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Arcades in Pyongyang - by Mike Koz

Pyongyang Gold Lane

While traveling about the DPRK, we had the opportunity to visit one of the city's bowling alleys. I suppose that it's somewhat comforting to know that no matter which country you visit, you can always find a few old arcade games in a bowling alley.

Located on the second floor of the building, the small arcade only housed a few racing games, the majority of the space was dedicated to slot machines. The machines seemed to be Japanese imports, no Korean instructions of any kind, although it didn't seem to stop the people from playing them.

Taedonggang Diplomatic Club

Located in the international quarters of Pyongyang, the Taedonggang Diplomatic Club is a place for the for the foreign population to go and relax after their daily duties. I would assume that the majority of DPRK citizens will never enter this building. The club itself is fairly big, with several recreation rooms and a bar. There is also an arcade located deep within the complex, I was fortunate enough to find it and get a few pictures of the machines before being ushered elsewhere. Unfortunately, none of the machines were turned on and we didn't have enough time to ask them to activate them.

There was a greater variety of machines than in the bowling alley, with a few that I've never seen before. There were two generic "Lai Sing" cabinets, one with a periscope attachment and another one which seemed to allow you to choose the game you want to play, similar to a Neo-Geo. There was also a 2012 version of Outrun, which obviously isn't an official product."

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