Super Mario Bros. 3
Box Shot
Super Mario Bros. 3
Platform: NES
Publisher: Nintendo
Designer: Nintendo
Genre: Action
Players: 2 (Alternating)
Published Date 1990
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star


Popular games? Yea, I play lots of those, only to fnd that most of them are over rated (Tetris, FF7, Mario 64, Zelda..) And that the GOOD ones are the ones no one has played (Legacy of the Wizard, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, etc.) Mario 3 is one of those examples, everyone owns a copy..... but whats the big freakin deal? Its not even that good!

Again, you are Mario (or Luigi, depending on the amount of players and which controller you're using), Again, you gotta save that dumb blonde of a princess (Ok, so she has brown hair, so sue me) because she is SO stupid that she can't even hire a few Guards Mushrooms! The game doesn't START as rescue the Princess, it starts as "Turn the Kings back into humans" but we all knew Bowser couldn't resist Zelda's sexy bod, right? Oh wait, I think I'm thinking of Ganon....wrong game. I meant Princess Toadstool (or Peach, or whatever the hell her name is.)

You start out on this overworld map thingy, and you move to a level and press A to go in. Then it's typical Super Mario Bros. 1-style gameplay.. except it's incredibly slow paced and boring. You pretty much do what you always did and jump on enemies, but you can get power ups, like the Feather, which turns you into Raccoon Mario (the most common [ower in this game) which in turn allows you to fly. Thing is, some of these are just slight variations of already existing powers. Example: the Tanooki (I think that's Japanese for something) is just a Raccoon that can turn into a statue (Oh, that'll help you loads) and the Hammer Mario is just a Fireball Mario that instead throws hammers! Lame. Frog Mario? You can swim and jump higher, but it's kind of awkward outside of water. Well, at least THAT'S original.

I do have to give this game credit for a few things. First, the music, while not really memorable is ok. You won't find yourself humming these tunes in the shower, though at least they don't get so bad that you send the cartridge to hell and have the Devil deal with it (I did that with a bunch of games. Satan is a really nice guy.) ^_^

The game also controls pretty good, you always have good control of Mario. My only gripe is with flying and floating, you have to press A repeatedly to do both. Why not just hold down the God-damned button?! Ah well, getting a Turbo Controller will fix this, but still....

But beyond this, the game is just slow and boring. There are other games that are just so much more involving. There you have it! THERE is why Mario 3 is one of THE most overrated games I've ever played, if not THE most! Do yourself a favor, stop playing certain games, just because they're popular or made by big companies (Like Nintendo). Go out and play some lesser-known classics, like Romancing the Three Kingdoms. Then at least GOOD, lesser known games will get some attention. Also, be glad this game had decent music and near-perfect play control, or it woulda gotten a 1!

Reviewed By: Adam King
Super Mario Bros. 3 has had the honor of being the best-selling NES game of all time, with almost 10-million copies sold. From my experience, it deserves that honor.

The stroyline is similar to the original game. Mario and Luigi though they had seen the last of King Bowser, but he's back with a vengeance. His seven Koopa kids invaded the seven kingdoms of Mushroom world, stole the magic wand from each king, and transformed them into animals. Also, later on, Bowser kidnaps Princess Toadstool, so Mario and Luigi charge into action once again.

Each world has two scenes. The first scene is an overworld map, where you can guide Mario(or Luigi in 2-player mode) to the next level. Once you reach an action panel and press A, you're in the action stage. This pretty much reverts back to classic SMB action. It even has the same power-up(mushroom, flower, star), and a few new ones, such as the leaf(gives you the power to fly) Frog Suit (swim faster) Tanooki Suit (fly, plus become a stone statue), and more. At the end of each world is the Airship, where a Koopa Kid awaits. If both players land on the same panel, they get to participate in a two-player battle just like the original Mario Bros.(though other battles appear as well). The winner gets to go on, the loser gets sent back.

The graphics are great. The characters have good animations, and the backgrounds are very colorful. The music is even better. There are different songs, each one pertaining to the situation. There's even a cool remix of the original underground theme. The controls are tight and nearly-perfect (having to rapidly hit A to fly does get annoying). The only complaint I have of the gameplay is that its a long adventure and there's no passwords or battery. You might do well to have a lot of time on your hands (or cheat with warp whistles).

When you get right down to it, Super Mario Bros. 3 is a very great game, worthy of the honor it has. Although a save feature would have made it better, the variety and fun make this one a classic.