Dungeon Magic
Box Shot
Dungeon Magic
Platform: NES
Publisher: Taito
Designer: Natsume
Genre: RPG
Players: 1
Published Date 1989
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star


Any fans of PC RPGs here? Anybody? (knocks on screen). Well, any Console RPG player, if you don't have immidiate Access to a PC RPG right now, then this is as close as you'll get (save for the PC port-over games like Ultima).

The evil wizard, Darces, is back (I'm not sure if this game is a sequel or not, ah well) and is ready to do some evil Wizard things, like.. oh, say take over the world? It is said that the person who can unite the 5 Elements and find the legendary sword "Tores" can defeat Darces. Guess who our lucky chap is? Everything takes place from a first-person view, as opposed to the overhead view typical of console RPGs.s

You start out in the town of Granville, where someone tells you to see the king. An old man gives you a compass soon afterwards, then its off to see the king, who gives you a Short Sword and some money. Use that money to buy Armor. Now you're off!

This game starts out HARD!!! The snakes (the first enemy) can kill you VERY EASILY. When you get up to level 3, THEN consider adventuring. BTW, I know this'll get you all confused, so I'll tell you: You gotta apprentice yourself to a Wizard before you can level up, and whenever you think you have enough EXP, you gotta visit that Wizard (or a Wizard studying the same type of Magic). I don't see why you can't just Level Up right then and there after you defeat enough monsters, but oh well.....

The play control is good, but takes some figuring out. For anyone who has a copy that didn't come with a manual: Press START to go into Menu mode, press left/right to select, press SELECT to select something, and press B to Equip/use/whatever". (Note: I just love being a living instruction manual). It took me a while to figure this out (and was the main reason the snakes killed me, because I couldn't equip weapons).

The sound..... Umm, what "sound"? There is almost no music. I can hear footsteps when the character walks, but that's it. Not a major drawback.

Now onto this Game's Problems: First, the Townspeople always repeat themselves till you do something special. For example, that one guy may say "This is Gransville", then another guy that looks like that guy says "This is the Town of Granville" Blah blah blah. One little girl tells you about a Dungeon where the Water Spirit is being held, but no one tells you where the Dungeon is! WTF?

Second... Ok, it's WAAAYY to easy to get lost, even WITH the Compass! I always find myself trying to locate Gransville, but I always find some OTHER town instead. One time I was at the town of Deirus, and I kept trying to find another town, but no matter what, I ALWAYS ENDED UP BACK AT DEIRUS!!! Now I know what Ryouga (Ranma 1/2) feels like.

Despite all these flaws, this game manages to achieve some gameplay value. Any RPG Player will like this one, PC RPG Players will LOVE it. Any other gamer, however, probably won't. This game is NOT designed for those new to RPGs. But for RPG players, this is worth picking up, and is good redemption for those who seek it after playing the God-awful Final Fantasy 7. (Ed: The opinion of FF7 shared by 8-bit Star is the not the same opinion of the rest of the Classic Review Archive staff. Keep that in mind. ^_^)