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Two Crude

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Though it’s not as well known as its ninja-riddled cousin, Two Crude is as close to a sequel as Bad Dudes ever got. Rather

Umihara Kawase Shun

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Three years passed by quietly after the release of Umihara Kawase. TNN didn’t last. They were eventually bought out by Japan


This entry is part 1 of 10 in the series Xevious

Co-authored by Sam Derboo Most people reading this have probably already heard about the arcade game Xevious. Upon its release, it


Yatagarasu is a doujin fighting game. That alone might be enough to put some people off, but Yatagarasu is different.


What’s a Syvalion? Sounds like one of those cookie-cutter Japanese medieval fantasy RPGs, right? Well, not quite. It’s a game

Rent A Hero (Sega)

Sega is a company that has always liked to celebrate in its games their most famous achievements, as titles like

Burai Fighter

KID, standing for “Kindle Imagine Develop,” was a developer who made some pretty decent NES action games, most of which

Jumping Flash!

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A well-executed platformer always has a certain elegance. You run, you jump, possibly throw a fireball at your enemy. There

Oh My God!

Atlus was primarily a console developer, though they dabbled with some arcade releases. After the shoot-em-up BlaZeon and the fighting game Power

Omikron: The Nomad Soul

  DISCLAIMER: This article contains a major though early plot spoiler. Discussing the game’s later sections would be impossible without

SpaceStation Silicon Valley (Game Boy Color)

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Unlike the subsequent wretched PlayStation port, this is an extremely faithful reiteration of the N64 original, and it’s not even

Lemmings Clones

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Since the release of the original Lemmings in 1991, there have been an uncountable number of rip-offs of it, all

Lemmings Touch

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Developed exclusively for the Vita by D3T, Lemmings Touch, appropriately, redesigns the interface to revolve around the portable’s touch screen.

Lemmings (PS3)

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Although the title “Lemmings” may suggest yet another port, the PlayStation 3 version is actually a totally separate game, though

Fire Emblem Awakening

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With the entirety of Fire Emblem‘s run on the Nintendo DS being spent creating updated releases of Marth’s saga, it was