed final game, brought its developer back

Rambo III (Euro PC)

The home computer version of Rambo III is broken up into three segments. The first is an overhead exploration sequence where you

Ganbare! Daiku no Gen-san

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On the surface, the Super Famicom Gen-san game might be the closest you can get to the arcade version, but

UFO: A Day in the Life

After an enterprising start with outcast RPG Moon, Love-de-Lic displayed no signs of being intimidated by the public’s shortage of

Moon: Remix RPG Adventure

There is an immense dichotomy between the small size of Japan and the great expansive economy which they attained in

Rambo III (Genesis)

Take this analogy – Rambo: First Blood Part II for the SMS is to Commando as Rambo III for the Genesis is to Mercs. It’s a much

Rambo III (SMS)

Unlike the previous Rambo game for the Sega Master System, this is a shooting gallery-style game that requires the Light Phaser. You