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Game Club 199X - Monthly Podcast

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The internet has completely changed the way we play video games. Any time we get stuck, help is only a few clicks away, whether it be direct through GameFAQs, or through asking on message boards. Modern games rarely need such guidance, but in the days of old, design that alternated between complex and obtuse was the order of the day. The only way to get help was to hope the local book store had a guidebook, spend a lot of money to buy specific hint guides from the publisher, or, if they were lucky to know anybody else playing the same game, ask them for help, either in person or through bulletin board systems.

Game Club 199X is a podcast aimed at playing vintage games in the context they were meant to be experienced - that is, with no walkthroughs, no cheating, no save states, and the only external help being the other members of the community posting on the HG101 forums.

Artwork by KaL Yoshika.

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Episode 50: Legacy of the Wizard

In this, the very last episode of GC9X, the usual suspects discuss the technicolor nightmare world of Legacy of the Wizard and consider its place in Falcom's Dragon Slayer series of PC games. Keep an eye out for a hip new HG101 podcast that all the coolest kids will be waaaaay into! Edited by Sotenga, xerxes.

Download Episode 50

Episode 49: TIE Fighter

Do you have Star Wars fever? To the extent that you're willing to listen to HG101's talking heads discuss an old DOS game for over 90 minutes? Hey, when 49 episodes old you get, sound as good you will not. Re-Orchestrated Music by Daniel 'Yitzchak' Bennet. Edited by Sotenga, xerxes.

Download Episode 49

Episode 48: Clive Barker's Undying

The HG101 Mystery Hatchback pulls into the weed-ridden parking lot of Clive Barker's Undying, a pretty good horror FPS with a ghost-punching rock. Edited by Eksfaktr, Sotenga, xerxes.

Download Episode 48

Episode 47: Daikatana (Game Boy Color)

The HG101 cultural daredevils try out a port nobody played of a game nobody liked. But hey, stick around for the longest conversation about the Game Boy Color ever recorded! Edited by Jojo, Sotenga, xerxes.

Download Episode 47

Episode 46: Syndicate

Shout futile commands at a cyberpunk ant-farm in Syndicate. Edited by Argent, Sotenga, xerxes.

Download Episode 46

Episode 45: Desert Strike

Journey back to 1992, when one helicopter was the answer to all of America's problems. Edited by Sotenga and xerxes.

Download Episode 45

Episode 44: ROM Hacks Special

You know what would make this podcast funnier? Penises, swastikas, and Wilford Brimley. The HG101 Podcast Collective plumbs the history and mysteries of ROM hacks. Edited by Sotenga and xerxes.

Download Episode 44

Episode 43: Bushido Blade & Battle Arena Toshinden

It's a 3D death tournament at the HG101 Temple, where Snarboo and his warrior monks cross swords with PSX fighers Bushido Blade and Battle Arena Toshinden. Edited by Argent, Sotenga, and xerxes.

Download Episode 43

Episode 42: Marc Ecko's Getting Up

The HG101 Posse goes all-city on the best vandalism simulator for the PlayStation 2. Edited by Sotenga and xerxes.

Download Episode 42

Episode 41: The Steel Empire

The HG101 gang straps into a one-man fighter plane to take on the entire Motorhead Empire, because shoot-em-ups! They also discuss Hot-B's unique, steampunky Genesis-MD classic. Edited by Sotenga and xerxes.

Download Episode 41

Episode 40: Bionic Commando: Elite Forces

The HG101 Robotic Hit-Squad gets inordinately serious about the Game Boy Color and Bionic Commando: Elite Forces. Edited by Sotenga and xerxes.

Download Episode 40

Episode 39: Monster World IV

The HG101 Ship of Podcastin' Fools sets sail for Monster World, yet again, to pile layers of criticism on one of the best Genesis/Mega Drive games of all time. Edited by Sotenga and xerxes.

Download Episode 39

Episode 38: Obitus

After last month's text-only offering, we're back to games with pretty pictures and sound. But still forced to draw maps to be able to do anything. The HG101 Podcast Warriors take on Psygosis's 1991 multi-platform RPG/adventure Obitus. Edited by Mr. Argent, Sotenga, and xerxes.

Download Episode 38

Episode 37: Zork

Everyone's got their light sources ready to explore the ruins of an ancient empire lying far underground. Let's just hope no Grue shows up. Celebrate three years of long, awkward conversations about games with the HG101 gang as they play and discuss Zork.

Download Episode 37

Episode 36: System Shock

The HG101 Junior Assassin Squad takes on System Shock, a game famous for inspiring other games that people actually still play and care about.

Download Episode 36

Episode 35: Spelunker II

The original gangsters of GC9X say everything worth saying about Irem's Spelunker II, Buddhist hell, and expatriot game series. Also, the first installment of HG101's Top 47,105 Games Of All Time.

Download Episode 35

Episode 34: XCOM: UFO Defense

It's nighttime in the big city. A convenience store clerk takes a penny, does not leave a penny. A flying saucer lands and a bunch of floating guys in capes come out. It's the HG101 podcast with your host, Snarboo.

Download Episode 34

Episode 33: Retro Game Challenge 2

You really stepped in it this time, dum-dum! HG101 tackles the recently fan-translated RGC2 and interviews lead translator Aaron Tokunaga - perhaps the only licensed Japanese translator to put out a romhack.

Download Episode 33

Episode 32: Dark Seed

HG101's merry pranksters discuss H.R. Giger-designed adventure Dark Seed and trade skull-baby pregnancy woes, then promptly fall asleep at 8:00 PM sharp.

Download Episode 32

Episode 31: Mother

The HG101 Baby Mystery Club talks about Earthbound Zero and its place among the early JRPG pantheon. Hint: Your opinion is already wrong.

Download Episode 31

Episode 30: TekWar Non-cast

The REAL episode 30 is Youtube-only. But this fake is still pretty good. Two of HG101's three oldest dudes -- Jojo and xerxes -- talk about buying bootleg software at some skeevy character by the airport.

Download Episode 30

Episode 29: Legend of the River King

The HG101 gang kicks back at the ol' fishin' hole and catches, suffocates, guts, and devours the best greatest Game Boy fishing RPG of them all. Get yer coat, love. You've pulled!

Download Episode 29

Episode 28: Fallout 2

The HG101 Podcast Zoo Crew chronicles every last bug in Fallout 2. Part 1 of 20.

Download Episode 28

Episode 27: King's Field II

Everything you need to know about the world's slowest knight and his adventures in a severely depopulated kingdom of wind and ghosts. The HG101 gang discusses the King's Field series, its influence on Dark Souls, and the true meaning of pain.

Download Episode 27

Episode 26: The Super Spy, Wade Hixton's Counter-Punch

You have ringside seats as your HG101 hosts discuss two weird little punching games for Neo-Geo and GBA. Stand agog as "Gentleman" Jojo fights every Punch-Out!!-esque game ever made, bare-knuckled for a hundred and thirteen rounds!

Download Episode 26

Episode 25: Plok, Gex, Ardy Lightfoot

The HG101 Morning Zoo Croo congratulate themselves on two years of GC9X podcasts by running a gauntlet of mascot platformers in this special, Double-Stuf megasode.

Download Episode 25

Episode 24: Fortified Zone / Operation Logic Bomb

Snarboo, Jojo, xerxes, and Acewhatever discuss the first and last games in Jaleco's Fortified Zone series. Also in this episode: bootleg Game Boy carts, witchcraft, Pizza Hut, and three-year-old Jojo played Krull.

Download Episode 24

Episode 23: Sweet Home

Snarboo, Jojo, KaL, and xerxes discuss Capcom's ur-Survival Horror NES game, Sweet Home.

Download Episode 23

Episode 22: Aquaria

The Indie-sode! Snarboo, Sotenga, Jojo, and sometimes xerxes talk about Bit Blot's 2007 masterpiece, Aquaria, and indie games in general.

Download Episode 22

Episode 21: Master of Orion

For July 2013, the gang discusses Microprose's PC strategy sim. If sharks could talk, they'd probably be more socially capable than humans. Just saying.

Download Episode 21

Episode 20: Terra Nova

For June 2013, Snarb, Jojo, Weasel, and Eks play Looking Glass's forgotten complicated-robot-suit game Terra Nova.

Download Episode 20

Episode 19: Madden NFL '95

For May 2013, Snarboo and the gang dip a toe into the surprisingly inviting waters of sports video games with EA's 2-D masterpiece, Madden NFL 95 for the MegaDrive/Genesis.

Download Episode 19

Episode 18: Home Improvement

For April 2013, Snarboo plays the hardest sitcom game ever AND hosts a live podcast at the same time.

Download Episode 18

Video livecast on Youtube

Episode 17: Blue Stinger

For March 2013, we played Dreamcast survival horror koan Blue Stinger. We conclude that Hassy is just Hawaiian Punch and codine.

Download Episode 17

Episode 16: Electro Man

For February 2013, we played the "Worker and Parasite" of DOS platformers, Epic Megagames' Electro Man. Will one of us insult YOUR homeland? Stay tuned!

The game is now freeware. You can download it here.

Download Episode 16

Episode 15: Blackthorne

For January 2013, we played Blizzard's cinematic platformer Blackthorne, and discuss the finer points sci-fi nomenclature and 90s comic book excess.

Download Episode 15

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Episode 14: Dr. Chaos

For December 2012, Snarboo, Xerxes, Joseph Joestar and Sotenga talk about the flawed action/adventure NES title Dr. Goonies II-esque Chaos.

Download Episode 14

Read the Article

Episode 13: Wonder Project

For November 2012, Snarboo, Bobinator, Xerxes, Joseph Joestar, KaL Yoshika and Kristina Potts discuss what it means to be a parent. Of a machine boy. As a fairy. In a video game.

Download Episode 13

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Episode 12: Hybrid Heaven

For October 2012, Snarboo, Joseph Joestar, Xerxes and WildWeasel, talk about wrestling aliens in Konami's unusual N64 RPG Hybrid Heaven.

Download Episode 12

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Episode 11: Crystalis

For September 2012, Snarboo, Joseph Joestar and EksFaktr talk about collecting swords, dealing with level cap enemies and more in SNK's famed Zelda clone.

Download Episode 11

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Episode 10: Deus Ex

For August 2012, Snarboo, Joseph Joestar and Feynman discuss Ion Storm's masterful FPS/RPG hybrid Deus Ex.

Download Episode 10

Episode 9: Summer of Love Tournament USA

Also in July 2012, Bobinator hosts a tournament, featuring SNK's tag-team fighter, Kizuna Encounter, and a special score-challenge on Metal Slug. Hosted by Snarboo, featuring interviews with tournament winners Sotenga and NamelessFragger.

Guest-edited by wildweasel.

Download Episode 9

Episode 8: Gauntlet II

For July 2012, Snarboo, Xerxes and Bobinator discuss the pits and perils of Gauntlet II.

Download Episode 8

Episode 7: Wonder Boy in Monster Land & The Dragon's Trap

For June 2012, Snarboo, Xerxes, Joseph Joestar, and special guest Ray Barnholt (of Retronauts and Scroll.vg fame) discuss the ins-and-outs of Wonder Boy in Monster Land and its sequel, Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap, along with a bit of a history on the series' tie-ins with Hudson and the Takahashi-Meijin series.

Download Episode 7

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Episode 6: Landstalker

For May 2012, Snarboo, Sotenga, Muteki and AceWhatever discuss Landstalker, Sega/Climax's isometric Zelda-style action-RPG for the Genesis.

Download Episode 6

Episode 5: King's Quest V

For April 2012, Snarboo, Sotenga and Bobinator, along with Xerxes and Discoalucard, chat a bit about King's Quest V: The Heart Grows Yonder, available for Amiga, DOS and NES. It was one of the best selling DOS games of the time and won several awards. It also features some rather obtuse puzzles!

Download Episode 5

Episode 4: Vagrant Story

For February 2012, Snarboo, Sotenga and Zogbog chat a bit about Square's Vagrant Story, an incredibly atmospopheric and moody dungeon crawler with an elaborate series of statistics to keep track of and an advanced weapon crafting system to keep up with it.

Download Episode 4

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Episode 3: Maze of Galious

In the third episode of Game Club 199X, Snarboo, Sotenga and Discoalucard talk about their experiences with the Famicom version of The Maze of Galious (also known as Daima Shikyou Galious), the second in Konami's Majou Densetsu series, which was otherwise confined to the MSX. It's a side-scrolling action-RPG similar to The Goonies II and Legacy of the Wizard, and while difficult, isn't quite as obtuse as it first appears to be.

Download Episode 3

Episode 2: Wasteland

In this second episode of Game Club 199X, Xerxes, Snarboo and TheChosen spend a little over an hour discussing Wasteland, the mid-80s RPG from Interplay which is known as the spiritual predecessor to the famous Fallout series.

Download Episode 2

Episode 1: Snake's Revenge

The first episode is devoted to Snake's Revenge, the wrongfully slagged successor to Metal Gear, oft criticized by fanboys parrotting misguided notions of discontent without actually experiencing the game firsthand. It's not that it's without its flaws - some of the boss battles are stupid hard, and the side-scrolling areas are ill-conceived at best, but in many ways it's more faithful to the concept of Metal Gear than the original NES port.

In this episode, Xerxes, Sotenga and Snarboo spend a bit under an hour and a half discussing the merits and demerits of Snake's Revenge, as well as their experiences in toughing out this rather difficult title.

Download Episode 1

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