Legacy of the Wizard
Box Shot
Legacy of the Wizard
Platform: NES
Publisher: Broderbund
Designer: Falcom
Genre: Action/Adventure
Players: 1
Published Date 1990
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star


I'm pretty sure everyone has played that classic: Metroid. It was fun, addicting, required using hidden items and had excessive searching. If there was one problem Metroid had, it was TOO SHORT! To fill that Metroid void (and make a much better game overall) there was Legacy of the Wizard.

Some time ago, a Wizard defeated a powerful dragon, putting him to sleep. Now, his descendants have found a Dragon Scale, which means the dragon is resurrecting. Everyone in the Family (Including the dog!) decide to help put a stop to this evil. Basically, you pick a character, pick what you wanna carry with you, and then head off to find the entrance to the Dungeon, which you explore in a Metroid-style manner.

First thing you'll notice about the game is the dandy music. All tunes are memorable, and you'll be humming most of them to yourself in the shower. My personal Favorite Tune is the Overworld music (too bad that don't last very long, seeing as how the Dungeon ain't very far away). Not only is the music good, but each tune fits the area nicely. The overworld tune gives encouragement before you enter that dungeon, the dungeon music gives you a sense of action, etc. And there is a nice variety of tunes, so the music doesn't get annoying (actually, the only person I know who gets annoyed when music is repeated to often is Kurt, but I'm sure there are others).

The graphics are pretty good, all sorts of background detail and stuff, ain't really much to be said 'bout them tho. The Controls are fine, they respond when you press a button, feel completely natural, and have it set up so you should figure the controls out in no time. The only exception is like how to use items and stuff (Hint: Press select, then left/right, stuff like drinking potions and elixers will happen automatically at the right time if selected, the Orb requires you to also press B, I think). But since I just told you how to do that, this problem should be obsolete :)

Now for the Gameplay features. You can select 5 characters, each one with his/her own unique skills, and you MUST master them all if you wish to succeed (except for the dog). Each character also gets an Item sometime in the game that works EXCLUSIVELY for that character, therefore making some characters better in some situations than others. Almost all Items can be found in treasure chests (which you need a Key to unlock) or in a shop. Also you can get Gold (Money), Bread (HP refill), Weaker Potions (refills some MP), or the dreaded POISON (hurts you, but not too much). You use magic mainly to throw projectiles, which is your main form of attack, but it may also be used for certain magical items (like Menya, the girl's, wings). In another RPG-ish twist, there are also inns that you can rest at.

The dungeon is HUGE!!! There are almost no dead ends, and nearly all rooms have a secret path that you must find wish you to succeed. You better have an Orb in case you need to return to the surface! The monsters... lets say there's lots of 'em. Most of them are restricted to the usual walking of left and right, but this is seldom, as the majority of the monsters tend to just jump around the room! This isn't a very difficult game to get started (You have BIG life/Magic bars, and they start out full) but I've never beaten it cuz of this thing's SIZE! If anyone EVER beats this thing, TELL ME!!!

Ok, now for the flaws: For one, this game uses a Password System, and I HATE passwords, especially these long 2-liners that this one uses! A Save feature woulda been a MUCH better idea. To add to it, because of the font, it's easy to confuse one letter from another, and this game uses mumbers in the password. Aw well, at least the letters are all caps. Better than no save I guess.

Overall, this is an Almost Classic game from Broderbound (Yes, the people who brought you the near-legendary Carmen Sandiego PC Games) that everyone should hunt down. It's a rare cart, I believe, but if you find it, it'll keep ya satisfied!