Dig Dug 2: Trouble in Paradise
Box Shot
Dig Dug 2: Trouble in Paradise
Platform: NES
Publisher: Namco
Designer: Namco
Genre: Action
Players: 2 (Alternating)
Published Date 1986
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star


OK, there's a difference between "Arcade Classics" and "Console Classics". Arcade Classics were played just because they were fun, not because you needed to beat them. Although there have been exceptions in recent years, most console games have a set goal. Dig Dug 2 is an Arcade Classic...you play it because it's old-fashioned fun!

You are Dug, and some monsters have invaded Paradise Island. You now hafta dig it up or blow them out, or both. See, Dug has this hose that you can stick inside enemies and inflate them until they pop. He also has a jackhammer. If you can isolate a section of the island using this jackhammer and pre-existing holes, then it collapses... sending any enemies on that sector collapsing into the ocean. It's a little bit different from the first Dig Dug, being that it takes place on top of land and there's no more burrowing like a groundhog.

The basic goal is simple: navigate Dug through level after level, killing monsters. When you destroy all monsters on an island, you go to the next place to eliminate more hellspawn. This game has like 70 or more levels (it's an arcade game, after all) with no password, but who needs one? This game just repeats after you beat it anyways, so you don't need to save it. Fruit pops up every once in awhile. Fruit gives you points. Fruit is tasty (well, some fruit anyways). Fruit is nutritious. Fruit is rather unrelated to this game (Except for popping up and giving points, like Pac Man.) If you get enough points, you get an extra life, like many arcade games.

First, let's get the side streets outta the way. The music is ok, though not anywhere NEAR Hum-In-Shower, or even hum at all, but it's listenable. The same tune repeats over and over, so fortunately it's gonna be drowned out by the sounds of monsters exploding and islands crumbling.

The game controls just fine. In fact, when you decide to just blow up a monster to kill it, RAPID FIRE IS BUILT IN!! YIPPEE! Doesn't stop me from using my NES Advantage, though (it's always more fitting to play an arcade game with a joystick, don't you think?) You should figure the controls out in no time.

Ok, now down the main stretch. THIS GAME ROCKS!!! Digging up whole islands is, well, really fun.....SO WREAK HAVOC!!! It's also monkeys of fun to lure buckets of monsters on an area of an island, then dig it up, and listen as the monsters go "plop" as it crumbles into the water (heh heh.) Careful though, because you can also die by falling in water (either Dug can't swim, or that jackhammer he carries is heavy). I may just be sick, but digging up islands is enjoyable. In fact, I find it fun to make an area crumble, then outrun the carnage It doesn't matter to me whether I die or not, I JUST GOTTA DIG!!! Sure, you can just use your airhose to inflate the monsters to explosion, but that makes the game hard (and boring) doing it all the time.

Is there anything fun to this game other than digging? Well, no..... BUT WHO THE HELL CARES?! I believe this game should be pretty rare, I have not even see at pawn shops, but if you find it (in an arcade or pawn shop)...Play it, Buy it!