TMNT Tournament Fighters
Box Shot
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters
Platform: NES
Publisher: Konami
Designer: Konami
Genre: Fighting
Players: 2 (Simultaneous)
Published Date 1994
Reviewed by: Adam King

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The mid-1990's saw the rise of Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat mania. Nearly every game system was getting SF action in one form or another. I was wondering when the Nintendo Entertainment System get a SF-type game. Konami tries to fill that void with a release in 1993 featuring our favorite heroes on the half shell.

This game comes with a plot of some sorts. The evil Shredder wants to challenge one of the Turtles to a one-on-one match. To decide who will face him, the Turtles decide to have a tournament among themselves to see who's the best reptile for the job. On a whole though, it's your standard on one battles until one person's life meter runs out or time expires. This is one of the only of its kind on the NES though.

The game has several play modes. The first one, Story, lets you choose one of the Turtles to go against the other six characters. In Vs. mode, you and a friend get to choose from seven characters: The Turtles, Casey Jones (that psycho hockey-mask guy), Hothead (a samurai dragon), and Shredder. You can even pick the same character (except for Hothead...something about a dragon spirit). The Practice mode is the same, except you fight against the computer. You can even gather three of your friends for the four-player Tournament mode.

Once you start each match, the first thing you'll notice is the Turtles don't have their weapons (well, they let Casey keep his hockey stick)! This restricts the Turtles to fighting hand to hand. They have a variety of punches, kicks, and a throw each. Amazingly, each of the characters has a special move that can be done by doing a Street Fighter-type motion on the controller. Sometimes, a box flies in and drops a fireball, which can be launched by doing a counterclockwise motion on the controller and pressing B.

The fighters each have some good animations when they move around. However, the backgrounds are slightly dull. The sound effects are nice also. The music sounds good at first, but it gets old fast. There are three levels of challenge for Story mode, and you get a different number of limited continues for each challenge.

I know I mentioned Street Fighter a lot in this review, but this game tries so hard to be that, and it succeeds in some part, but doesn't handle other parts. Overall, this is a good game for any Turtles fan, and fans of fighting games. However, this game is quite rare, so you may have to really search around for it. It's worth it, though.