Kirby's Adventure
Box Shot
Kirby's Adventure
Platform: NES
Publisher: Nintendo
Designer: HAL
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Published Date 1993
Reviewed by: Kurt Kalata

Whenever I ask someone if they've ever played Kirby's Adventure, the common answer is "No, but I've played Kirby's Dream Land for the Game Boy. It was a good game, but way too short and easy." Try and forget that Kirby's Dream Land had only six levels and could be beaten by an amateur in less than an hour on the first try. Kirby's Adventure takes that fun gameplay, and expands upon it to make one of the most fun NES games made.

As the story goes, ever in Dreamland loves dreams. All of a sudden, nobody dreams! The hero of the day, Kirby (a cute, inflatable, pink cream puff), goes to check out the situation and finds the evil King Dedede with the Star Rod, the source of all dreams! He's send the rod to a whole bunch of his friends, who're guarding it with their lives. Now Kirby has to track them all down through 7 levels and find all of the pieces of the Star Rod!

Being that he's an inflatable marshmellow, Kirby can inhale some air and cause himself to fly around the screen! He can also deflate himself, and the burst of air left loose can kill minor enemies. Kirby's main power is to inhale an enemy, and then spit him back out. However, this game adds an incredible new addition....certain enemies, when swallowed, will give Kirby their special power. For instance, eating a tire will allow Kirby to turn into a wheel to mow over enemies, eating a flame monster can turn Kirby into a fireball, eating the knight will give Kirby a sword, etc. There are well over twenty different powers in the game, most of which are very cool and go beyond the variety of the various suits in Super Mario Bros. 3.

Each stage has a main screen, which contains doors to go into sublevels. This is where all of the action takes place. The levels usually aren't too long, but later ones contain plenty of secrets (that will reveal bonus games and other goodies on the main screen.) Most stages have anywhere from four to seven levels, so the game is of considerable length. You start each game with five lives, and the restart points when you die are usually pretty close (so you don't have to worry about playing over too much of a level.) You only have a restart a level if you run out of lives. Plus, the game saves after every level, so you don't have to worry about having to restart from the beginning...ever!

The graphics are very, very colorful, and well animated. All the bosses are well detailed, as are the backgrounds. The music fits the cuteness and zaniness of the game, with a variety of drums and bongos in the background. The sound effects in the game are varied, although not especially noteable. Play control is excellent...Kirby controls very well, and the only annoyance is when you fall too far a distance, you lose control of your character for a sec as he bounces. Floating around is very easy too (simply press up.)

Kirby's Adventure was one of those games that was largely ignored by most video gamers because many people at the time were more focused on the more popular (and newer) Genesis and Super Nintendo. If you haven't given this wonderful game a try, do it. I personally like it better than Super Mario Bros. 3, and even though it is a bit easy, it is of such length that it isn't a viable complaint. Hunt it down and enjoy!