Krusty's Super Fun House
Box Shot
Krusty's Super Fun House
Platform: Genesis
Publisher: Flying Edge
Designer: Flying Edge
Genre: Action/Puzzle
Players: 1
Published Date 1992
Reviewed by: 8-Bit Star

I have a confession to make: I never really liked The Simpsons. I just never cared for the jokes or the characters very much. Well, as a testament to the lameness of The Simpsons, we have Krusty's Super "Fun" House, which would be better known as "Krusty's Super Stupid Boring and Repetitive House" because that describes it perfectly.

Some mice have invaded the Krustyland Fun House, and as Krusty the Clown, it's your job to lead the mice into traps set by Bart, Homer, Sideshow Mel, and Corperal Punishment. To do this, you gotta lay blocks to build paths that lead the mice right into the trap. The game takes place in real-time as Krusty hops around the side-scrolling arena. It's sorta comparable to Lemmings, only you're part of the action.

There are plenty of things that make Krusty's Super Fun House as bad as it is. For one, the control is pretty screwed. You'll first notice that the A Button is Jump, you'll get used to this, but I prefer B to do my jumping. You have to KICK Purple Blocks to open them and get their goodies, and to accomplish this you pust press towards the Box+B. However you walk ON something my pressing the upwards Diagonal Buttons, so often you end up walking on the thing and throwing a Pie or Superball (the two weapons in this game) uselessly. Also, it often seems that Krusty just DOESN'T wanna turn around when you feel like turning around and throwing a pie at the bad guy behind you. I often find myself being trailed, and when I push backwards then press B, KRUSTY FREAKIN' THROWS THE PIE AT THIN AIR and the enemy then comes up behind and hits him! Some "controls"...

In that last paragraph, I made this sound like an action game. Well... it's not, it's a puzzle game, but the developers kept forgetting that. While leading the mice to death, you'll also deal with flying pigs, aliens that look like Bart, Snakes, and some other creatures. When Krusty the satanic Clown is hit, he falls backwards, often into a hole, and when he FINALLY gets out, the mice are trapped in a place where you can't lead them to their deaths due to lack of resources, and must restart the level. When you restart the level, you lose a life, which is yet MORE proof that they keep forgetting this is supposed to be a puzzle game! Why must you have lives? And to add, when you lose all your lives, you don't get any continues and it's "Game Over". At least you get passwords when you complete each set of rooms.

The "puzzles" just aren't there, either, it's actually just a bunch of mere guessing games and reflex-testers, often involving quickly moving nlocks to lead the Mice to where you want them. For example, in Area 2, it's often a matter of putting the fan under a pipe and hope you picked the correct pipe, or it's back to square on. One area involves continually adding to a bridge just to make sure the mice don't fall down a hole and get hopelessly trapped. It's guesswork. Makes me think the developers weren't even TRYING to make a good game.

The graphics are very Simpsons-ish, with the mice bearing a vague resemblance to Scratchy. All the characters look like their cartoon counterparts. But the graphics are downright boring, usually only consisting of a few colors, and I never liked Simpsons animation anyways, so it looking like the show doesn't help. Still, it looks alright if you're a fan.

The music is downright horrible. It never got on my nerves, but come on! It sounds like they were banging stuff together and blowing horns randomly! It's not memorable at all either, and it just awful on a whole.

Overall, this is a testament to the overall lameness of the Simpsons video games. Only hard core Simpsons freaks would waste their money on this piece of crap. What's even more surprising is that they released this on many different platforms at the same time (Genesis, NES, Super NES, Game Gear) as if they really intended for a crappy game to be so popular. Oh, and while you're at it, steer clear of Bart's Nightmare and all other Simpsons games, those're even worse!