Snow Brothers
Box Shot
Snow Brothers
Platform: NES
Publisher: Capcom
Designer: Capcom
Genre: Action/Puzzle
Players: 2 (Simultaneous)
Published Date 1991
Reviewed by: Matt Hull

Capcom released great games all through their years of NES production. We all know about Mega Man, Disney hits such as Ducktales and Darkwing Duck, and original hits such as Little Nemo and Ghosts 'n Goblins. However, one of Capcom's most unknown and rarest games is Snow Brothers. Snow Brothers was Capcom's only puzzle game released for the NES. And it's a dandy!!

The evil King Scorch has turned Princes Tom and Nick of Whiteland into snowmen with his magic. Without the two princes, the two princesses Teri and Tina were easily captured by the evil Scorch. As either Nick or Tom, you will have to journey through 50 fun filled puzzles to defeat King Scorch. Once you start this game, you will see that Snow Brothers is a lot like the classic Bubble Bobble. It's its own game though! In a way, it's like Bubble Bobble Part 2 in that in each tenth room one of Scorch's henchmen will try to defeat you. You'll fight some weird lizard, a wild red creature, two birds, a monster, and two statues. To beat these bosses, you will have to freeze creatures that they shoot at you and bowl them back at the bosses. After each boss stage, (with the exception of level 50) you'll have a shot at the Snow Brothers slot machine! You can get a ton of points here!

To clear each room, you must hit the enemies with your snow blast (you fire snow with the B button) which eventually turns them into snowballs. By pushing them, you can flatten other enemies. Any enemies that you flatten that aren't complete snowballs will award you with bonus items. A good strategy is to freeze the enemies at the top of the screen and roll them downhill. There's a great chance of bowling over enemies on the bottom of the screen.

Snow Brothers features some very nice graphics with nifty backgrounds! The graphics really give this game an exciting feel and add to the great atmosphere. The animation is very good with the enemies looking pretty silly as they run. When you shoot it could have been better though. One thing I like about the graphics is the variety. After the 3rd round, you'll see the colors change a bit. This is very cool. I really like the graphics and animation.

The music really adds to the game's atmosphere. It's really...giddy and silly (which is a great thing.) You will definitely find yourself humming the game's music once you play it. It's some of the most catchy music to me anyway. Capcom delivers again in the music department.

One category where a beginner will be disappointed is the play control mainly because your snowman moves so slow! However, there are different "hot sauces" that you can get by bowling over enemies. The red sauce makes you really fast, (which clears up the slowness that you have at first) blue makes your snow shots pack better, yellow allows you to shoot farther, and the green sauce allows you to fly across the screen knocking into enemies! It's cool how you somersault when you jump. The play control is very good.

Snow Brothers doesn't offer much of a challenge compared to Bubble Bobble but some levels (notably level 39) are very tough to beat without losing a life. What's on the game's side is a TON of lasting value that will keep you coming back time and time again. By no means is the game a cakewalk (some of the bosses will give you fits at first) but doesn't have much lasting challenge. It's still a great game though!

Most importantly, Snow Brothers is an extremely fun game to play due to the lasting value and challenge of scoring more points than your last game. The game features tons of bonus items that you can get by bowling over the enemies. There's cakes and fruit and other cool bonuses. Another cool thing is that when you bowl over all of the enemies with one snowball (or two released at the same time) then money items with fall onto the screen awarding up to 20,000 points!! There are also sumo wrestlers that will appear on the top of a few stages yielding a lot of points. There are more tricks. One more worth mentioning is that most of the stages have one "secret" item. If you find a place where your snowball seems to hit something in midair, keep shooting to find a bonus item! You can get up to 9,000 points from these items!!

Another thing that really makes this game a blast to play is the two player simultaneous mode. Teamwork really pays off in this game. (although two people will always fight over who gets the red hot sauce) ^_^ I have some really great memories playing this game with friends. If you're looking for an exciting action/puzzle game that's a great party game as well, then this is the one. It has tons of lasting value, excellent graphics and music, solid play control. and excellent game play. It also has multiple endings!! (Hint: You can get the best one if you beat the game without continuing) For the record, my best score is 1.808 million points.

Like all games, Snow Brothers isn't perfect. It would have been nice for your snowman to start out faster and the game could have been longer, but I guess you can't have everything. The biggest problem is the fact that Snow Brothers is a very rare game and will take some searching. However, the negatives are FAR outweighed by the positive things about the game. I highly recommend it!!