Box Shot
Platform: NES
Publisher: Nintendo
Designer: Nintendo
Genre: Racing
Players: 1
Published Date 1985
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star


Not all early Nintendo games were very good. Some got no more than a five. But there's something different about Excitebike.... This time, it's actually a good game!

You're a motorcycle racer. What's your objective? You figure that out yourself if you don't already know, man. You can either race the track alone, or with some CPU players. Unfortunately, however, this game is missing a necessary element of racing games: A two player mode (that's a MAJOR flaw right there!)

First, you decide whether you want Race Game A (No CPU Players) or Game B (lotsa CPU Players!) or Design (design your own course!) There's not much else to game.

There is almost no music to speak of, and the music that IS there, sucks. Otherwise, it's all corny engine revving noises.

Play control is pretty spiff-dandy. I only have a few problems with it: first off, holding down the "B" button too long causes you to overheat, therefore stalling you for 5 seconds (I guess it was to give stop people from constantly accelrating and give the game extra challenge). I find that this is rather stupid and useless in a game that has no ending anyway. Second, this game doesn't control as good when you use the NES Advantage Joystick, and it's just kinda uncomfortable as well.

Ok, now onto how fun it is....Well, what the hell was Nintendo trying to sell on when they made this game? Racing is rather boring, there's only 5 tracks, there's no ending....in fact, the one thing I find fun is..... CRASHING YOUR BIKE!!! There's a great variety of ways to make the thing hit the wrong part of the course and bounce like ball. CRASH THAT THING!!! One time when I was playing this game, I said to myself "I know, I'll make a Spectacular CrashFest!" So I went driving on the ramps, fast as hell, and did me a Super-Long-Jump Crash. Without the crashing, where would this game be? The design feature lets you set different obstacles at points on the course and lets you crash your bike even more.

This one is an NES classic, and if you love hurting yourself for fun, you'll see why (Note: I don't like hurting myself in real life, just in this game). Pick this one up, for the crashes, broken limbs, and little Susie ^_^. The track designer ain't too bad either. This game is somewhat common, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it just as long as you have a pawn shop or used video game store in your area.