Spy vs Spy
Box Shot
Spy vs Spy
Platform: NES
Publisher: Kemco-Seika
Designer: First Star
Genre: Nobody quite knows
Players: 2 (Simultaneous)
Published Date 1987
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star


As I remember, I always wanted a game where you play as a spy, and you could either lay traps, or just duke it out. But I wanted it so that you had to be careful, or else your own traps will backfire on you. After awhile, I relized I owned a copy of a game that fits that description: Spy vs Spy!

Based off of the famous MAD comic strip, you play as the White Spy, and you have been sent to get some files or something and return them to your leader. Basically you go into every room in the current building, and you try to find a Briefcase, a Passport, some Money, a Key, and the files, then you go to the Airport (the doorway opens up somewhere in the stage once you get all of the items.) and exit the Stage.

Of course, you can't just stroll in and do what you please...there is an enemy spy (the black one) that is not only trying to stop you, but also to complete the mission before you. Your view is one the top, his is on the bottom. In order to take any items that he has, there's only one way to do it...kill him. You can either fight fist-to-fist (or find a knife, he he) or set the traps. There are a variety of tools that can be set on different places (doors, drawers, the floor, etc.) and when an unwitting opponent sets foot in the room, they disappear for a few seconds. Did I also mention there's a time limit?

The music.... good tune, but it's the same through the whole game. It gets drowned by sound effects most of the time. Actually, I mentioned all I can about sound. Now for more important things.

Everything controls fine, I really only have one quarry: when you walk down a ladder, you can't walk back up until the spy gets all the way down, which is a small pain if there happens to be a smart bomb in that room (that's the trap that turns your face blue, then makes you explode).

Ok, now the fun of the game: The traps!!! Actually, this game, even WITH its traps, would be nothing without the much-fun 2P mode. I mean, we know what the CPU Spy will do (Run around, searching for items, putting bombs in dumb places) but a human would make a better spy than anyone!

Speaking of Spies, that brings up a Problem with the game: there is only one enemy: the other spy. While that's not much of a problem (you do, after all, have the traps for suspense) when I said "Playing as a Spy" earlier in this review, I meant exploring heavily-guarded buildings, secretly taking out mobs of people with my antics, and dangerous stuff like that. I was thinking of something like Metal Gear, man! Just with more action! But not this "only one enemy" gibberish.

Despite these minor flaws, I must say THIS GAME ROCKS! It's one of the best deathmatch games on the NES and no one can resist laying traps, so what you waiting for? Go for it!