Top Gun: The Second Mission
Box Shot
Top Gun: The Second Mission
Platform: NES
Publisher: Konami
Designer: Konami
Genre: Shooting
Players: 2 (Simultaneous)
Published Date 1989
Reviewed by: Adam King

You can compare the concept of this title with another Konami release, The Goonies II. Both are sequels to existing games about existing movies, though they have hardly anything to do with the plot of said movies. This review focuses on Top Gun 2, the sequel to the originalTop Gun, which was only related to the movie by title (just like Goonies 1, which was only released in Japan and on PlayChoice 10.)

I am not aware of any story for this game. Basically, you play as Top Gun hero Maverick. Your navy unit has gotten wind that the enemy has started working on some new high-tech weapons, and it's up to you to destroy them.

There are three modes of play. The first game is the normal mission. You have to fly through three levels of intense flying. You have enemy jets flying in your face, and you must bring them down. Your main weapon is a machine gun cannon, and limited missiles. You also have three lives to get through this game. At the end of each mission, you must land you aircraft on you carrier so you can refuel for your next mission.

You also have two head-to-head modes. The one player versus mode has you going up against some good pilots. You need to use some fancy flying to bring them down. After you shoot down each plane, you still have to land on the carrier. The second mode is two-players. That's right, you and a friend can have a dogfight in the air until one of you flies out victorious. It's a neat split-screen thing.

The graphics in this game have improved over the previous title. You get to see the ocean and clouds scrolling below you, plus the little animated scenes look and move nicely. The music is made up of an upbeat soundtrack, and the sound are good. There's even a nice voice which says things like "Take off!" and "Game Over." The control scheme has changed from the previous game. By double-tapping left or right, your plane can do a barrel roll. The A button is used for accelerating from trouble, so the designers put both bullets and missiles on the same button. You have to hold down the button for bullets so you don't accidentally shoot a missile and waste one.

While the game's little more than a shooting gallery (get them before they get you) and there's really no element of flight "simulation" (the whole game's on a track, so don't expect F-15 Strike Eagle or anything close to that) but it's still a decent pick if you're a fan of the movie or like shooting things.