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Guardian Heroes

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Traditionally, beat-em-ups have all been about strutting forward, punching some dudes (and in the case of Final Fight, chick-dudes), and


Terry Brooks’ Shannara series is one of the most prolific of modern fantasy novels, consisting of over twenty entries over


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  For today’s gamers, Peter Molyneux’s name has become synonymous with a kind of used car salesman. Blessed with a


Back in 2010, a small indie group called Technocrat released three episodes of a planned ten episode game series called Technobabylon,


Coryoon is a ridiculously cute little game. Right at the title screen, the protagonist, a tiny dragon, whose gigantic eyes

Boogie Wings

Boogie Wings, known in Japan as The Great Ragtime Show, is one of Data East’s most obscure arcade titles. Too

Beneath a Steel Sky

Revolution Software was founded by Charles Cecil, Tony Warriner, David Sykes and Noirin Carmody in England in 1990 as a

Nightshade (NES)

The Nintendo Entertainment System is more revered for its fast-paced action games than investigative adventure yarns, the latter of which

Callahan’s Crosstime Saloon

Science fiction author Spider Robinson is the recipient of three Hugo awards, one Nebula, and the Robert A. Heinlein award

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!

Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble is a sort of RPG/board game/minigame collection hybrid. It’s hard to really nail down what

Arabian Fight

Mention “Sega” and “beat-em-ups” in the same sentence, and most people will think of Streets of Rage, Golden Axe, or

Level 22: Gary’s Misadventures

Level 22 is a distinctively American game at first glance – it’s hard to believe that it was actually made in


Most fantasy games have a strict formula they follow. This goes double for classes and jobs, as no character is

Game Dev Tycoon

Back in 2012, a small gaming studio called Greenheart Games caught the attention of the gaming media through an unorthodox

Charlie Ninja

Charlie Ninja, developed by Mitchell Corp, is about two… well, ninjas, who work as bounty hunters bringing in criminal leaders of