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Virtua Quest

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The idea for an action RPG in the world of Virtua Fighter has been floating around since 1994. Both the animated series

Virtua Fighter (Misc)

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The Music Of Virtua Fighter One more element Virtua Fighter owed a small part of its success to was its excellent soundtrack.

Streets of Rage 3

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Most of the time, when you have a trilogy of games, you’ll have the first game, which introduces a concept,

Shadow Hearts Covenant

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Though Shadow Hearts had made it out the door in time for Sacnoth to engrave their name on it, Aruze’s


Toaplan was primarily known for vertical shooters, but Hellfire is their first (of two) horizontal shooters, with the other one being Zero

Truxton II

Not very many people know that Truxton received a sequel, probably because it was only released in arcades and for the FM


Eternam is a point & click game released by French development studio Infogrames in 1992. While largely overshadowed by Alone in the

Heart of Darkness

Éric Chahi is probably best known for his masterpiece Another World (or Out of This World, as it’s known in North America). Heavily

Ultima Online

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The scope of Ultima Online easily deserves an entire article to itself the same length as the rest of this

Ultima I: First Age Of Darkness

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Hail, noble one! Our land cries out for a stalwart hero, one who will brave the perils that wicked Mondain


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Many years ago the Dark Lord Mondain wandered the land spreading death and evil in his wake. He was banished

Ultima (Series Introduction)

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Back in Houston, Texas in 1977, a 17-year-old nerd is putting the finishing touches on the 28th version of his

Richard Garriott (Interview)

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Interview with Richard Garriott Richard Garriott, aka Shamino Salle Dacil, aka Don Shamino, aka Lord British, original author of Ultima

Ultima: Escape from Mt. Drash

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From the game manual: “Escape from Mount Drash is a game of life, and unless you can prevent it, a game

Lord of Ultima

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Essentially a clone of city-building browser games like Evony or Travian, Lord of Ultima is a city-building real-time strategy game that takes place in a