Tetris 2
Box Shot
Tetris 2
Platform: NES
Publisher: Nintendo
Designer: Nintendo
Genre: Puzzle
Players: 2 (Simultaneous)
Published Date 1993
Reviewed by: Adam King

"Tetris 2, eh?" (got one eyebrow raised). Yes, even though on the PCs there was Super Tetris, Wordtris, Welltris and many other 'trises, Nintendo decided to release a game called Tetris 2. I was interested when I saw the commercial (remember everybody blowing up after saying "Tetris 2"?). There was some dissapointment, but it's a good effort by Nintendo.

The object has been changed from the original. The blocks come in a combinataion of red, green, and blue. Some new formations of the old four blocks crop up, so don't expect to see the same familiar chapes. Instead of forming lines, you now have to match colors. Three of the same color causes the group to disappear. The object is to rid the playing field of Flash Blocks (blocks that are flashing near the bottom of the field). If ou do that, all blocks of the same color will vanish. Get all three Flash Blocks, and it's off to the next level.

There are two modes of play. The normal one player mode has you matching blocks and passing levels, all while playing at three different speeds. If the unfortunate happens and you fill up the field, the game is over (of course). You can choose what level to play at up to Level 30, then you have to play the honest way to go any further (if you lose at any of the higher levels, you have to pick 30 and work your way back up).

An interesting feature missing from the original is the Versus mode. You can choose to play against another player or the computer. There are two fields shown, and you must be the first to clear out your field before the other players (if the other player's field fills up first, you still win). The object is to win three out of five matches.

The graphics are just plain weird. The red, green, and yellow are an odd combination, and the backgrounds aren't so good either. They have an Egyptian model to it, and it ends up looking really bizarre. The music also has its faults. It's nice, but not as great as the classical tunes of the original. At least the controls respond well to what your fingers are saying on the controller.

Tetris 2 is a decent game, just not a great one. Maybe it's because of the average graphics and sound. Or maybe it's because you can't help noticing how this game is very similar to Dr. Mario (or Yoshi or others). Still, it is good for a while, but like many other sequels, it can't stand up to the original.