Bubble Bobble
Box Shot
Bubble Bobble
Platform: NES
Publisher: Taito
Designer: Taito
Genre: Action/Platform
Players: 2 (Simultaneous)
Published Date 1988
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star


It always appalls me when people put down a perfectly fine game, just because it's "too cute". I'd like to remind those idiots that most of the GOOD games have "cute" Graphics, and only morons would think graphics make a game bad.

You play as Bub, the Green Dino, and Player 2 can play as Bob, the Blue Dino. You are on a mission to go into the "Cave of Peril" or whatever and rescue some friends who have been kidnapped by some cute little wind up toys and ghosts. The idea is that you go thru every level, blowing bubbles around baddies, then popping the bubbles, therefore killing the ghosts. When you kill all the ghosts on a level, you are teleported to the next level. Take too long on a level, and an invincible white whale comes and chases you, and he persists until you kill all the baddies or until you die. It's not as easy as it seems though, because the wacky enemies can get relentless, and you sometimes have to use your brain.

The sounds are pretty good, like the sounds of Bubbles Blowing... Bubbles Blowing, thats a fun thing to do.... And the music is pretty good, almost near hum-in-the-shower quality. The same tune repeats throughout the whole game, so Kurt would be annoyed (Ed Note: He's right. I find it annoying!), but I rather like the tune.

The controls are pretty good, and easy to figure out. A jumps, B shoots, yada yada. If you hold down the A button, you can even use your bubbles to get to an otherwise unreachable platform! This is one of the few games I know of that allows you to use a weapon for something other than its original purpose (the other being Bionic Commando). Your characters, however, usually tend to fall straghit down when falling, so you better hope there's a platform..... Actually, since you can't die from pits anyways, this isn't much of a problem.

What really picks up this game is how god damned fun it is! Blowing bubbles, manipulating bubbles, trapping baddies in bubbles, pushing a bubble with that enemy in some strange way (like riding it) while yelling "You're my horse!" to dishonor the CPU, popping bubbles, blowing bubbles, blowing bubbles with a friend, blowing bubbles with 2 hands, blowing green bubbles... you get the idea, right? BUBBLES ARE FUN!!!! Oh, did I mention taking a bubblebath?

This is a good game in its own light, and possibly the best cooperative game ever. My only gripe is the replay value. Sure, there are six endings, and you could play a million times before finding the "Real" ending (Hint: You must be playing with 2 People) when you find it, well, you found it.... But I still play Cooperative anyways, just for the hell of it. Before anyone ever disses a game for being "Too Cute" again, they better play Bubble Bobble (Note: This is rather unrelated, but I used to be one of those "Too Cute" fanatics, and gave this game to my baby cousins, WAAAA!! See what dumb beliefs can do?) Besides, all "Too Cute" means is that the characters have an Anime look or the game is starring animals anyway. Definately pick this one up!