Box Shot
Platform: NES
Publisher: Ultra
Designer: Ultra
Genre: Shoot-em-up
Players: 1
Published Date 1989
Reviewed by: Matt Hull

They are everywhere. From the Sun all the way to Neptune, the massive Gyrussian army is bent on ruling the universe!! You have been sent to destroy the Gyrussians at each planet. But it won't be easy because there are 39 totally tough stages in this game. You must battle the weak Gyrussians on Neptune all the way to the Alien leader on the Sun. Gyruss has a different angle than most shooters. You manuever 360 degrees around the edge screen and the enemies come at you from the middle of the screen instead of from the side. You must play this game to truly get a feel for it. It's like going down a tunnel...almost vaguely like Tempest minus the vector graphics and goofy staple remover-thing.

There are TONS of enemies that you must fight. The first and third level of each planet is where you must beat the Gyrussian ships and avoid meteors, asteroids, etc... The second level of each planet contains the main space stations. You must blast these small stations by using your regular gun or your phasers. You normally shoot a normal plasma energetic gun but you can find powerups such as a double shot and phasers. Phasers are super powerful and can destroy objects that would take several plasma blasts with one shot!!

The graphics on Gyruss are stunning. After beating the Gyrussians on each stage, you warp your way to the next level. Stars pass by as you cruise along at light speed. There are also "chance" stages that you go to after defeating the Gyrussians on each planet. These stages serve as bonus stages where you can stash up your lives, points, and firepower. The more enemies you destroy, the more the points. The music on Gyruss is EXCELLENT. Without the great soundtrack, the feel of this game wouldn't be there. It's a really cool version of Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D Minor. Excellent music.

The factor that may make Gyruss my favorite shooter may be the super play control. If you get beat, you can not blame the play control for anything. You feel like you're actually blasting the evil Gyrussians. Without using the 30 man code (the infamous Konami code, put in backwards!), this game is CHALLENGING!! If you can beat this game with using any codes or enhancers, you deserve alot of credit! It's a toughy. The designers were also nice enough to include two controls methods, since it can be difficult to navigate in a circle. One method is that left moves clockwise, right moves counterclockwise. The other, left is left and right is right.

The action of this game is nonstop. Also, the bosses are COOL!! Jupiter has a wild monster with deadly arms and Mercury has a brain the size of Chicago! This is a terrific NES game and you must play it to understand why it's so good.