Mega Man
Box Shot
Mega Man
Platform: NES
Publisher: Capcom
Designer: Capcom
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Published Date 1988
Reviewed by: Matt Hull

This game was the first to start "Mega Mania" here in the USA!! The Blue Bomber made his debut in the holiday season of 1987. After 2 excellent years of NES games, THE GAME was released.

You are Mega Man, the creation of the brillant scientist Dr.Light. It is the year 20XX, and you must stop the evil scientist Dr.Wily. Dr.Wily was formerly the assistant of Dr.Light, and he helped the brillant scientist create 6 robots to help mankind. Cut Man would chop down trees with ease, Guts Man was a construction robot with incredible strength. However, Dr.Wily became evil and reprogrammed the six robots to fight mankind. Dr.Light had two household robots that the evil scientist did not reprogram named Rock and Roll. Roll was a housecleaning robot. Her brother Rock saw the trouble and volunteered to fight Dr.Wily and defend mankind, thus the super robot Mega Man was born...

Mega Man has always been known for having EXCELLENT graphics and the original is no exception. For 1987, this game has incredible, colorful, and detailed graphics. The robots look very cool! The enemies have smooth, fluid animation. The ending of Mega Man has some of the best graphics that the NES has ever produced!

This game has very good music! People still just turn on the game just to listen to the great tunes such as the Fire Man stage, the Elec Man stage, the ending theme, and more! EVERY single tune in this game is great and doesn't get annoying. The entire Mega Man series has excellent music and must pay its dues to the original "Mega" soundtrack.

The first Mega Man game has excellent control. You can control how high you jump by holding the A button down or just tapping it. You felt like you were actually the Blue Bomber. Shooting has excellent control. The split-second you pressed the B button, Mega Man fires either his regular blasts or another robot master's weapon. The control has always been GREAT in all Mega Man action/adventure games.

One of the hardest jobs for game programmers is making a game challenging to play yet fun so people will play it. Mega Man has a GREAT challenge. The game is very challenging yet fun to play. Wily's base is one of the hardest areas you'll find in ANY Mega Man game.

As with every game, Mega Man does have a few negatives. First, this game should have had a password system. It takes quite a while to beat it in one setting, but only a FEW games had password systems back in 1987. Second, it would have been nice for Mega Man to have more stages. However, all in all, the first Mega Man game rocks!

Mega Man is a VERY fun game to play and has lasting value once you beat it. This game is currently 10 years old and people still want to play it!! After all, who gets tired of battling the likes of Fire Man or the evil clone? Mega Man is simply a great video game and a must play.

Reviewed By: Kurt Kalata
To even ponder the saga that this game started would boggle the minds of many men, but I shall attempt anyway. Six NES games, five SNES titles (a real sequel, a soccer game, and three spinoff games), five Game Boy title, one Game Gear, two on the Playstation/Saturn, and one Genesis game (on the Sega Channel.) Yep, from this little game. Anyone raised on the later titles, however, will find some things to dislike about this title.

Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were originally the best of colleagues. In fact, they built a bunch of robots together with their knowledge. Dr. Wily, realizing the malicious potential at his hands, reprogrammed six of the robots to do his evil bidding. The seventh, named Rock, was a simple household robot and deemed useless by Dr. Wily. That is, until Dr. Light realizied his potentional. After fitting Rock with several enhancements, out came a super warrior...Mega Man!

There are six robots for you to face and fight: Bomb Man, Cut Man, Guts Man, Elec Man, Ice Man, and Fire Man. Once you beat a boss robot, you get his special weapon. You can play the levels in any order, but certain weapons work better against certain robots. For instance, Elec Man's electric shock weapon will zap out Ice Man in three hits. Each has their own zones that you must fight through before you can get the boss at the end. Obviously, the stage fits with the theme of the robot (except Cut Man...I don't see how his green, rather plain level has anything to do with scissors.) Although Mega Man doesn't jump particularly high, he trots around at a good speed, even though he climbs ladders a bit slow. He starts off with a simple gun that fires quickly, but isn't particularly strong.

People familiar with later Mega Man games will find plenty of differences. Obviously, there are only six robots instead of eight (and they don't have portraits on the level selection screen, just sprites.) This is the only Mega Man game that keeps score, and several enemies drop little pellets that give points at the end of a stage. You don't get any bonuses from a high score, so it's basically useless. There are no passwords, or energy tanks. Shots don't reflect off invincible objects, they are simply absorbed. Finally, once you reach the enemy robot's final chamber, there is a small corridor that you must fight through.

There are still some other things that are rather annoying. Many bosses are protected by a gigantic one-eyed robot that not only dishes out major damage, but are hard to dodge or kill. And many of the enemies, although well conceived, just fight too unfair. Ice Man fires three blasts at different heights, right after another, that are almost impossible to dodge. And each of these blasts take away a third of your total life. The only feasible way to beat bosses like this are by using the weapon the boss is weak too. This strategy goes down the tubes later in the game, where you must face a clone of yourself, who attacks much too relentlessly to actually fight back. There, you are reduced to cheating. If a projectile hits an enemy, rapidly hit Select to pause and unpause the game to do tons of hits. This is the only Mega Man game that allows you to pause without activating the menu, and also allows the extra damage method above.

Graphically, the game doesn't stand up very well. Many of the graphics look rather dull, and actual backgrounds graphics are scarce (most are simply one color.) The boss robots usually only have a few frames of animation too. Soundwise, the music is okay. Some of the tunes are very catchy but there a one or two that gets on my nerves (Fire Man.) The sound effects are kinda annoying, especially the zaps in Elec Man's stage.

To be honest, this is my least favorite Mega Man game (that doesn't mean it's not good though.) And it's not just things like lack of energy's the overly aggressive robots and boring graphics. Even so, it has many of the same charms that have become staple in the Mega Man series, like the wacky boss robots, their cool weapons, and the themed stages. And the action is still fun, no matter what. Even with a handful of flaws, Mega Man still stands out as a great game, and you must have this game if you're a Mega Man collector.