Mega Man 6
Box Shot
Mega Man 6
Platform: NES
Publisher: Capcom
Designer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Published Date 1993
Reviewed by: Matt Hull

The sixth Mega Man game was the last one for the NES, but it sure left the NES with style. An excellent game with more items and secrets than ever awaited those daring enough to put this game into their NES. This is more "adventurous" than the first five Mega Man games due to the multiple routes in several stages. There are plenty of new items in this game also. Your faithful dog Rush will now transform into AWESOME armor and a jet suit thanks to Dr.Light. If you can manage to find the four BEAT parts, the helpful robotic bird will once again come to the Blue Bomber's aid. There is also an energy balancer hidden somewhere in the city that will automatically fill up your weapon energy without having to select the weapon. Talk about a must have item!! Fliptop will also be waiting for you in certain stages. With all this help, the Blue Bomber can't lost can he? Don't be so sure. This is one tough game!! There are new "Mini-Bosses" in some stages and they are HUGE!! There's something that I want to say about MM6. Many people say that MM6 was rushed because the NES wasn't doing so well and Capcom just wanted to get this game out in the stores. That doesn't make any sense! Heck, MM5 came out less than a year after MM4 and look at how awesome that game is!! MM6 came out 15 months after MM5! Back to this review, MM6 is a great game and a MUST HAVE for any Blue Bomber freak.

After defeating Dr.Wily in Mega Man 5, all has been quiet for a year. The billionaire Mr. X has sponsored the 1st Annual Robot Tournament. This tournament is where the most talented robot designers in the world show off their cybernetic creations and have them fight other robots. The robots do battle in a series of tests to see which robot can claim the title of "The Most Powerful Robot In The World." Dr.Light and Mega Man are at the tournament but Mega Man does not fight because his sole duty is to protect mankind; not to join a robot fighting tournament. Everything goes smoothly at first and everyone enjoys watching the robots battle each other. The excitement is top notch as the final eight robots enter the arena to decide who is the best. The mysterious Mr. X appears and has something important to say. He explains how the final test for the robots is to take over the world!! Everyone is in a panic as Mr.X and his kidnapped robots teleport out of the arena. Mega Man steps in and is curious about who this Mr.X really is. Why would this character want to take over the world? It's a cool storyline except that this Mr.X looks a little bit like someone else. The sixth Mega Man adventure has begun...

Like the other Mega Man games, MM6 has excellent graphics with nice detail, color, animation, and even some double scrolling! The Tomahawk Man stage has double scrolling that looks superb (especially where the sun is in the background) You venture through an eerie castle, a cool forest, and more. The animation is as good as ever in Mega Man 6. In four stages of the game, the graphics are different after you beat the boss (This is a way of knowing which stages have the BEAT parts.) The last few stages have some of the best graphics I've ever seen for the NES.

Every Mega Man game has tunes that you'll get hooked on and MM6 is no different. New, original music plays while you blast the robotic scum. The Blizzard Man, Mr.X stage, and Knight Man themes are probably my favorites. The music fits the stage(s) really well in MM6! The Yamato Man theme sounds like the stage is in China or Japan. The tunes in Mega Man 6 are long also. Flame Man's theme starts out slow then gets fast and plays for a long time before starting over.

The play control in Mega Man 6 is like the other MM games. It is fluid and precise. The weapon control is great!! The Rush Power and Rush Jet adaptors both have great control. Instead of the Rush Coil and Jet of past games, you can either get a boxing-glove like power that can destroy bricks, or a jet pack that has unlimited power (although it needs to be charged for a few seconds.) The Silver Tomahawk is awesome! Your Mega Buster blast is a bit smaller than in MM5 but it still has great control.

A category that the Mega Man series has shined in is the challenge that the games have. Every NES Mega Man game is fun yet challenges you to perform at your best. Mega Man 6 is not any different. MM6 is probably the toughest NES Mega Man game. The initual eight stages are surprisingly hard and it only gets tougher in the last several stages. The second boss of Mr.X's castle is REALLY TOUGH unless you figure out its weak spot (which weapon works well.) The Dr.Wily castle has some tough spots also (yeah, so I spoiled the surprise. Big deal.)

Mega Man 6 is a great Mega Man game and after playing it, I REALLY would have liked to see another NES MM game. The game doesn't quite have the feel of MM5 but is still REALLY fun. There are LOTS of secret items and several routes in some stages which add to the funfactor. The multiple routes, excellent graphics and sound, and the tons of stages in MM6 give this game plenty of lasting value.

Mega Man 6 does have some negatives. The Storyline was rather disappointing. The Robot Tournament was cool, but Mr.X looked exactly like Dr.Wily except for the beard. That was way too obvious. Mega Man 6 is REALLY fun but just doesn't have that feel. The Dr.Wily Stage theme was a little disappointing too. It didn't pump you up and wasn't as cool as in the other MM games. Why is the big Mega Buster blast of MM5 smaller in MM6? That doesn't make sense. MM6 is a fantastic game but could have done a little better.