Mega Man 2
Box Shot
Mega Man 2
Platform: NES
Publisher: Capcom
Designer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Published Date 1989
Reviewed by: Matt Hull

Dr. Wily intends to take over the world once Mega Man is defeated. Eight robots are programmed to destroy Mega Man and they mean BUSINESS!! This game was the first Mega Man game that I ever played and the one that got me "Mega" crazy!!

Mega Man 2 has a nice yet confusing storyline. The dialouge explains how Mega Man fought and defeated Dr.Wily in MM1. However, it is a mystery how Dr.Wily came back. We don't know if he escaped prison or fled after losing in MM1. All I know is that I'm glad that Dr.Wily is back. Who else would dare to battle Mega Man?

Mega Man 2 has incredible graphics for a game released in 1989. The colorful, detailed, and nicely animated graphics are a major plus in MM2. Every stage in this game has graphics that fit the atmosphere nicely. For instance the first Dr.Wily stage has a nice blue-gray sky to fit that stage very well! I like the feel that MM2 gives you. The graphics couldn't have been done any better.

Another addition to Mega Man 2 that gives you that "feel" is the excellent soundtrack. I have played hundreds of NES games and I can honestly say that Mega Man 2 has some of the best music on the NES!! Every tune in this game is perfect for the stage. The Dr.Wily stage 1 theme, the Quick Man theme, and the Bubble Man theme are just a few examples of the excellent music in MM2. The nice gentle theme in the Bubble Man stage and the "computerized lab" music in the Quick Man stage fit perfectly. Overall, MM2 has great music!

As with Mega Man 1, MM2 has solid play control. It doesn't take long at all to learn the controls of this game which is a big plus. I especially like how easy it is to utilize the weapons that you receive from the Robot Masters. This game has excellent play control.

MM2 is the only Mega Man game to offer you a challenge option. You can play the easy mode if you're a beginner, or the difficult mode if you're a MM2 veteran. The lasting challenge in this game is high which is cool. I think that those of you who have played the Quick Man stage would agree. MM2 will offer any video game player a nice challenge.

Yes, even a game as great as Mega Man 2 has a few negatives. It would have been nice if Mega Man could slide in this game (he begins to do so in MM3.) It's nice to have two difficulty options, but a beginner will cruise through the easy game without much of a challenge. It would have been best for MM2 to have a one difficulty level between the easy and difficult options. Also, it would have been nice to have a password where you could start further in Dr.Wily's castle than the first stage.

The most important factor of Mega Man 2 is that it is a VERY fun NES game. The first time I played it, I thought to myself, "This game is something special." Now afer countless sequels, we can only go back to see how Mega Man became so popular. The reason is because the first two MM games were fun, and Capcom tried to make each game more fun than the last (which is scary because his first few games were so much fun.) To sum it up, Mega Man 2 is a MUST PLAY and not just a great NES game, but one of the best video games for ANY system.

Reviewed By: Kurt Kalata
When it came out, the original Mega Man wasn't exactly the most popular game on the planet. However, it did have its legion of followers...which prompted Capcom to create Mega Man 2. This is where the series first picked off and became the huge franchise that it's known as today.

Dr. Wily, evil mad scientist, is trying to take over the world again. Mega Man must stop him. Nothing new. Dr. Wily has created eight super robots for Mega Man to defeat: Flash Man, Quick Man, Crash Man, Air Man, Bubble Man, Heat Man, Wood Man, and Metal Man. As in the previous Mega Man title, you may choose what level to start at first. When beaten, the master robot enemy will yield their weapon. In turn, these special weapons can be used on other bosses. Many have weaknesses...Bubble Man's power will quickly put out Heat Man's fire, and Metal Man's metal blade will cut through Wood Man with the greatest of ease. Then you must traverse through four stages of Dr. Wily's fortress, where you must, among other things, fight all eight robot masters again.

If you're familiar with the play control of Mega Man, you won't be surprised here. Everything cotnrols exactly the same as before. There are plenty of differences that make the game so much better. First off, the levels are much better structured, with less annoying enemies and more style to the backgrounds. There are now eight robots instead of six, and they have porttraits on the boss menu screen as compared to the static images before. There are now energy tanks to be found that can be stored and used to fill Mega Man's life to the max. There's also a password feature too. Finally, the Magnet Beam has been removed, instead replaced with three items obtained from killing certain robot masters. One will create platforms to jump across, the second creates a straight-horizontal jet, and the third will make little elevators for vertical travel.

The weapons and bosses themselves are more interesting. No longer do the bosses simply bounce around and toss their weapon randomly like they did before. Most have patterns that must be learned that must be learned before you can overcome them. Most can be killed with your regular weapon, with some practice. Metal Man's Metal Blade weapon is one of the simplest, yet coolest weapon in any Mega Man game. It's strong, can be fired in any direction, and takes up very little weapon energy. Very cool indeed.

The game is a big step up graphically. No longer is the background undetailed and the floors stale; Bubble Man's stage has animated waterfalls and huge robotic fish. Heat Man's look suitably hot, much better than the boring Fire Man level in Mega Man 1. Still, the game doesn't look as bright as future Mega Man games. This isn't a big issue. On the other hand, the music is fantastic. Each tune fits every level very well, with Air Man and Bubble Man being my favorites. The others are still great...Flash Man's spacey, hypnotic music seems to go nicely along with the stage, and Metal Man's dingy background tune also goes along nicely with the level.

There's no doubt that you should definitely pick up Mega Man 2. It was the game that completely revolutionized future Mega Man games, and is fun as hell to boot. The game is at a nice difficulty level, without being too tough or hard. Just watch out for that huge dragon in Dr. Wily's fortress! :)