Bucky O'Hare
Box Shot
Bucky O'Hare
Platform: NES
Publisher: Konami
Designer: Konami
Genre: Action
Players: 1
Published Date 1991
Reviewed by: Matt Hull

The company Konami has made some great games for the NES. They produced the Contra and Castlevania series along with games based on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Goonies, and many more... However, many of their late releases for the NES are almost unheard of. Bucky 'O Hare is one of them. This game could have been a big hit had it been distributed better. It's fairly rare! However, it is one great NES game.

You are the great Bucky 'O Hare and you must rescue your friends from the Toad Empire. For those of you who don't know who Bucky 'O Hare is, he is one mean rabbit who fights for justice. He had his own cartoon show in the early '90's and Konami decided to make a NES game based on this character.

Your friends Dead-Eye Duck, Blinky the robot, Jenny the Cat, and Willy DuWitt the genius earth boy are on four different planets and you must go to each to rescue them. However, you can choose which of the first four stages to play first. As you beat each stage, you will rescue one of your friends and they will be on your team. During the stages, you can select them and control them like you control Bucky 'O Hare. Their powers will be needed as Blinky will use his gun to destroy ice and stone blocks and Dead-Eye Duck can climb up walls. Bucky 'O Hare has the unique ability to shoot downwards when he jumps. The play control is super in this game.

The graphics are excellent!! Each stage has its own atmosphere and that Konami feel is in this game. You will climb trees and ride logs on a river on the green planet and will have the ride of your life on the yellow planet. One feature that stands out as far as the graphics go in Bucky 'O Hare is that there is a TON of parallax/double scrolling which adds a new dimension to the game. It is VERY impressive.

Possibly the best feature is the music. It is incredible and really fits the stages well. Among my favorites are the green planet, red planet, 6th stage, and last stage. Konami really did well with the music is this one.

If you're worried that you'll cruise through this game then fear no more. This game will challenge even the best video game players out there. There's a TON of variety regarding challenges in this game. You will have to avoid running lava on the red planet, jump from spaceship to spaceship in the yellow planet, and will face some REALLY perilous jumps in the 7th stage not to mention the "dark" areas in stage 6, the snakelike creatures in the blue planet, and more...The storyline isn't too bad. There are a few surprises and some really innovative stages.

The action and "speed" of this is one word...FAST!! The pace and tempo of this game seems to be faster than most action/adventure side scrollers. That's not a bad thing either.

There's a ton of variety in this game too. You will encounter so many traps that you'll be going crazy. (especially in the Magma Tanker) The game also has a nice password feature (you only have to enter a five figure code) and weapon format. You must build up the power of your special ability and must do this for each character individually. For example, Bucky 'O Hare can jump high if you use his special ability. If you get enough powerup symbols, he will jump REALLY high. I highly recommend this game. It's a lot of fun!