Ice Climber
Box Shot
Ice Climber
Platform: NES
Publisher: Nintendo
Designer: Nintendo
Genre: Arcade
Players: 2 (Alternating)
Published Date 1985
Reviewed by: Adam King

Another of the first Nintendo games that probably won't get a fair review since it's so bloody old. The object here is that a treasure trove of vegetables is stashed atop a huge mountain (that's valuable, I really don't think it's worth going up a mountain to get eggplants), and you're out to get them (what do you expect in the Arctic?) It's little more than an old-style arcade game with lots of jumping.

Each vertical-scrolling level consists of eight platforms, some of which have holes, and the Bonus Stage. You control a little climber guy who must use his hammer bash his way upward through the platforms and climb up the mountain. Trouble is, there are creature who are guarding the mountain, such as birds who swoop down and penguins who fill your holes (scary varmints, they is.) If you stay on a platform for too long, a polar bear comes along and causes the screen to advance one platform. Once you go up, you can't come back down.

The controls are easy to use. B swings your hammer overhead to hit things, and A makes you jump and bash overhead to make holes in overhead platforms and hit enemies (basically, just like Mario.) However, the controls are brought down by the fact that jumping forward is very tough. You have to get a running start before you can go any distance, but you may still fall short, and land to your death. The detection isn't that great either, so you might fall through a platform that it looked like you hit. The graphics are very old, with only a black background, plus the same boring palette is used throughout. But the little characters are kinda cute, so that's a small plus. The sounds are all right, but they sort of sound like Clu Clu Land, another Nintendo game around at the same time. The music's a bit inane and the jumping noise is exactly like Mario (sheesh). I guess that's what to be expected.

The graphics and sounds may bring this game down, but it's the controls that actually do it in. Still, it's a mildly enjoyable climb up the mountain for those REALLY old-style gamers.